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by Regi_B

If you enjoyed riding a Big Wheel tricycle as a kid, and you want your child to have the same kind of fun, the Original Big Wheel is back, and for sale online.

I remember being four years old and playing on my Big Wheel racer. What fun! I loved the spin-out brake. I loved feeling like I was racing around with abandon. (At four, I did not yet know it was called "abandon".)

In my memory, a Big Wheel tricycle is the greatest fun-time toy a kid could have. It encourages adventure, exercise, and general rowdiness. (Can you tell I am partial to Big Wheels?)

Today, the Original Big Wheel is back! While some of us might give anything to go back to the joyful days racing around on our Big Wheels, you can give your child a new "original" Big Wheel for under $100.

In some cases, you can do it for well under $100. Learn where and how in this article.

Big Wheel Toys Now Come in Many Models

When I was young, there was one "Big Wheel", and that was that. Today, the Big Wheel has returned with multiple models. 

There are several models that are built for smaller kids to rip around the neighborhood. Then, there is the bigger version that specifically comes with a "spin-out hand brake".

The Sidewalk Screamer Big Wheel

What little kid would not love to "roar" 'round the neighborhood on this Big Wheel? A bit smaller than the heyday Big Wheels, this Sidewalk Screamer model does not come with a spin-out hand brake. It does come with a penchant for fun! And if you use the eBay link below, you will save a few bucks, as opposed to buying it on Amazon.

Big Wheel Sidewalk Screamer on eBay

The Lil' Princess Big Wheel

If you want a Big Wheel for your "lil' princess", this model with a nine-inch wheel is just the thing for a small girl. It only comes in pink, so make sure your lil' princess likes that "girly" color.

Big Wheel Lil' Princess on eBay

It is available at Amazon, but you will usually save money buying it at eBay.

Big Wheel Scorcher

With a black body and flame accents, the makers of Big Wheel have done their best to bring out the rougher side of the trike. This 11-inch wheel model is sure to bring out the scorcher in your little guy. 

Scorcher Big Wheel on eBay

(What does "bring out the scorcher" mean? Dunno. But thanks for "rolling" with me, here -- "rolling", "Big Wheel"! I kill me!)

The Big Wheel Hot Cycle

This model has a 16-inch front wheel -- now, that is a "big" wheel! -- along with a screaming eagle decal on the seat. This is a great Big Wheel for kids in early grammar school.

Buy the Hot Cycle on eBay

The Girl's Big Wheel Hot Cycle

The folks who make Big Wheel also made a Hot Cycle for girls -- one with pink and purple pieces. Perhaps, your little girl would love wheelin' 'round the neighborhood on one.

Buy a Girl's Hot Cycle on eBay

The Original Big Wheel Spin-out Racer

Remember racing and spinning your Big Wheel? That is the reason they make the Original Big Wheel Spin-out Racer.

With a 16-inch front wheel, and a bent towards fun, the Spin-out Racer packs lots of good times for kids.

I will bet watching your child race around on one will take you back to your childhood days. It sure does me!

Buy the Big Wheel Spin-out Racer on Amazon

The Original Big Wheel "Spin Out Racer" 16" Ride-On Trike w/ Hand Brake (no decals)


Only $129.99

View on Amazon

Buy the Big Wheel Spin-out Racer on eBay

Big Wheel Commercial from the Early-70s

"This Christmas, it's the Big Wheeeeeel -- by Marx!"

Things to Do with a Big Wheel

You surely know what to do with a Big Wheel, but here are some ideas for you:
  • Give it to your child,
  • Give it to your grandchild,
  • Donate one to a toy drive,
  • Awkwardly ride it yourself (not recommended),
  • Use it as a dining room table centerpiece (which would be weird),
  • Play Big Wheel Polo (Is that a game?),

Big Wheels brought us lots of joy "back in the day". Now, let's keep the good times rollin' with this generation.

Updated: 04/25/2012, Regi_B
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