Can I File a Class Action Law Suit

by katiem2

Find out if you have the right to file a class action law suit. Read how here!

The class action lawsuit is a very useful tool used in human rights issues as the rights of we the citizens are some times violated.

Follow along as we explore and discuss the best means by which you the citizen can best exercise your human rights, use the law, and protect yourself against damages and wrong doing.

A class action law suit is the means by which to protect ones human and civil rights allowing you to enjoy your freedoms and rights without compromise.

Have you shrugged off your rights as you feel they are no longer honored in our society?

Know Your RIghts

There are many reasons you could file a class action law suit, or more to the point join one being apart of a group.

Can I File a Class Action or Civil Law A Suit?

The past horrific tragedies on the gulf have finally been corrected and stopped or have they?  No doubt many have suffered and will continue to suffer damages from this life shattering experience for years to come.  This is a perfect example of an incident that requires a class action civil law suit.  Many people have suffered loss and damages due to the same event. With such a vast amount of claims it makes good sense for all complainants to come together both combining efforts and sheer numbers making a more powerful demand of their civil rights.

  1. There are also instances where a group of people suffer small damages from the same source, and they too may file a class action suit as well. 
  2. It may also be a case of a group who did not receive services promised or the services may not have been completed. 
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What is a Class Action Law Suit?

A lawsuit filed by one or more persons on behalf of a group of people who all share the same grievance brought on by the same cause.
  1. A large scale civil proceeding usually brought about in product liability case and represents a group of clients who have a shared loss and interest in the case.
  2. A class action law suit is a suit which involves a group of people who come together collectively to bring a claim to court. 
  3. This is a lawsuit in which the claims and rights of a group of people are decided in one case.

First determine if you qualitfy for participating in a class action law suit.

Have you wondered if losses and or damages you've suffered or currently experience entitle you to file a class action law suit? Learn if you can file or be apart of a class action.

Should I hire a Class Action Attorney?

Find out if you have a case and the right to file a class action suit.

Have you been injured or suffered losses due to the actions, product or faulty product of a company as have many others?  If you've suffered from any of these types of losses you have a suit.  A class action suit is the best method to insure you recover the cost of damages from the responsible party or parties. 

How to Hire a Great Attorney

These types of cases are handled by attorneys who specialize in class action cases.  You will therefore want to find one handling the case you are apart of.  When a product failure occurs you can search for cases under the product name.  Resources connecting you to the right attorneys and or cases can be found at the links provided below.

The Benefits of Class Action

If a large company, such as a credit card company or bank, charges all its costumers fees that are not legal, a suit from just one person for a small amount won’t have as much an impact on this company or bank.

A class action suit including a group of people who experience the same charges turns a small claim into a huge more notable claim.  It reminds me of the petition effect, one person complaining about something rarely gets a response, but hundreds, thousands or millions of people get a lot of attention and a far more productive reaction.

Your seemingly small and powerless claim against a big company becomes a very powerful movement once a collective group is formed.  Considering this option helps you to bring your possible suit to light in a more effective and productive way for yourself and all others involved making a difference while exercising your rights and the rights of others.  The power of civil rights is in the exercising of those rights, they are quite meaningless if not acted upon!

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Connect to Class Action Law Suit

This is my consumers guide to finding law suits that may be relevant to you.

Class action suits have been brought to my attention via postal service.  You may have received a letter in the mail making you aware of suits that were a result of using a product or service as well as many others which compile a class action suit.  The letter goes on to tell you how you can file your claim and become apart of the action securing your payment for losses. 

While it is possible to find out about such class action suits by doing nothing you can also seek out information to determine if you may be apart of a group filing a civil suit you're not aware of.  The internet has become a great resource for such information and class action suits are another of the many things you can learn about online.  How?  A simple search can provide you with a list of active class action or civil suits.


Class Action and Civil Suits

Learn where to find current reports of class action and or civil law suits.

A few sites to get information on suits in progress;  Here you will find listing such suits as;

  • Lowe's Proposes To Settle Sulfur-Spewing Drywall Claims With Piddly Gift Cards
  • Get $10 Because Eclipse Gum Pretended It Killed Germs
  • Sign Up For MSN Internet At Best Buy? You Could Get $75
  • Boa Sued For Taking TARP $ But Not Helping Foreclosures
  • Join the 24 Hour Fitness Class Action Lawsuit
  • Join the Latest And Greatest Class Action Lawsuits  “deal of the day” This site provides you with tons of financial information and news including class action suits and faulty products.

You can find current and open class action suits also by checking  This provides you with much more than class action suits it also details consumer reports and products you may be looking to purchase.   It’s always a good idea to give this site and the others a quick look before you make a purchase. 

About the Author

Hi, I'm Katie McMurray

I hope you found the answer to your question regarding class action and or civil law suits.  I enjoy investigative reporting saving you time and delivering what I learn to you the busy reader.

You can visit me anytime as I constantly write and post about common concerns and questions both narrow and broad.

Read More @ Katie McMurray

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katiem2 on 02/27/2012

humagaia, Ah thanks for the laugh this am, you know me to well. :)

humagaia on 02/27/2012

As you said, Adsense have relented and taken you back. Perhaps they read this article about Class Action Lawsuits and thought you might be considering getting all the disaffected Adsense publishers to gang up on them!
What a good idea of yours!

katiem2 on 02/26/2012

Brenda, Good to know you now understand how to file a class action law suit, it does seem as though there are many instances where this public protection of human rights would come into play indeed. Thanks for commenting.

BrendaReeves on 02/25/2012

I have always wondered how class action lawsuits are filed. You cleared it up for me. I'm always running across things that I think a class action should be filed on.

katiem2 on 02/24/2012

My pleasure Jo and as always its great to have you here, thanks for commenting!

JoHarrington on 02/24/2012

I've seen class lawsuits being used a lot in human rights issues. For example, whole villages suing because a company poured toxic waste into their only water supply or, in an extremely horrific case in India, gassed the entire town.

Thank you for writing this.

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