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by sophia2sierra

Cheerleading is a a great way to to get your energy up and people around you pumped with excitement. Dazzle your shirt like you dazzle the crowd with a custom rhinestone shirt.

Cheer Your Way to the Top.

Who doesn't love the fun and excitement of a little cheer in their lives? Cheer is a growing epidemic that can put a smile on anyways face.  From little children to adults a little cheer goes a long way. It was formed for that reason exactly, to spread spirit and excitement to everyone surrounding a special event. 

It is in movies, music, in almost every High School and Colleges, and even for young girls getting cheer is the new gymnastics. So why not join the group. One could even show their love for Cheerleading with a Custom Rhinestone shirt at Just Jen. 

Cheer is everything. So Cheer up and look at some cool ways to get involved. 

Dazzle your Spirit

With all this cheer activities, everyone knows how much they love spirit. They show is with their moves and voice but why not should it with your shirt as well. 

Just Jen has beatuiful and creative custom rhinestone shirts. Create your own team design in cyrstal or shop their cheerleading boutique for the upcoming rhinestone fashions. 

We all know that every cheer team is different and unique pertaining to who they represent. Their custom apparel is crystallized with genuine Swaroski crystal rhinestone for the maximum sparkle and shine. Just Jen can turn any team Logo into a rhinestone design. 

Have Fun! and Shout our your spirit on your shirt in Sparkles. 

Cheer Mom

Cheer Mom
Cheer Mom

Cheer Movies!

When it comes to movies, cheer movies are always a fun way to get people pumped and filled with that rush of excitement. The thrill of watching their competitions and doing those incredible moves that either your once did or can never imagine doing give you the same rush as if you where actually involved. Here are some of the most classic cheer movies that if you havent watched, you should right away: 

1. Bring it On- Two cheer squads clash as the national competition is coming up. 

2. Sugar & Spice- A group of Cheerleader rob a bank after the head cheerleader get pregnant. 

3. Hot Chick- A cheerleader and a older man switch bodies after a spell was cast. 

4. Man of the House-  Texas Ranger goes undercover with a Cheer Squad 

5. Fired up- Two boys go to cheer camp as a way to avoid more intense punishment. 

Get Popcorn. and Watch some Great Flicks. 

Sugar & Spice Trailer

Cheer Exercises!!

Everyone can realize that Cheerleading can be a dangerous sport. You can fall, you can trip, and bone is a risk; however, there are exercises out there that can teach which muscles need to be stronger so that others wont be a risk. 

Leg strength- Every gymnast and cheerleader knows that leg strength=power. The more strength the easier it is to do about anything in cheer and keep your back and wrist healthy. Doing squats and lunges are a great way to build this desired strength. Begin with placing your feet shoulder width apart and lowering yourself. Make sure that your back is straight and pushing your Gluts back. 

Flexibility- In the air or on the floor being flexible is a key aspect of the cheerleading competition. Most people think that your legs are the only part  of your body that needs stretching; however that could not be more untrue. Your hops and upper body are equally as important. 

Stomach Stretched- Having a strong stomach is important for not only the actions in cheer but using it to project your voice also in important. Doing crunches and leg lifts are the best way to make this happen. 

Always Stretch. You can never do it enough. 

Updated: 07/11/2011, sophia2sierra
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