Choose Dog Toys Wisely

by blackspanielgallery

Dogs need toys to entertain themselves, but not every dog toy works for every dog. You may need to go slowly at first, and buy more after you know what works for your dog.

Dogs Get Bored

It is important to have your dog have the option to do things, but you cannot always be there to interact. So, what happens when you are away? Your dog will need to find a way to self entertain. So, once you get home with that puppy you head back to the pet store, or shop online, and search for a doggie toy. Ah, but there are so many to choose from. Do not be tempted into buying dozens, especially until you determine what you will need.

Puppies Need Indestructible Toys

They Cut Teeth on Their Toys

Puppies chew a lot, and you would prefer the chewing not be on the furniture, nor on your fingers.  So, getting a toy for chewing is important, but those sharp puppy teeth can really cut right through a vinyl dog toy.  Another thing to consider is the puppy has a smaller mouth than an adult dog, so the toy the parent dog likes so much will often be too large for a puppy’s small mouth.  Frustrating a dog is not a good game to play.  Experiment, and buy one of several kinds before buying a second or third toy of any type.  But if you also have an adult dog, make certain the toy cannot be accidentally swallowed by either dog.  One thing that comes in multiple sizes is a tennis ball, and since dogs like chasing things a bouncing ball often does much more than a more expensive toy.  And this is the exception to buying just one, since they can bounce under furniture and be lost for hours.  In fact, they often come in multiple packs.


Know the Dog’s Temperament

What Will Work?

Adult dogs may slow down, but that does not mean any toy will work.  I have a cocker spaniel who can destroy any toy that squeaks, or close to any.  Vinyl toys soon get holes chewed in them, then pieces disappear, so she is not allowed to have vinyl toys.  I fear some large piece will be ingested.  Fuzzy toys that squeak have one or more plastic squeakers inside of them.  She chews a hole, pulls out the stuffing, and removes the squeakers.  In one instance she took eight squeakers out of one toy over a period of about a about a month. 


We did find a football made of the same material as a tennis ball with a small hole to cause it to squeak.  So far she has destroyed one, but another has survived for years and become her favorite toy.


Actually, all she plays with are tennis balls, footballs, and flattened formerly plush toys that she altered by removing the stuffing.


Rope toys are either untied or chewed into pieces immediately.

Make Certain There Is an Interest

Food My Help

My dog has zero interest in any hard rubber toy.  They might be the least likely to be destroyed, but if the dog rejects them why waste money on them?  Your dog will let you know what is liked and what is ignored.


Never underestimate the power of a doggie treat.  Use hide a treat type dog toys to pace your dog’s snacking and keep the dog entertained.


Get an age appropriate toy, puppies have different needs than adult dogs.  Get something the right size for the dog’s mouth.  Find something your dog will not destroy, especially if the destroyed pieces pose a danger.  And, get toys the dog likes.


Some toys may be a big hit with the dog, but not last long if the dog has them alone.  These can be brought in and used when the dog is being supervised.  And never underestimate the basic tennis balls of the appropriate size.


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Updated: 04/08/2017, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 07/28/2021

I found sources that claim the red-green cone receptors are missing, but they can see yellow and green. Does that mean a dog has a preferrence? I really have no idea is making such a decision is within their rhelm.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/28/2021

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for pictures, practicalities and products.
By the time the libraries re-opened this year, I'd finished reading everybody on PageWizz and everybody but perhaps five on Wizzley. I've read all your wizzleys and now start re-visits to ones where I left no comment but had one or a question.
Would colors come into what growing and grown-up dogs dislike or like? Sources online write about black, blue, gray, violet, white and yellow as canine-perceived colors.

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