Whimsical Cat Clocks Are a Fun Addition to Your Kitchen Wall

by sheilamarie

Cat fanciers would be delighted with one of these cat clocks. Spruce up your kitchen with a feline touch.

Cats climb all over these whimsical clocks. There are wall clocks with eyes that move with each tick. Some are brightly colored while others are sleek in black and white. You'll find some unusual clocks that feature a cat's tail, or even a mouse, that wags like a pendulum.

Anyone who loves cats will find a clock in this collection that would be a cheerful reminder of a favorite pet.

Could one of these cat clocks find a home in your kitchen?

Bright Colors!

Allen Studio Designs
Kimi Kitty Clock Allen Studio Designs

Adorable hand-painted resin clock designed by Michelle Allen of Allen Studio Designs. Mechanism warranty for two years. Takes C battery (not included). The bird pendulum goes back and forth.

Why Do We Love Cats Enough to Decorate Our Walls with a Cat Clock?

Kitty Clocks Cheer Up a Room

Cats are filled with whimsy and quirkiness, especially when they are kittens. We have laughed ourselves to tears while watching some of the kittens we have welcomed into our family wrestle or chase blowing leaves. Cats are always batting at whatever moves and pouncing when you least expect it. So designers who create whimsical products often choose cats to exemplify everything that tickles the funny bone.

Many of these clocks show cats with their "friends" who are really some of their favorite meals -- birds, mice, even the bee that knows how to bite back (or rather, sting back). Although cats don't mean to be funny when they are on the prowl -- they think of themselves as really serious and even savage -- watching a cat unsuccessfully pursuing their prey can appear funny to the observer. (Unless, of course, they are successful, but we won't talk too much about that.) 

Designers have produced some really delightful clocks with a cat theme that would be fun to collect and put on the wall. They'd be fun to give as gifts, too.

Brightly colored Kitty Cat Clock

by Ganz Gala

This colorful cat is being tormented by a bee! The little mouse below swings as a pendulum.

This clock has quartz movement and requires one AA battery, which is not included.

If you like bright colors, this striped cat clock will find a happy home on your wall.

Kit Cat Clocks

Also Comes in Red, White, Blue, Pink, and Lime Green
Kit-Cat Wall Clock, Black

Do You Have a Cat Clock Collection?

Or Just a Cat?
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No, but I have a cat.
CruiseReady on 05/29/2015

No cat clock, but one very spoiled cat!

Retro Simone Cat Clock

Moveable Eyes and Tail
Simone Cat Black Wall Clock

The Eyes Move with Each Tick

Retro Clock

The tail wags back and forth and the lashed eyes go up and down (rather than back and forth like Kit Cat).

The Simone cat clock is available in black and white for a sleek look.

Whoops! This Fish Is Getting His Revenge!

Why Did I Eat That?
Black Kitty Pendulum Clock by Allen D...

Cat Clock on eBay

Have You Seen These Cat Clocks?

Here's Just One of Many Zazzle Clocks Available

Click on This Clock and Enter the Words "Cat Clock" in the Search Window to Discover What Other Designs Zazzlers Have Made!

The Kitty Clock Tour Is Wrapping Up

Thanks for exploring the world of cat clocks with me. I hope you've enjoyed your visit and have even found a special clock for someone on your shopping list. Maybe you've found one for yourself, too.

If you'd like to find more options, visit the links below where you'll find more clocks with a cat theme. In the second link, you'll also find some other additions to your kitty kitchen theme, such as cat tea towels, oven mitts, and teapots. There are other feline decorated kitchen items there, too, to surprise you. Some are quite funny.

Don't forget to sign the guest book below. I love to hear your comments. See you next time!

Cats in Home Decor

They're Taking Over!

Cat Clock for a Cat Lover's Kitchen
Here are a few more possibilities for the cat lover's kitchen.


Cat Kitchen Theme

This is the link for the tea towels, tea pots, and other silly kitty gift ideas.

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CruiseReady on 05/30/2015

He certainly is!

sheilamarie on 05/30/2015

Whoops! I meant "Walker" not "Walter."

sheilamarie on 05/30/2015

Walter must be one handsome dude.

CruiseReady on 05/29/2015

I do like that retro looking clock, and I think Walker (my cat) would too, as it looks a bit like him.

sheilamarie on 05/26/2015

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like them.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/26/2015

sheilamarie, Kittycat clocks are the cat's miaow! Kittycat features and whimsies translate so charmingly in this nice array which you've selected.

sheilamarie on 02/10/2015

Those two would brighten up your kitchen and add a bit of whimsy.

VioletteRose on 02/09/2015

These are so cute, I especially love the first two bright coloured cat clocks.

sheilamarie on 01/06/2014

Thanks so much!

ologsinquito on 01/06/2014

Actually, it ended up on another board, but it worked out OK.

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