Christian Meditation

by marciag

Many Christians feel that Christian meditation is in a way almost a sacrilege because they say the Bible forbids it.

Many Christians feel that Christian meditation is in a way almost a sacrilege. I have been talking to many people about this meditation technique and there were quite a few who shared negative views on meditating as a Christian.

When I asked them why, the main reason was the fact that an empty mind will open the door to negative entities like demons, and because "the Bible forbids it". My answer to these people is usually:

"Did you know that Christian meditation is a form of prayer?"

Christian Meditation - Prayer Or Meditation?

When I tell people that Christian meditation is a form of prayer indeed, they are overall quite surprised at this and then I start to explain so they understand.

First of all what is prayer?

Prayer is used by every practicing Christian and usually the techniques of prayer
are quite similar to that of meditation.

What is meditation?

It is basically the act of sitting quietly in relaxation and allowing the mind to calm down, to stop its chit chatter. 

Did you know that many meditators have epiphanies during meditation? Some even hear voices of higher order, some have an 'aha' moment, a new idea or have worries put to rest.

I personally find that when you pray, you talk to God . When you meditate, God is talking to you.

Christian Meditation
Christian Meditation

The Christian Meditation Techniques And Praying

So in the end, isn't it kind of the same thing? In both cases, you

  • sit in a comfortable chair (or floor or other quiet space
  • prefer to be alone while doing so (unless you are in a public place such as a church or in a meditation group)
  • you have a purpose for the session, either in asking God for something
  • (health, help with a problem, etc) or hoping to de-stress and achieve inner peace

Coming back to the issue of negative influences taking over your mind while meditate, well this is in a way not very accurate, even though it's how we describe it. Basically the mind can never be fully empty, it's just not physiologically possible.

Instead what happens is that we control what thoughts enter the mind. I mentioned in What is meditation that when we meditate, we are fully aware of what is going on, and we take control instead of letting the mind do whatever it wants. So there is absolutely no danger of any negative energies entering the 'empty shell' as various people call it. If it's really empty, it means there's nobody at home. And as long as we live, that's never the case, not even when we sleep.

There is also another aspect of Christian meditation that I have to point out.

Through meditation we usually want (and succeed) to reach peace, calm and positive energy. Once these are attained, a devote Christian is actually closer to God. By becoming more positive, more calm, less filled with negative thoughts, you become purer in a sense, much easier able to understand the teachings of God.

Finally, there are many different Christian meditation techniques employed all over the world these days, such as the Catholic meditation for example. Church itself is getting easier on this practice and nowadays there are many different meditation circles and church groups that are gathering every week to meditate on the word of God.

When I Open My Eyes- A Christian Meditation Morning Prayer

So What Exactly Means Christian Meditation?

The Christian meditation technique is centered on the various beliefs of the Christian faith and differs somewhat from one denomination to another.

The basic goal of this meditation is to bring one into a closer relationship with God or Christ. Meditation in the realm of Christianity has long been considered to be the same as prayer.

Christian meditation technique is evolving in that it is much more than simple prayer and supplication nowadays. Many modern day Christians are using ancient techniques from other cultures and religions in order to clear the mind. For example Christian mantra meditation is becoming a more and more popular Christian meditation technique these days.

Clearing the mind of worldly thoughts and attachments helps individuals focus more intensely on the word of God as they meditate.

In the Holy Bible King David of Israel wrote quite a number of passages on meditation. He speaks of how meditation is to be a very large part of Christian worship.

"But, they (Christians) delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and
night." Psalm 1:2 NLT.

This passage indicates that the Christian enjoys thinking on their God and growing spiritually closer to Him and desire to practice meditation almost constantly.

While talking with people about this meditation technique, I got various replies, however the most common themes that people found were these:

  • An act that brings a person closer to God
  • Reflections on God and Christ
  • Contemplation on the Scriptures
  • Surrendering to God
  • Praying silently
  • Centering the focus on God

Here are some of the benefits of practicing Christian meditation techniques:

Meditating to God can help a person grow spiritually and get closer to God. Based on the Psalm 46.10, we are taught that we should be still and know God. Through meditation we achieve that stillness that allows us to become much closer to God in those moment.

Also studies showed that through meditation, a person can become happier and mentally healthier as well. The body cleanses and the mind and soul heals as well through resting. We all need a few minutes of quiet time alone so we can regenerate from the daily stress of worries, problems and issues thrown at us at work and at home.

