Star Wars Christmas Jumpers, Sweaters and Hoodies

by JoHarrington

Looking for something nice and warm to gift to your Star Wars geek this Christmas? Come and look at this lovely choice of Star Wars hoodies to gain some present ideas.

Everyone likes a cosy jumper at Christmas, if only because it's so very cold out there!

But the minefield of dodgy sweaters that could appear is the stuff of legend. It's much better for your street cred to have something geeky and great. Particularly if you're a Star Wars fan.

I've put together the best in Star Wars sweaters this Yuletide. Feel free to direct potential present buyers here, in order to avoid the embarrassing alternatives.

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Which will you choose? The Dark Side of the Force, or Yoda. Think carefully now.
Yoda Ugly Christmas Sweater
Yoda Ugly Christmas Sweater
Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater
Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas comes but once a year and with it sweaters of a most ugly demeanor.  Yet not all Ugly Christmas Sweaters are created equal. Some are much, much uglier than others.

In the steaming swamps of Dagobah, too hot for Yoda jumpers it is. Nevertheless, tell you I do - green your color it is, if on the light side of the Force, you will be. Buy or buy not. There is no browse.

*insert much heavy breathing of a most metallic nature* No, red is your jumper. Join the dark side of the Force, Christmas Shopper. Ugly Christmas Star Wars sweaters are so much more needful in the cold heart of a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Keep Calm and Join the Dark Side

Support Our Troops Star Wars Hoodie

The Galactic Empire is the tyrannical dictatorship, which has conquered the whole of the galaxy using the dark side of the force.  Emperor Palpatine (aka Sith Lord Darth Sidious) rules with a policy of hatred and fear. Always fear.

Anyone not human (the majority in a galaxy filled with thousands of planetary races) are at risk of extermination, under the terrible rule of the Empire. But that doesn't mean that humans are safe either.  The terror goes on and on. As represented by the Stormtroopers in the second hoodie.

So yes!  A perfect present for Christmas!

Enlist in the Rebel Alliance Star Wars T-Shirt

Or maybe you'd refer the Rebel Alliance?  Those brave individuals, who thwart the Emperor at every turn, and who work tirelessly for liberty and freedom.  Often at the cost of their own lives.

The Imperial propaganda machine will frame them as anarchists and enemies of stability.  Like that's a bad thing.  If successful, they will reinstate the Old Republic to its former, tolerant and inclusive glory.

More in-keeping with the spirit of Yule?  You decide!

Star Wars Jumper for Rebel Scum

Of course, if you are with the Alliance, you could always throw their taunts back at them, in a beautifully ironic way. 

At least everyone would know where they stand, and you will be demonstrating admirably the old adage, 'BlasTech DL-44s and lightsabers may vaporize my bones, but names will never hurt me.'

But I know what you're thinking.  That rebel scum Star Wars t-shirt over there ISN'T a sweater or a hoodie. You're wrong. Click on 'see all styles' and the warmer options are revealed, as well as a choice of more colors!

Rebel Scum T-Shirt

Fifth Sun Stars Wars At-At Walker Shirt

Banksy: I Am Your Father Hoodie

Ah!  Don't you love the smell of AT-ATs first thing in the morning?  No?  Oh!  Perhaps that's just me.  Rebel scum.

Here we get a fabulous schematic depicting the inner workings of an AT-AT Walker. A great guide for those needing to stop and fix one, because such individuals need a break.

Can you imagine what it's like having to hang about outdoors in the snow, on an icy planet like Hoth, trying to persuade your frozen fingers to insert a screwdriver into the requisite socket?  Especially when you're wearing a metal stormtrooper, all-in-one suit. Those things seriously conduct the chill. One second it's a broken down Walker, next it's frostbite. Sad.

On the other hand, the AT-AT diagram is equally useful for Rebel Alliance members looking for a great place to aim. At least then no stormtrooper will be worrying about the cold.

There's also a funny Star Wars hoodie, also featuring an AT-AT Walker enjoying a family Christmas.

Star Wars Character Hoodie Sweatshirts

Buy these to really look the part. Then get your friends to buy different ones, so you can constantly recreate scenes to the amusement of all.

Some styles and outfits are so iconic that they need no introduction.  You don't even need to be a hard-core Star Wars fan to recognize the trio above.

Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Chewbacca have been in our cultural consciousness since the mid 1970s, and they aren't going away any time soon.  Hurrah!

These Star Wars costume sweatshirts would be perfect any time, but they will really come into their own when the next three movies are released. This could be your outfit to wear for the theater, as you settle down to enjoy the unfolding magic.

I particularly like what they did with Leia's hair.  For decades that hairstyle has been irreverently referred to as 'hairy earmuffs'; and now they are just that!  I can't believe that nobody already did this.  Or perhaps they did and I missed it.

These three aren't the only characters turned into jumpers.  The range includes Boba Fett, Stormtroopers, R2D2 and possibly more that I haven't tracked down yet.

Jawa Bros. Scrap Metal Merchants Star Wars Hoodie

"Any old droid!  Any old droid!"   Sorry for the blatant advertizing, but sometimes you can get really nostalgic for the old days in Tattooine.

Not that I'm advocating the wanton destruction of sentient AIs, of course!  Nope.  I'd be the first one out there in the sand-dunes, if the likes of R2D2 and C3P0 got taken (again).   There would be Strong Words with the head Jawa and possibly the odd flash of the old lightsaber.

But old droids, those decommissioned and no longer able to string together a coherent computation, would be better off put out of their misery.  And business is business.

Star Wars Christmas Jumpers on eBay

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JoHarrington on 05/01/2013

*fingers crossed that I turn out to be one of the 'some friends'* :D

Glad that you thought so. :)

pkmcr on 05/01/2013

Excellent selection and some great options for Christmas jumpers for some friends of ours

JoHarrington on 11/25/2012

This is me struggling with American versus British English then! Here a jumper is what I believe you all a sweater. Hoodies are what's shown in the 'Rebel Scum' picture.

I'm a massive Star Wars fan.

dustytoes on 11/25/2012

So a jumper is a hoodie? sweatshirt? I don't get it. In US a jumper is a dress without sleeves so I am confused. Always loved the old Star Wars though.

JoHarrington on 11/19/2012

Woot! \0/ Thank you!

Ember on 11/18/2012

I know! But I want to!

HAHA. If you kept guessing I'd probably keep answering. That may have something to do with the wine XD

Also. Yes, that is definitely exactly what it is. I'm having a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend's cousin's acquaintance who knows a guy look into adding time travel capabilities. :|

JoHarrington on 11/18/2012

Sorry, what I should be saying is that you really don't have to get me a present. Unless it's a time machine. Then you do. But I'm really touched anyway.

Is it a full sized Millennium Falcon with hyper-speed capacity?

Ember on 11/18/2012


LOL. Time machine. Those don't exist, else I'd try.... so, NEITHER. :D

This is saying way too much, but if you wrote ALL the Star Wars articles you'd probably still not catch it with them. I only know it exists because of someone I lived with one summer. I also know it is no longer being made, hence the fact that I don't know if I'll actually be able to get one.... o_o such a case, oh look at all these suggestive articles.

I've probably given you everything you need to figure it out if you really wanted, now.


JoHarrington on 11/18/2012

Oh! I so am! :)

Really? *extreme interest* Is it a time machine? Or a jumper?

Ember on 11/18/2012

Oh my goodness. These articles. I just see them as sort of wish list and you're having all the fun in the world putting them together.

I have decided that I want to get you a Christmas gift. I know exactly what it will be... That is if I can get my hands on it, anyways. And I bet you'll think you know, but you'd never in a million years guess it.

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