Flower Salt and Pepper Shakers

by Digby_Adams

From sunflowers to roses, there's a set of floral salt and pepper shakers for every gardener or flower lover. Perfect gifts for the aunt or uncle who has everything

Flower salt and pepper shakers are the perfect way to create a permanent floral effect on your dining room table. Sunflowers bring a touch of cheerfulness. Retro-inspired flowers will add a touch of mid-Century whimsey. Orchid, calla lilies and pale pink roses are the perfect gift for gardeners. If you're a shoe lover take a good look at the last display. You'll love the black heels with red roses. Yes that is a salt and pepper shaker. It is so perfect on so many levels. This home accessories let you have fun without overwhelming or disturbing your overall decorating scheme. The add the unexpected, which is always important. It keeps a room from getting too boring

Use these sunflower salt and pepper shakers to season your morning eggs and you'll be off to a cheerful start. Resist the urge to treat these as figurines. While beautiful and very decorative, they are meant to be used on a dining table. In fact I love these outside on the picnic table. They aren't very expensive and they add a festive flair wherever they're placed. I do plant sunflowers in my yard, so sunflower decor does pick up my landscape. This is true when I park the picnic table right beside the sunflower patch. I would not combine these with sunflower napkins or a sunflower tablecloth. Might be too much of a good thing!

Mid-century flower power is alive and kicking with the Romero Britto salt and pepper shakers shown to the right. These abstract flower table accessories will have you humming A Groovy Kind of Love in no time! They measure 3 inches x 1.5 inches by 2 inches so they'll create a colorful display on your table. The vibrant blue and yellow color palette will go with most kitchen designs. But in this case the more retro the better!

Ceramic Flower Salt and Pepper Shakers

Romero Britto Two Flowers Salt & Pepper Shaker by Giftcraft
Only $39.99

Create a flower garden for your table. You can use one of these beautiful and feminine floral salt and pepper shakers. Unlike the abstract flowers shown above, the three shown below are true to life and would delight any gardener or flower lover.

Feminine Floral Salt and Pepper Shakers

Orchids, Calla Lilies and Roses
Orchid Flower Salt and Pepper Shakers...
$17.5  $12.99
Calla Lily Flower S/P Salt & Pepper S...Beautiful Pink Rose Flower Salt & Pep...
Only $17.99

The warm yellow and orange orchid salt and pepper shakers would look wonderful during the fall months. The soft pink pastel of the rose salt and pepper shakers would look wonderful for ladies luncheon or book club. The stunning white calla lily salt and pepper shakers will go with both traditional and modern table decor. Don't hesitate to use more than one set of floral salt and pepper shakers. You can bring the greyest day to life when you combine floral table decor. Think of your garden you certainly have more than one kind of flower in it!

Carnation Salt and Pepper Shakers

The Perfect Host Gift
Carnation Pink Salt and Pepper Shakers Kitchen
$17.5  $12.99

I love bringing gifts to aunts and friends when I visit them. I can't afford to bring expensive gifts and I don't think that that would be appropriate anyways for just a little visit. But these beautiful salt and pepper shakers are all very affordable many in the $10 to $20 range. So I think that it's a very approrpriate host gift. All of my aunts and family members are avid gardeners and they love table accessories and home decor items that remind them of the many happy hours they spend in the garden.

While it's fun to have floral salt and pepper shakers formed in the shape of specific flowers. Sometimes you'll find beautiful flower salt and pepper shakers that are standard shapes with the flowers painted on them. This is indeed the case in the Magnolia salt and pepper shakers seen to the right. The deep blue is the perfect backdrop for the bright white magnolia flower. Even if you live in a climate where you can't grow magnolias (like me!) you can still enjoy them in your home decor!

Magnolia Salt and Pepper Shakers

Stunning Table Accessory
Magnolia Flower, Cobalt Blue Salt/Pepper Shaker,3-3/4"H

Okay okay, maybe technically the high-heeled shoes with roses are more shoe than flowers. But I think for the right gardening fashionista this would be the perfect table accessory. Bird lovers as well as gardeners - often they are one and the same, will love the hummingbird salt & pepper shaker set. Every gardener has spent hours watering their garden. They will truly appreciate the watering can and flower pot salt & pepper combination.

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Digby_Adams on 07/26/2015

I'm afraid I love pretty little things to a fault. Clutter is my best friend!

Angel on 01/13/2012

This reminds me of my grandmother. She had so many different salt and pepper shakers. I never think to spice things up in the kitchen with the s&p shakers. I use the same old boring ones.

sheilamarie on 12/17/2011

I love these, Digby! Definitely great to give as gifts and to decorate my own table, too.

thepurpleturtle on 12/16/2011

Digby, this is a very interesting article on flower salt and pepper shakers. I had no idea that they made so many impressive looking shakers! If this page just consisted of the above pictures I would have assumed that they where just blown glass sculptures. Perhaps I will have to get some interesting flower salt and pepper shakers for my kitchen table. I am sure that it would bring some very nice color to the room as you have shown me. Thanks again.

ethelsmith on 12/16/2011

These are unusual and very pretty

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