Star Wars Tablepiece Christmas Decors

by JoHarrington

For the geek Christmas dinner table, there is something very special to place in the center. Yule logs are sooo 19th century. How about Boba Fett instead?

Were you thinking a nice tableau of holly and reindeer for the centerpiece of our Christmas feast? Only I was pondering more intergalactic thoughts.

My muse has traveled into a far away galaxy and come back with Boba Fett, R2D2 and Yoda. Lots of Yoda. And they would look unreal snuggled between two candles, overlooking the leeks and stuffing.

Don't you agree?

Kurt S Alder Boba Fett Christmas Décor

Boba Fett Centerpiece for your Christmas Table

What could be more festive than this?  Boba Fett has a candy cane rifle!  And Han Solo's carbonite frozen body is wrapped in ribbon!

It's practically Santa Claus for the far future, albeit slightly more creepy than we are used to. But look at that little gift tag!  'To Jabba' with some holly.  Awwww!

Yes, I am on Han's side.  I haven't gone over to the Dark Side of the Force, I promise.

Oh my Yoda!  The jet pack has a bow on it!! And is that a thermal detonator at Boba Fett's feet? Also sporting a festive ribbon!  I am so geeking out over here!  I do want.  Any time now would be great.

Kurt Adler Star Wars Fabriche Santa R2D2

R2D2 Christmas Tablepiece

Almost as cool as the Boba Fett and Han Solo centerpiece is this present-bearing R2D2. 

I think it's great; and the only reason that I'm not gushing over it as much as the previous one is because there's nothing unexpected about it.  It's seasonal Star Wars brilliance, but quite ordinary at that.

We know that R2D2 will carry items.  Making them Christmas gifts is wonderful, and sticking a Santa hat on him is all par for the course.  But Boba Fett's rifle turned into a candy cane.  I see nothing so inspired here.

R2D2 is made out of resin and his dimensions are 4.5 x 4 x 5.5 inches.  He would look wonderful in between your turkey platter and a dish of steaming sprouts.

Kurt Adler Star Wars Fabriche Santa Yoda

Star Wars Santa Yoda Christmas Table Centerpiece

A similar story can be told about this Star Wars table-piece.  It's utterly glorious, but not in the way that the Boba Fett one is - at least to my mind.

I do love Yoda. He's undoubtedly been my favorite character since I first saw him on my local theater screen.  In the spirit of 'no pic, no proof', have a look here.  You can plainly see him sitting right next to my computer's monitor as I type.

What you can't see are the other three Yodas, stationed in various other positions around my sitting room.  I love Yoda.

Therefore, buy one of these, I would; if the Boba Fett one hadn't already raised the standard way too high.

Would two Star Wars table-pieces be overkill?

KSA Yoda in Santa Outfit Collectible Christmas Table Top Figure

Yoda in a Santa Suit Christmas Table Centerpiece

We can NEVER have too many Father Christmas Yoda table-pieces, in my humble opinion. Though, by now, you'll probably see why I was arguing above that it's not very original. 

It appears to me that when any manufacturer gets a license for something festive and Star Wars related, two words immediately spring to mind - Yoda and Santa.  Mind you, I can't say that the same has never occurred to me. I'm just not artistic enough to act on it!

Comparing the two, I prefer the KSA one to the Kurt S. Adler one.  Though I am strongly suspecting that one is the acronym of the other.  As a man entering the Star Wars Christmas genre, Mr Adler has definitely worked that creative Force.

I hope you've found something wonderful for your Christmas table.  Happy holidays from everyone at Wizzley!

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Updated: 11/26/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 11/02/2012

You've told me this about your Dad before, and it always sounded so amazing. I love that your Dad does that. And it would seriously own if he did a Star Wars Christmas village!

Ember on 11/02/2012

My dad used to make whole little cities with these table decoration things... I could only imagine someone making up a whole Christmas Star Wars story and setting up a scene with all of these pieces. :D

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