Animal Mugs

by sheilamarie

Looking for a thoughtful gift for an animal lover in your life? Consider one of these animal mugs from Zazzle. With this variety of animals, finding a mug that suits is easy!

Animal mugs make great gifts for friends and family. You can combine a mug with some homemade cookies or jam or maybe your friend's favorite brand of coffee or tea.

If you know someone who loves animals, a mug that reminds them of their animal friends will be well received. You don't even need an occasion to give a mug to someone you want to tell you care.

Giving an Animal Mug as a Gift

Do I Dare?

Mugs are a funny item in most homes. We either have too many of them and they clog up the cupboards, or we don't have enough, say when company comes for tea or because we keep dropping them on the floor at silly moments.

One thing that's true, for me at least, is that I tend to develop a relationship with a particular mug. I choose my current favorite consistently and will even do a few dishes so that I can use that special giraffe mug again instead of settling for the old and stained cartoon mug that is just not funny anymore. Or the flowered mug that has a crack where I place my lips. 

So even though you may think that giving a mug is a dumb idea, you may be surprised to know that lots of people secretly love to get a new mug that will be fun to drink out of. And if you find a mug that is personal to them, they will like it even more.

I have bought a couple of mugs from Zazzle, and they are of better quality than most mugs you send away for. Most Zazzle mugs can be personalized if you choose to add a name or even a photo. Or you can simply purchase them as is. Because Zazzle animal mugs are designed by small-time designers, you won't find identical mugs at the local gift shop. In fact, you probably won't see them anywhere else at all.

Do You Like to Receive a New Mug as a Gift?

A Brand New Spanking Mug: How Do You React?
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Sure, Especially If Someone Has Chosen It With Care and Given It a Personal Touch!
JoyfulPamela on 06/23/2011

I always think fondly of the person who gave it to me as I enjoy my beverage! :)

GrandmaMarilyn on 06/22/2011

I love collecting mugs from everyone. Especially if I know they took the time to pick it out for me.

sandyspider on 06/11/2011

I have a lot of mugs. But I still enjoy receiving them as gifts.

WhiteOak50 on 06/09/2011

I believe mugs make great gifts especially if they are personalized.

New from Aaron's Animals on Zazzle: Mugs with an Animal Theme

Mugs for Moms and Dads

Swan Mugs from Sheilamarie78's Zazzle Store

Swans and Swanboats

Do You Give Mugs as Presents or Buy Them for Yourself?

An Animal Mug: Would It Make a Good Gift?
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I buy them from Zazzle!

What Type of Occasion Suits a New Coffee Mug Gift?

You Can Find Coffee and Tea Mugs for All Occasions

So when should you give someone a new animal mug? You don't need an occasion really. Because they are a reasonably priced gift, you can get a mug whenever you see one that suits someone you love. But there are a few occasions when a new coffee or tea mug would be especially nice.

At baby showers, mothers often receive gifts, but sometimes it's nice to give the new father a gift specially for him. There are really cute new dad mugs available as well as ones for new moms. First Father's Day or First Mother's Day are also good times to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Of course, birthdays and Christmas and other special times are occasions that a new animal mug may be happily received, especially if you combine the mug with a specialty basket of coffees or teas or maybe some home-baked goodies. 

And you don't have to wait for a special day. I remember receiving a mug with a photo of my granddaughters from my son and his wife that really touched my heart. Maybe you could touch someone else's heart in that way, too.

Two More Animal Mugs from Aaron's Animals

Pigeon Mug or Zebra Mug

Check Out This Article on Animal Mugs

Includes a Few Mugs Not Seen Here

Animal Mugs
Find more animal mugs for yourself or for a gift.

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sheilamarie on 03/22/2012

Thanks, for your comments! Of course, I agree with you all. Animals are fun on mugs. And Zazzle mugs really are nice to drink from.

Cace on 07/03/2011

Love animals, love animals on mugs! I am the same way, I have to use MY mug for my coffee or it just isn't the same.

JoyfulPamela on 06/23/2011

I love all of the animal photos you have on your mugs. They make it so much fun!

Guest on 06/23/2011

animals photos make great decorating themes on products!

GrandmaMarilyn on 06/22/2011

Love all the lovely mugs.

sandyspider on 06/11/2011

Mugs are great gifts. Love your mugs here too.

WhiteOak50 on 06/09/2011

I really like giving mugs especially from Zazzle because you can make them as personal as you want. Actually my husband and I have given mugs to some of the guys he works with for Christmas.

ohcaroline on 06/09/2011

I really like the Zazzle mugs. So many to choose from. I like the Swan Boat mug. Good work.

WebWriter on 06/09/2011

I love Zazzle mugs. Zazzle has a huge selection to choose from, every occasion and then some. I have 5 Zazzle mugs.

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