Star Wars Christmas Tree Toppers

by JoHarrington

Forget angels! Forget a star! We want Star Wars! What, in the whole vast universe, could be finer than sticking Yoda on top of your tree? Be honest now!

When most people stick a star on top of their Christmas tree, they are reminding themselves of something special, which shone in the solar system above.

And so are we! From across the universe comes these amazing tree toppers inspired by Star Wars. Every one of them from a galaxy far, far away; and all of them involving a certain very wise, and extremely venerated, Jedi Master.

Yoda IS the head of the Jedi, you know. That makes it sort of religious.

Star Wars Holiday Decor - Yoda Tree Topper

You cannot imagine my glee right now. A Yoda tree topper.  Yoda on top of my Christmas tree.  This could happen in the real world.

My current tree topper is ancient and tatty.  It was a bit cheap when it was bought back in the 1970s, but it belonged to my Nan. Sentiment alone keeps it there each year.  But this might just persuade me to finally let go.

Or I could just get two trees.  The options are there.

Because what is not immediately apparent from the image is the coolest thing of all.  Yoda's light-saber lights up.  It zooms into being with a bright, green LED glow.  Are you picturing this on top of your Christmas tree?  You can be assured that I am!

Star Wars Illuminated Yoda Tree Topper Star

Still looking for the traditional star for the top of your Christmas tree? 

There's a nice, little compromise here - between the usual Star of Bethlehem and the geek fest that is Yoda looking about to dispense wisdom.  It might salve a few bruised Christian sensibilities, while pandering to the Star Wars aficionados too.

Moreover, it lights up!  This isn't merely relying on good old-fashioned back glow from the Christmas tree lights.  It has its own bulb!  No Christmas tree star ever shined so brightly as your Yoda tree topper will. 

Happy days!

Star Wars Yoda 4-Pointed Star Lighted Christmas Tree Topper

A variation on the same theme as the topper above, this is made by the same people. 

However, you are not going to convince anyone that it's really the Star of Bethlehem with a face-lift.  Yoda has his light-saber out looking for a fight for a start.

As with its previous incarnation, this 10" Star Wars Christmas tree topper lights up.  Very prettily too.  In fact, I like this one better than the one before.  The colors just look wonderful.

But that's all folks!  I was certain that I'd seen a Stormtrooper Christmas tree topper.  I can't see it anywhere now.  Perhaps the Rebel Alliance vaporized them all.

I would like to wish you all very merry holidays from all of us here at Wizzley.  Make it a good one!

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Updated: 11/25/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 11/10/2012

Ember and I keep debating back and forth on the best one. You're with Ember here. :D

Mira on 11/10/2012

The Yoda stars are hilarious :)) I like the first one better myself. It might be a popular item this Christmas!

JoHarrington on 11/04/2012

Nope, there is no end to Star Wars merchandising. Thank Yoda! :D

Kate on 11/04/2012

Just when you thought the Star Wars merchandising couldn't spread further! Lordy!

JoHarrington on 11/02/2012

Fred - Me want some too.

Ember - I really like the turquoise in the one below, but as a Christmas tree topper, yours probably does have the edge.

Ember on 11/02/2012

I like the one with the stained glass effect. :D

Fred on 11/02/2012

me want some

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