Christmas Decorations for Geeks

by JoHarrington

The festive season is here again. It's time to deck the halls with LED lights, USB powered trees and a periodic table's worth of Christmas decorations for nerds!

Your online MMORPGs are having their Christmas events; and all around people are installing festive lights apps., crashing their PCs and blaming you.

It can only mean one thing. You are going to get a couple of national holidays off in which to no life your new games!

Oh! And it's Christmas.

Enter into the seasonal spirit of goodwill and celebration with these festive decorations just for geeks.

Ho Ho Ho Periodic Table Christmas Ornament

A Christmas Tree Decoration for Science Geeks

Admit it! You had a little smile when you saw that. Geekdom and Christmas can combine!

Everybody knows that Santa Claus lives in the frozen north, and so does the rare earth element Holmium (Ho on the periodic table). The metal was named for Stockholm after all!

Plus I was reading earlier that holmium atoms may led to super-fast quantum computers eventually.  That's a little like magic. It's probably the same kind of magically charged energy as gets Santa Claus rushing around the entire planet during a single night.

You will stop me, if it looks like I'm trying too hard, won't you? Ho, ho, ho!

Oxhorn's Christmas for Geeks

Some stirring gamer carols to get you in the proper festive mood! Feel free to click to the beats on your mouse.

Oxhorn's Christmas for Geeks

Oxhorn's Christmas for Geeks

View on Amazon

LED Christmas Tree for your Computer!

A Christmas Tree that you plug into your computer.  How brilliantly geekish is that?!

You're not looking at it by the way.  That's the presentation box that it comes in. Though you can glimpse it all lit up and sparkly in the star-shaped window there.

The actual Christmas Tree is the size of a credit card.  It comes up to the green band in height (4" or 11.5cm).

There's a pretty gold star on top, but that isn't the cool bit.  The whole tree has four different colors, in LED lights, which it cycles through. 

It's powered by USB with a 40" cable, which means that you can plug it in, then display it on your desk.

This gift set also comes with an old-fashioned data back-up system.  Alternatively known as paper.

USB Christmas Tree and Amish PDA

Alternatively, you could just buy the USB Christmas Tree on its own! This is for those who aren't after a gift set, but merely something festive for their PC.

They are all precisely the same item, at exactly the same price, by different Amazon vendors.

I've just included two of them because they each display different colors.  The actual USB Christmas Tree cycles through them all. 

Genius Christmas Stocking for Scientists

Periodic Table Christmas Decoration

Science Nerd Christmas Stocking

There's not a lot to say about this. They pretty much do what it says on the labels.

They are decorative, felt Christmas stockings to hang from the mantelpiece or the wall.  Or, if you're feeling particularly hopeful, the end of your bed. 

(NB Santa doesn't come for boys and girls who are still browsing Reddit from their laptops at stupid o'clock.  You have to be asleep!  Hence it's probably safer to have your stockings nowhere near your bedroom. Then you might get away with it.)

The legend spells out 'Genius' by using the Periodic Table of Elements. That's Germanium, Nickel, Uranium and Sulfur. 

But if you didn't already know that, then you don't deserve the festive science geek stockings!

Santa's Little Geek Elves Christmas Decoration

This is the Age of the Internet, so Father Christmas has to employ a whole range of tech savvy elves to help with his toys this year.

It's all a bit much for a legendary toy-maker, whose output has traditionally been wooden things with wheels and a few candy sticks.

Artist Larry Miller has a whole range of Geek Elves Christmas Snowflake Ornaments.  I've just selected a couple to highlight them.

Each one is made out of porcelain with the cartoon displayed on both sides.  They're 3" high, shaped like a snowflake (obviously) and dangle from your tree on a piece of golden cord.

Geek Elves Snowflake Porcelain Ornament

Tech Support Christmas Snowflake Ornament

What's the best present that a Tech Support Geek could possibly envisage? 

A full-sized and fully functional replica Millennium Falcon with hyper-drive as standard!  But failing that, 24/7 telephone support would come a decent enough second.

Our enthusiastic geek elf is gushing over the help that they will be able to give all of the nerd boys and girls this Christmas.

Santa's other elves are a little nonplussed.  The toys made in their workshop do not break down.  So why would anyone need Tech Support?

Actually, that's a sad story.  *wipes a tear*  Let's move swiftly on.

Geek Elf Misses the Point Snowflake Decoration

More Geek Snowflake Christmas Decoration Designs

Buy these (vaguely) humorous geek ornaments to dangle from your Christmas Tree. It shows willing and the Zorba the Geek one is quite clever.

You May Also Find Geek Christmas Gift Ideas Here

Tra-la-la-la-laaaa-la-la-la, we'll deck the halls when we've got this next level. You know how it goes. Just buy a gamer a decoration and hopefully it'll make it onto the tree.
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Updated: 11/26/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 10/07/2012

That hadn't even occurred to me! Oh! The possibilities!

Paul on 10/07/2012

I'd like LED displays that you can control, the ability to write messages would great!

JoHarrington on 10/06/2012

No home should be without one. LOL

kate on 10/06/2012

periodic table stockings! love it

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