Many people, by meditating, are surrendering their problems to God, just like with the prayer. This will, in turn, allow the person to become calm, stress free, peaceful, ready to face the next day ahead.

Removing negative thinking is one way achieved through meditation. Actually the best way to remove any negative thoughts IS through practicing it. Being in control of one's thoughts can keep evil entities and evil thoughs away from the mind. There are many toxic emotions that we feel every day: negativity, anger, envy, worry, need of 'things', jealousy and many others. By removing such thoughts through meditation we become much more peaceful, we become free from such bad influences once and for all.

Main Accessories And The Right Posture

Christian meditatitonTo practice this Christian meditation technique you will need a copy of the Holy Bible. As there are many versions of this book, choose the version that you are most comfortable with.

You may also like a list of the names of God. Some Bible versions will have a list of those included. Otherwise you can find a rather comprehensive list here

You will need a comfortable and quiet place to meditate without distractions. Posture in Christian mantra meditation is not as important as your mindset. Have your mind open to receive
wisdom and understanding from God as you meditate.

Kneeling is usually the accepted posture for praying, it will work equally as well with meditation. You may use a cushion to kneel on if you will be more comfortable.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor or upright in a chair is also acceptable. Keep your spine straight, so that your breathing will flow easily and naturally. Lying down is okay also, as long as you know you will not fall asleep.

Image source: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Christian Meditation: Experiencing the Presence of God

Christian Meditation: Experiencing the Presence of God

Meditating Using A Mantra

In order to get the most out of your meditation experience, we will begin the meditation session with a relaxation and clearing method.

This will help to still your mind and allow you to focus on the scripture passage or name of God. This is a decision you need to make before entering into the meditative state. 

Do you want to use a scripture or a name of God as your mantra or chant?

Keep in mind that you are free to speak this mantra aloud or to yourself during your time of meditation.

There are many other names attributed to the Christian God of the Holy Bible. You may choose any of these that will fit into your meditation theme at this time. Once you choose your mantra, get into your preferred posture, and let’s begin…

  1. First, take a deep breath in through your nostrils, blow it completely out through your mouth.
  2. Now, gently close your eyes and let your breathing be natural. It will help if you both inhale and exhale through your nostrils at this time. Become aware of your breath and focus on it for a few minutes.
  3. Each time a thought comes into your mind allow it to move in and out without focusing on it or getting caught up in it. Take your attention from that thought and back to your breath. Notice how your breath feels as it enters and leaves your body.
  4. After a few minutes of consciously drawing your mind back to your breath, you will find that all of those busy thoughts have slowed to nothing, only your breathing remains.
  5. Now, you will be able to focus on your chosen scripture or name of God. When you are ready, begin repeating the verse or name. If you chose to say this aloud, say it from deep in your chest. Focus on the rhythm and cadence of your mantra.
  6. Whether you are repeating it aloud or to yourself, focus all of your attention on the mantra.
  7. You may use a timer if your time is limited. This will signal that your meditation time is over.
  8. When you hear the alarm or tone, slowly bring your awareness back to your breathing.
  9. Open your eyes and become aware of your surroundings. Wiggle your fingers and toes, you may even want to stretch your arms and legs. Become fully present in the room.

A Beautiful Guided Christian Meditation

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KathleenDuffy on 01/05/2014

Thank you for this article. I have the book by James Finley and it is very good; I also have a 2-disc CD by him which takes you through a guided meditation as well as having talks about various aspects of CM on a separate disc. I enjoyed your article.

Natural_Skin_Care on 09/19/2013

Don't usually see articles about meditation written with a Christian bent. Thanks for this!

frankbeswick on 09/19/2013

I think that the opposition to meditation that you mention is found in the evangelical tradition. When I was studying for the Catholic priesthood [I left after three years, the priesthood, not the church] meditation was part of the daily routine. It was seen as a step to the higher level, which is known as contemplative prayer.

jptanabe on 09/19/2013

I'm happy to read this! For me prayer is about communicating with God, and I would like that to be a conversation not just me talking! To hear God's response I do need to clear my mind, stop the usual chatter, and meditation techniques certainly help with that.

dustytoes on 09/19/2013

Christian meditation is a perfectly fine way to relax and open your mind and concentrate on God and his goodness.

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