Buy Quality Shower Curtain Rings and Save Money

by Regi_B

When home decor is important to you, buying a new shower curtain is not enough. You need rings, too. You need them without paying too much.

I like a nice looking shower "situation". Part of that combination is shower rings that gleam.

They may come in metal or plastic. For my taste, they need most of all, not to look too used.

I like nice, clean, new-looking shower curtain rings the best. If you like those too, it is my aim to help you find them cheaply without sacrificing quality, and to help you laugh a time or two along the way.

Let the fun begin!

Ready for a shower ring question?

Does the Shower Curtain Ring below Look Like a Question Mark?

Well, Does It????
Maytex Mills Metal Double Glide Shower Ring, Brushed Nickel

Quality Shower Curtain Rings:

  • Last in the bathroom elements,
  • Can be metal,
  • Can be plastic,
  • Won't be spastic (as they are not living things -- weird)
  • Help add a nice little touch to your bath decor.

The Best Shower Rings for the Money

I can tell you for a certainty that you can get shower curtain ring sets for less than the price of the set I am about to call "best".

I can also tell you that it is likely Mama said. "You get what you pay for, child."

In the interest of showing something of value and not just cheap, I really must tell you about the heavy duty polished chrome shower rings shown below. 

These rings come in a set of 12, are currently selling for under $10 on Amazon, and to say people  who have bought them love them is quite the understatement. Yes, people love them.

How to Save Money on Quality Shower Curtain Rings

If I needed a set of shower curtain rings and I was seeking to save money, here is what I would not do -- personally. I would not seek out used ones of any kind. 

Shower curtain rings wear out -- that is the bottom line. (Well, most everything wears out, but used shower curtain rings just do not seem like all that pleasant an idea to me.) Metal ones rust and plastic ones get icky. (Yes, I said "icky". Don't you just love "share time" with Regi B.? Don't answer that!)

With that info "disclosed", here is what I would do.

Assuming shopping online for your new shower curtain rings is not your plan, I would simply go to my local Goodwill Thrift Store.

To be clear, I am not sending you there for something used. New items come into Goodwill, too. Occasionally, people may donate shower rings they have not used and are not going to use.

New or used, I hope your "new to you" shower curtain rings make you sing (in the shower).

Updated: 06/07/2012, Regi_B
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Your Shower Curtain Ring Comments

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Regi_B on 06/12/2012

I hope it helps, Katie. Thanks for the comment!

katiem2 on 06/12/2012

I'm getting those heavy duty roller ball shower hangers. I have a walk in shower but my teen daughters share a bathroom with a tub shower, they constantly rip the shower curtains off the rings bit by bit. Hope fully these will prevent them from doing so plus they look like cute little feet with toes...

Regi_B on 06/10/2012

Thank you, Sheilamarie. Nobody wants a drab bathroom. :-D

sheilamarie on 06/10/2012

Sometimes shower rings can add a lot to your bathroom decor. You've got some nice looking ones here.

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