Christmas Decorations for Gamers

by JoHarrington

Tra-la-la-la-laaaa-la-la-la, we'll deck the halls when we've got this next level. You know how it goes. Just buy a gamer a decoration and hopefully it'll make it onto the tree.

This has been written on the assumption that your average gamer doesn't pause the action for anything much. Particularly the purchasing of Christmas decorations.

Therefore I realize that I'm addressing loved ones, who just want to see their family member represented amongst the tinsel and baubles. I've added notes about what you're looking at accordingly.

On the off-chance that there really is one of my cohorts reading: U can has Xm4s D3c0r4tion 2, k? kthxbai!

Gamer with Console Christmas Tree Decoration

Resin Video Game Player Christmas Ornament

Ornament Central have come up trumps this Christmas, with a light-weight, resin gamer decoration for the tree.

Each of these character Christmas decorations are hand-painted, so they are easily personalized. Just mention any modifications at the point of purchase.  That way you can get a name or message added with a Sharpie pen or, perhaps, negotiate a different colored cap.

This happy, little soul is holding a console, which looks to be based on the old Sega Genesis controller.  Though the direction pad appears to have been taken over by a Super Mushroom from SuperMario.

Forget a mere ornament!  I want a CONTROLLER with a SuperMario mushroom pad! Someone invent one quickly please.

Dungeons & Dragons d20 Xmas Decoration

Not every gamer is plugged into a machine. 

Over on the table tops, the iconic twenty-sided die used in Dungeons and Dragons is instantly recognizable.

The game relies upon the numbers thrown on the dice; and the whole d20 system was based on this particular die.

It's 2.87" (7.3cm) tall and made out of ceramic, with a shiny gloss surface. The die is printed on both sides.

Just to show off, remember to tell your Christmas visitors that this die is an icosahedron.  It's just a posh way of saying 'it has twenty sides'.

d20 Christmas Tree Ornament

Personalized Gamer Christmas Ornament

Sony Playstation 3 Controller Christmas Tree Decoration

The Sony PS3 controller is in fashion for Christmas ornament companies this season.  However blue and red, with a bit of razzle-dazzle glitter boom, is apparently the new black.

This 3" (7.6cm) gamer decoration has been crafted out of resin. You can customize the white spaces with names and dates, should you so wish.

It's sparkly and dramatic, with lots of glitter to catch the Christmas lights and twinkle in reflection on the boughs of your festive tree.

WoW Classy Porcelain Snowflake for Gamers

If brightly colored resin seems too gaudy for you (and it is Christmas, it's supposed to be gaudy!), then you might prefer something a little more classy.

You can feel like a Sir or Madam with these porcelain Gamer for Life ornaments.  It has golden string for a start.

The 3" (7.6cm) decoration has a high gloss finish. This will also help with reflecting back the lights. The Gamer for Life proclamation is printed on both sides.

It's billed as a World of Warcraft related design, but I admit that I'm struggling to see why that game alone. 

The font is nothing to do with that particular MMORPG.  The title/affirmation could fit anything from dominoes to hi-end video gaming. At a stretch - a very long and tenuous stretch - it might even apply to sport.

Patently it's shaped like a snowflake, which is where we get the Christmas element here, plus the fact that it's designed to hang on a Christmas tree.

Gamer for Life Porcelain Snowflake Decorations

Talking about World of Warcraft...

There's a CD of WoW related Christmas carols over in this Wizzle.
The festive season is here again. It's time to deck the halls with LED lights, USB powered trees and a periodic table's worth of Christmas decorations for nerds!

Girl Gamer Pwns You Christmas Ornament

My Server's Down! Christmas Decoration

More Christmas Decor Ideas for Gamers and Geeks

Your game-loving friends just spawned a noob. Check out these clothes for dressing up the off-spring of gamers.
Forget the fake icicles and baubles this festive season, we all know what the geeks need instead. Christmas tree ornaments based on the Star Wars universe! Perfect!
Fans of Lego and Star Wars both will find a treat for their Christmas tree each year. Star Wars Christmas Ornaments with a Lego look!
Updated: 11/25/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 10/19/2014

XD I particularly liked that one. XD

Ember on 10/18/2014

"I'm only here cause my server is down." XD

JoHarrington on 11/10/2012

Well, you couldn't play said DS very well if it was dangling from a tree. Plus it would be very heavy. Other than that, win!

Calanon on 11/10/2012

Mini working consoles that work? Why not hang a DS from the tree?! :D

JoHarrington on 10/06/2012

Working ones? That would be cool!

Paul on 10/06/2012

I think it'd be great if they did mini consoles too!

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