Star Wars Christmas Tree Decorations

by JoHarrington

Forget the fake icicles and baubles this festive season, we all know what the geeks need instead. Christmas tree ornaments based on the Star Wars universe! Perfect!

When I was a child, 'Star Wars' and Christmas were irrevocably linked.

After the turkey was devoured and everyone was stuffed, the whole family would gather around the television. You could practically guarantee that one channel had included a 'Star Wars' movie in its scheduling.

It would have been one of the original three, as this was well before the prequels were ever made. They bring with them now that feeling of contentment, Christmas lights and baubles, in a galaxy far, far away.

Unique Star Wars Christmas Tree Decorations

You get ten different characters, plus three light-sabers to dangle in the tinsel!

Image: Star Wars Christmas Tree OrnamentsFor sheer quantity, the best of the pack is undoubtedly this lot. 

Based solely on the original three Star Wars movies, you get to arrange your own scenes, as played out on the boughs of your Christmas tree. 

Create the ultimate stand-off between Stormtroopers and Sand-people.  Place Return of the Jedi era Luke Skywalker alongside A New Hope era Han Solo.  Pit them both against 4-LOM.

The possibilities are so endless here. Forget buying them for the kids, these are decorations for adults to play with!

The shatterproof design means that these Star Wars figure tree ornaments will last for many Christmases to come. 

Set of Thirteen Random Star Wars Characters Christmas Tree Ornaments

Prequel Star Wars Christmas Tree Decorations

Of course, not everyone is as old or mistily-eyed nostalgic as me.  When you think Star Wars at Christmas, then young Anakin and Jar Jar Binks are going to feature in the equation.

Never fear!  There are ornaments for your tree too!

Look at their little faces and, let's be honest here, who wouldn't want a Sith Lord staring back at them over their Christmas dinners?  Ignore your great-auntie.  What does she know?

Star Wars: Set of 10 Christmas Tree Ornaments

Star Wars Set of 4 Christmas Ornaments

Limited Edition Star Wars Tree Decorations

The main draw for this collection of four festive ornaments is that they are limited edition. 

For completionists that should be raising a warning bell immediately! They're not going to be around forever.

R2D2, C3P0, Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vader and some stormtroopers feature in the Star Wars Set of 4.  A strange mixture, in my humble opinion, but who worries about things like that?

Created by Heather's Treasures, these come with a cord to hang them from your tree. You'd be amazed how many don't!

Most people make do with a classy line of white lights; others with the glorious festive burst of flashing, colored lights. But you're a geek and you know what you want.

Lucasfilm Star Wars Holiday Ornaments

Based on the three prequel movies, this collection has more likely figures to add to your Christmas tree.

C3P0, R2D2, the teenage Anakin Skywalker, a Stormtrooper, Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda are all present and correct for this one. 

Actually that's not far off the grouping which I thought so strange above; but fickleness, thy name is geek.  This one just looks a bit more festive. 

Obi Wan Kenobi obviously makes all of the difference.  It must be the white beard. It's reminiscent of Santa Claus.

Star Wars Set of 5 Christmas Ornaments

Kurt S. Adler Queen Amidala Tree Decoration

It seriously never occurred to me before that Queen Amidala is already dressed in quasi-festive coloring.  She only needs to add a bit of green and the ensemble would be complete.

This stately monarch always had more than a touch of ornamentation about her attire.  Therefore it's hardly surprising that someone's stuck a piece of gold cord in her head and hung her on a tree.

Not the real Queen Amidala obviously. That would be awful.  But a 4.5" decorative, porcelain version of her anyway.

Star Wars Queen Amidala Christmas Ornament

Cute Teddy Bear Star Wars Decorations for Kids

Need something a little more cutesie for the little ones around you? How about a Star Wars robot rendered as a sweet teddy bear?

A beautifully painted, plastic ornament - not necessarily for a tree, you can hang it from your PC or central car mirror if you like!  But here it is in its festive incarnation.

Joy United have only just begun with this range, but it's going to be a whole collection of them. However, I'm wondering how limited edition they're likely to be. When I first published this Star Wars Christmas decoration article, there were Stormtrooper and Darth Vader bear ornaments too. In the two year interim, both have become unavailable.

