Christmas Candles

by blackspanielgallery

Candles are popular at Christmas, and with the wide variety available they can be used in a multitude of decorative ways.

Christmas candles are popular, especially since candles a symbol are often associated with Christmas. Now they come in a variety of styles, so there is no limit to their use. Many people still use wax and wicks, but artificial candles with flickering lights are also available. Unfortunately, artificial candles lose some of the charm of real candles, yet they do serve a purpose.

So, with the myriad of styles available, it is easy to incorporate Christmas candles into a decorating scheme.

Scented Christmas Candles

The Special Aroma of Christmas

Scented Christmas candles can bring back nostalgic memories.  Some of us remember freshly cut Christmas trees.  In fact, freshly cut Christmas trees still exist.  But they are not without dangers.  Even cool lights such as LEDs can short out.  I once had a lighted piece intended as a tree topper start producing smoke.  Fortunately, I was in the room and pulled the plug before the tree ignited.  Such dangers are always present with trees, and the longer time it has been since the tree was cut the greater the danger of fire.  Trees dry out no matter how much water is added regularly.


The option is to use an artificial, flame retardant, Christmas tree.  These are also a good choice for minimizing the impact on the environment.  But, artificial Christmas trees lack that fir or spruce smell.  Using a scented candle can add that special aroma.  Just choose the right scent.  The candle does not go on the Christmas tree, just subtly adds the scent to the room.  In fact, you can add that special scent to many rooms.


Other aromatic candles can be used to set a relaxing atmosphere, such as lavender.  Or perhaps peppermint is more mood setting for the occasion.  

Decorating Christmas Candles

Making Candles Look Like Christmas Decorations

If the candle is a large candle in a glass container, and it is not in a typical Christmas color, a ribbon around the container and a Christmas decorative piece can be added as long as there is no danger of the addition getting too close to the flame.  This is a simple thing to do, and could provide an excellent way of getting children into crafting. 


Taper Christmas Candles

Add Eloquence to a Table

Decorating a tale is easy with colored candles.  You might find some with a Christmas image about half way down, or you can simply use red and green tapers as Christmas candles.  Just use candle holders, which themselves can be decorative pieces that work with the season.

Christmas Candles

Darice 1168-03 Taper Candle, Red

Darice taper candle measures 12 inches in size. The candle is a vibrant red color. There is 1 candle per package. This candle will look great in your home decor.

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Path Marking Christmas Candles

For Outdoor and Indoor Use

Candles in bags and artificial candles designed to look like candles in bags can serve as path markers.  It is much safer to use artificial candles for this purpose.  They can line the walk on a nightly basis, or be added on the night of a party.


Indoors these path markers can be set is small clusters along a staircase, as long as they are not a tripping hazard.  Again, artificial candles work better, since they pose no danger to flowing clothing.


Check the ones you purchase to see if they are for outdoor use.

Decorating with Christmas Candles

Add an Aromatic Touch

The scent of wax vapor adds to the decorations, since it addresses the sense of smell in addition to the visual effect the candles have.  So, have some candles burning in your decoration scheme.


One thing I have seen done is a room was darkened, except for the mood setting candles.  The candles were placed in the fireplace where they were safe, and collectively served as an eloquent decoration.  

Advent Candles

Advent Wreaths

Some people use an advent wreath.  We often had these in parochial school when I was young.  And, Catholic churches usually have a rather large advent wreath during the Advent season.  Home advent wreaths are also popular, and one can either make one or buy the whole wreath.


An advent wreath consists of three purple candles and one pink candle.  Starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas one purple candle is lit, the one opposite the pink candle.  Then, each Sunday thereafter another candle is lit, going around the circular wreath.  The pink one is added in week three, and during week four all four candles are burned.


 I recommend candles that burn down slowly, or the wreath will have an uneven appearance.  It looks better to have all of the candles about the same height.



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Veronica on 11/17/2017

Well maybe those of us around the world who celebrate Christmas and who would like to join Frank and me on Dec 24th, ... might like to light a candle as a symbol of our Wizzley community on Christmas Eve ? We can start our own traditions. How lovely would that be to join in an Irish tradition!

frankbeswick on 11/17/2017

I cannot think of any culture other than Irish which places candles in windows at Christmas, but the Irish have wandered far and even before the mass migrations that began in the nineteenth century there were Irish, including those known as the Wild Geese, who fled the isle and took their memories with them, so it is possible that some customs went with them and were preserved.

blackspanielgallery on 11/16/2017

I recall one culture I read about a few years back places a candle in the window. I do not think it is Irish. I forgot which culture it is.

Veronica on 11/16/2017

What a beautiful selection you have chosen BSG. TY
Yankee Candles keep their scent for ages.

I always have a red candle for Christmas Eve which is a very old Irish tradition by which the candle shows a welcome to visitors.
My page on Wizzley

I love the idea of path finding candles

kimbesa on 11/16/2017

Thanks for the nudge! I've ordered my Advent calendar and started getting out the decorations. After Thanksgiving, we'll start setting up!

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