Cheap Organic Flannel Sheets-100% Certified Cotton Clearance Sale

by LPerry

Warm, cozy and safe from pesticides sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Save the planet and get a good night's sleep at the same time. Find out how.

Cheap organic flannel sheets make a cozy bed in cold weather. Have you ever dreaded the icy shock of cold sheets on a freezing winter's night? Most of us love the thought of getting into a warm bed after a hard day's work in the cold weather months. The problem? It takes awhile for regular sheets to soak up our body heat. Those are the "Klondike Bar" moments that are most uncomfortable...brrr.

That is the beauty of flannel bedding. It feels nice and cozy with no warm up time needed. Some people use this type of bedding all year long simply because they love the way flannel feels on the skin. It is true that the more you wash them, the better they feel.

Why Is 100% Certified Organic Bedding So Expensive?

When it comes to shopping around for flannel sheets for your bed, you may have noticed a price difference in those products that are labeled certified organic. They can cost much more than regular bedding. Why? It would seem that products like this made free from chemicals would be cheaper because companies don't have to pay for pesticides.

Growing clean, eco-friendly fibers like cotton or soy organically actually takes more manpower to produce. In order for any product to claim "certified" status means being inspected by a government official and passing a rigorous list of eco-friendly requirements. . This protects consumers from spending big money on stuff that isn't really grown organically. It can be pretty hard to tell a fraud bedding set from a real one. Stuff that is 100% certified by a reputable inspector prevents us from getting ripped off.

Eco-Friendly Home Decor Is A Growing Trend

Many people have begun to change the way they buy home products these days. They are more conscious of how things are made and the ways that manufacturing methods continue to mess up the planet. Homeowners are embracing green cleaning methods, extreme-recycling and using organic foods and fibers to make a positive environmental impact.

Yes, even something as simple as refusing to use clothing, bedding, fabrics and materials grown with planet-polluting chemicals can make a huge difference if enough people switched to organic cotton products. Hopefully, certified organic products will become more affordable for the average family on a budget.

Finding Cheap Organic Flannel Sheets Online

plaid organic flannel sheets Where can the average family pick up some great bargains on 100% certified organic cotton flannel sheets online? I checked around and compared a few different bedding companies and prices to find the best deals. There are tons of flannels out there claiming organic status! Not many, however, have been certified.

I found a great deal on Lands' End official website. Their organic flannels are on sale in prices ranging from $28.99 to $58.99 for twin, long-twin, full, queen and king size beds. The best part is the positive custumer reviews about these sheets. They are 100% certified, planet-friendly organic flannel sheets. No more frozen Popsicle sheets, thank you very much.



*Sale prices valid at time of publication*

Updated: 03/02/2012, LPerry

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