Do I Have a Class Action Law Suit

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Have you wondered if losses and or damages you've suffered or currently experience entitle you to file a class action law suit? Learn if you can file or be apart of a class action.

A good example of a class action law suit comes to mind when thinking of the most recent product recalls, one such recall is the mesh patch recall. I've also just heard the shape up shoes is now expected to pay millions to those buying the shape-up shoes as they do not deliver on the product claims. There is also the distant yet recent tragedy of the gulf oil spill. It took a long time, but it finally stopped. Have all the issues been addressed or have they? No doubt many have suffered and will continue to suffer damages from this life shattering experience for years to come. These are two good examples of incidents requiring a class action law suit. When a large or small group of people suffer similar losses and or damages due to the same event or product a class action law suit is needed.

How Can File a Class Action Suit

There are many instances where in a class action law suit applies and you may be able to participate

Each group experiencing the same loss or damage would qualify to come together in a group to bring a suit to the same large corporation. There are other instances when a group of people who suffer smaller damages from the same source may file a class action suit as well. It may also be a case of a group who did not receive services promised. Such large claims are aired on the news, radio and or published in the public paper.  You may also receive a letter in the mail.  If you suspect you may be eligible to participate in a class action law suit you may want to call your local news stations and ask if they've heard anything about a class action suit relating to the product of concern in question. Today's media makes it much easier to determine if a class action suit is being filed on a particular product or company.

Find out if you have the right to file a class action law suit. Read how here!

What is a Class Action Law Suit

Class action law suits can range from smaller claims to very large catastrophic claims.

  A Class Action Law Suit

  • A lawsuit filed by one or more persons on behalf of a group of people who all share the same grievance and or similar damages or losses brought on by the same cause.
  • A large scale civil proceeding usually brought about in product liability case (such as the skechers shape up shoes) and represents a group of clients who have a shared loss and interest in the case.
  • A class action law suit is a one involving a group of people who come together collectively to bring a claim to court.
  • This is a lawsuit in which the claims and rights of a group of people are decided in one case..

Civil Action Legal Teams

You usually don't have to hire a lawyer or a class action attorney as they typically form and seek out the injured parties.

The better question is do you have the right to participate in the suit? You have the right to participate in a class action law suit and benefit from the actions of the legal team fighting the case if the following apply to you.

Have you been injured or suffered losses due to the actions, product or faulty product of a company as have many others? If you have, such a suit is often the best method to insure you recover a fair cost of damages and losses from the party responsible

Product Liability and Personal Injury Claims

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The Benefits of Class Action Law Suits

The odds of winning are greater with a class action suit as there is strength in numbers and more attention is generated creating a public out cry.

The Benefits of Class Action

All of those suffering damages create much more attention than one person. A group receives more attention and can expect a fair response to the claim. There are other instances when a group of people who suffer smaller damages from the same source may file a class action suit as well.

If a large company, such as a credit card company or bank, charges costumers fees that are deemed to be illegal or unjust, a suit by just one person for a small amount wouldn't have much of an effect on a company or bank as would a suit filed by a large group of those suffering the same damages. A class action suit creates legal strength in numbers.

A class action suit from a large group who experience the same charges turns a small claim into a large more notable claim thus highlighting the wrong doing and best serving the general interest and well being of the public. It reminds me of the petition effect, one person complaining about something rarely gets a response, but hundreds, thousands or millions get a lot attention and a far more productive reaction.

Your seemingly small and powerless claim against a big company becomes a very powerful movement once a collective group is formed. Considering this option can help you to bring your possible suit to light in a more effective and productive way. This benefits yourself, the group of others involved making a difference while exercising your rights and the rights of others. This insures the civil rights of the general public are better protected as we the people fight for our common rights and justices.

Best Regards, Katie

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katiem2 on 05/30/2013

AudreyHowitt, Glad you found this legal info helpful.

AudreyHowitt on 05/29/2013

Great information!

Bud on 06/21/2012

I found lots of great information on class action settlements at

All the documents are there. I claimed $500 already

katiem2 on 05/31/2012

cherylone, Yes you should, anyone who bought those shoes is entitled to participate in the class action civil suit brought on by the false claims. In fact I think this suit will prove the design of the sketcher shapeup shoe caused many people great physical pain and damage. I heard they were pain full to wear and caused back pain. Do pass this on, spread the word this product will pay out millions if not billions of dollars and rightly so. Thanks for stopping by.

cherylone on 05/31/2012

Great information. Thanks for sharing. I think I will pass this on to a few of my family members who may need to check into the shoes issue.

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