It might be worth grabbing the Star Wars Robot Bear as a potential collector's item.

Joy United Star Wars Bear Christmas Ornaments

M&M Star Wars Decorations

I can honestly say that I've never seen the Emperor, nor Darth Vader, looking quite so sweet. 

They might both be psychopathic megalomaniacs, but right now, they appear perfectly non-threatening to small children and fluffy animals. Good enough to eat, in fact.

Darth Vader as an M&M.  The Emperor as an M&M.  Am I missing something here?

Mind you, it would make saving the universe much easier. You just open your mouth and have a good masticate before you swallow.

For a truly dark side of the Christmas force, maybe the next set would be more appropriate.

M&M Emperor and Darth Vader

Nutcrackers, hats and gift wrap, oh my! Consider yourself a cool nerd? This page has Christmas gifts that NO Star Wars fan should be without this festive season.

The Death Star on your Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are supposed to have stars on them. Though granted that's usually more indicative of the Star of Bethlehem, than a genocidal planetary force from a far, distant galaxy.

Nobody said that we couldn't improvise; and the Death Star would be wonderful for fueling daydreams involving the creepy uncle sat underneath it.

Also in this set is a Star Destroyer ready to land on the partially constructed planet-sized ship.

It's a tad over-sized, if you're going to put them together.  Perhaps place them on opposite sides of the tree for perspective.

The Death Star and Star Destroyer Ornaments

Forget angels! Forget a star! We want Star Wars! What, in the whole vast universe, could be finer than sticking Yoda on top of your tree? Be honest now!

Hallmark Star Wars Christmas Decorations

There are hundreds of these, depicting just about every Star Wars character (or groups of characters) that you care to name.

In fact, I've just amused myself doing just that.  I flicked through trying to beat Hallmark by thinking up anyone that they had missed out.  It ended 7-1 to Hallmark.  (They hadn't made Jabba.)

The Keepsake Star Wars collection is precisely what the name would imply. Each year, since about the Stone Age, Hallmark has been producing more for this range. Some of the earliest ones are worth much more than their original recommended retail price now.  When a limited edition is added, the ornament becomes quite rare, once it's withdrawn.

With that in mind, you won't want to purchase one of these to chuck around the baby's play pen. They are quite delicate items.  If you take them out of the box (which you should, otherwise what's the point?), then the topmost tree branches are probably best.  Stop visitors mauling them.

As I said, there are so many that I couldn't possibly show you them all here.  I've chosen a few to represent the whole; and hopefully demonstrate the diversity in the Star Wars range.

I particularly like the fact that you can get the Max Rebo Band!  That pleases me, because they're so often overlooked in any other sets in the franchise. Let's stick some of their music on, while I finish telling you about these ornaments.

One thing which may not be apparent from the images is how tiny these decorations are.

They are exquisitely painted and the detail is fabulous, but they each only stand about 1" to 3" high. Remember that they are Christmas tree decorations, not free-standing action figures.

However, if you are looking for top of the range, high quality Star Wars seasonal keepsakes, these are the ones to grab.

Enjoy your intergalactic Star Wars holiday decorations!  And season's greetings from everybody here at Wizzley!

Looking for something nice and warm to gift to your Star Wars geek this Christmas? Come and look at this lovely choice of Star Wars hoodies to gain some present ideas.
Updated: 11/26/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 11/09/2012

That sounds like a great party!

JoHarrington on 11/02/2012

They are people after my own heart! I have a Star Wars chess set too. <3 Much fun has been had on it.

Ember on 11/02/2012

I once lived in a house that had everything Star Wars. I was renting a room from an acquaintance for the summer between school years, and it was her husband who was the fan (though she was a fan herself.) We played star wars board games on the weekends, there were star wars posters lining the walls, a Darth Vader toaster in the kitchen. Statues, action figures, and other figurines lined the mantle and other things.

I wonder what they would do if I linked them to these. >:D

...that is if they haven't already got lots of Star Wars Christmas decorations! XD

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