Cee Lo Green - What Does Clo Green Sing?

by thranax

What does Cee Lo Green sing? Clo Green sings many of his own funk hip hop style songs and was part of a popular group called Gnarls Barkley...

The Great Cee Lo Green!

Cee Lo Green is a singer who was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His real name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway. Cee Lo is an African-American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and an actor too!  While his singing career started with a hip hop group named Goodie Mob, his real talent showed during his solo career. During the time in Goodie Mob, Cee Lo's albums had low sales and he was not only the youngest but the weakest revenue provider in the Goodie Mob. When he left he started his own solo career and made his own tracks. During his time solo he meant up and formed a new duo. It was one of his greatest feats duoing with a cool cat named Dj Danger Mouse. Together the two formed the group known as Gnarls Barkley. What does Cee Lo Green sing? The most popular song that almost everyone has heard of Cee Lo is "Crazy" released in 2006. I remember when Crazy was on the radio every single night both here in Boston and even all the way up in Maine even! The song was that insanely popular. While Cee Lo won many different awards he claimed on a radio interview that his greatest reward still is "to be able to express myself". His success as a singer and an actor made Cee Lo a great candidate in the NBC show "The Voice." Now Cee Lo works on his own singing and acting careers at the same time.


-Gnarls Barkley (Clo Green)

Cee Lo Green from The Voice

The Voice from NBC

Cee Lo Green is one of the judges on the NBC popular show "The Voice". The Voice is a reality talent show that takes contestants though multiple levels of competition to in the end result in one winner. In total there were four judges; Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton. The Voice will be returning in 2012 with the same 4 judges. This unique set of singers makes it so that each contestant can sing differently to appease one of the judges if not all of them. Picking a funky type song would make Cee Lo Green notice the singer more. So if you want to see Cee Lo on the show stay tuned to NBC.

Cee Lo Green's Albums

Cee Lo Solo Albums and his Gnarls Barkley Albums
Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections

Laced with a hint of the sacred, Cee-Lo's impassioned, nasal singing and rigorous raps have made the founding member of Goodie Mob and Dungeon Family one of hip-hop's most ...

$13.54  $3.68
The Lady Killer

Elektra recording artist Cee-Lo Green's first solo work in more than six years, sees the endlessly inventive singer/writer/rapper/producer continuing to push hip-hop and ...

$22.34  $13.5
The Closet Freak: The Best Of Cee-lo Green The Soul Machine

Cee-Lo Green sprang into the national consciousness in 2006 thanks to his stunning Gnarls Barkley collaboration with Danger Mouse. Yet, those in the know have been following ...

Only $6.95
Cee-Lo Green Is the Soul Machine

If Andre is 3000, then his Dungeon Family cohort Cee-lo Green might be 3074. Green spends his studio time wisely for this sophomore solo release, forsaking current urban-music ...

Only $4.94
St. Elsewhere

Gnarls Barkley is the highly anticipated collaboration from Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo. Danger Mouse is one of the most important artist/producers in music today. "Demon Days" ...

$12.16  $7.47
The Odd Couple

Following the worldwide, unparalleled critical acclaim for 2006's St. Elsewhere and their record breaking hit "Crazy," Gnarls Barkley is set to release their sophomore album ...

$9.58  $2.23

So What Does Cee Lo Green Sing???

Cee Lo's Albums

Cee Lo has a few popular albums. These albums are:
Cee Lo and his Perfect Imperfections
The Lady Killer
The Closet Freak: The Best Of Cee-lo Green The Soul Machine
Cee-Lo Green Is the Soul Machine

Cee Lo also is a part of Gnarls Barkley with his single hit "Crazy":
St. Elsewhere
The Odd Couple

While other albums and single tracks exist, these are the mainstream ones that top the charts. Personally, if you want to hear a good mix of Cee Lo Green and see what he sings, check out "Cee Lo and his Perfect Imperfections" and "St. Elsewhere".

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thranax on 10/23/2011

@Digby_Adams Like I said in my article:
"The Voice will be returning in 2012 with the same 4 judges."
But yes, The Voice will have the same 4 people. Thanks for commenting ^.^

Digby_Adams on 10/22/2011

I loved the show the Voice - and I usually don't like that sort of show. But I did enjoy every performance that Cee Lo put on. I'm curious what the second season of the Voice will be like. Will Cee Lo be back? I think what I liked most was that it wasn't mean spirited. While it was competitive, it wasn't backstabbing.

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