New 2012 Christmas Gifts for Star Wars Fans

by JoHarrington

No idea what to buy for a huge fan of Star Wars? Never fear, help is at hand! Here is a collection of the biggest Star Wars presents for Christmas 2012. Happy shopping!

The Star Wars fandom is already huge; and it's likely to appear galactic now that Disney has bought the franchise from Lucasfilm.

Three more Star Wars films are in the offing, with release dates starting from 2015. Everyone across the globe will become the World's Biggest Stars Wars fan; which means that there will be some kudos in proving your love pre-dated them all.

As a massive, life-long fan of the movie series myself, this is me checking out what merchandise is available for Christmas 2012.

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar 2012

An annual offering, where twenty-four windows open to reveal iconic Star Wars mini-figures and starships. All within the Lego design.

There has been some furor this year, as Lego reacted to the news of three more films with a steep price increase.  Many complaints later, they brought it back down to last year's levels!

The reason for the upset was simple - the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar is an extremely popular item.  People look forward to it each year, as it's used to collect all of the mini-figures inside.

For Star Wars fans, this is the ultimate in Christmas countdowns.  Each of the windows are opened to extract the tiny, Lego figure inside.  It could be a character or a starship or anything else that can be used with the more general Star Wars Lego sets.

Part of the appeal is the surprise - not knowing what or who you will find behind the cardboard each day.  For that reason, I won't spoil it here. However, if you do wish to know in advance, a commentator on Amazon has listed them all.

And, incidentally, the 2011 Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar is still available.  If you have more than one fan in your home, it might be worth getting both for the extra mini-figures. The dates will be exactly the same!  

I know that these Lego sets are popular.  I recently watched the look of utter glee and anticipation on the face of a teenager, as he purchased the latest in his collection. It was all he could do to hold off until he was home, before he opened it!

As for the Star Wars inspired Lego sets, there are many. They appear in the stores at regular intervals throughout the year, allowing collectors to build up (literally) huge universes in their rooms.

Ready for Christmas 2012 are the X-Wing Starfighter and the Desert Skiff.  Both are of the usual high quality expected of Lego. 

The X-Wing includes four mini-figures, namely Luke Skywalker, Jek Porkins, R2-D2 and R5-D8. There are moveable parts in the cockpit and landing apparatus.  For me, most of the fun would be in continually recreating the moment when Luke blows up the Death Star.

It's just like Beggar's Canyon back home, you know.

Luke turns up again in the mini-figures for the Desert Skiff.   He's joined by Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett and Kithaba.  This Lego set recreates the famous scene, from Return of the Jedi, when Jabba has ordered them all to be thrown into the Sarlacc pit.

Happy days!

2013 Official Star Wars Calendar

Talking about happy days, a slightly more mature gift for a fan would be the Star Wars calendar for 2013.

Each month depicts a different, well-known person from the movies, with the dates displayed in vertical squares alongside.  There's plenty of room to scribble in birthdays, anniversaries and other important prompts.

Having not got my paws on this yet, I'm struggling to see why it's being billed as 3D.  But I do have my 3D glasses eagerly set aside to find out.

I have the feeling that it's not going to be quite as awesome as my imagination has supplied.

Star Wars Classic 3D Calendar 2013

Star Wars Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2012

Another tradition, which has been on-going for decades, is the yearly release of new Hallmark figurines. These are collector's items, not toys.

There's Darth Vader looking very festive.  I don't know.  There's something quite pleasing about the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Empire dressed up as Santa Claus.  Though perhaps not if he was likely to be delivering any gifts to small children.

I've displayed Darth Maul and Darth Vader, but they aren't the only Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments created for Christmas 2012.

These have been coming out since Christmas 1996, and there are always several in the Star Wars collection.  New for 2012 are: Han Solo to the Rescue; General Grievous; a TIE Interceptor; and a limited edition ornament of Momaw Nadon; as well as the Sith Lords already shown.

They aren't just static ornaments either.  Han Solo to the Rescue plays dialogue from the relevant scene in The Empire Strikes Back. The Darth Vader one is equipped with a motion sensor, which randomly triggers any one of nine messages. All of them are in character, so don't expect much seasonal goodwill to all.

Meanwhile the TIE Interceptor comes complete with sounds of the starfighter in battle, then gives us a rendition of The Imperial March.  There is a certain amusement factor about that dangling off your Christmas tree, should you so wish to place it there!

The other three do appear to be quiet ornaments only though.

Trailer for The Clone Wars Season 4

Star Wars 2012 Clone Wars Action Figures

Buy these toy figurines for fans of the animated series. Hasbro have released several for Christmas 2012, and all have accessories.

The Continuing Saga of the Clone Wars

The big DVD news in the Star Wars universe is the release of season four of the animated Clone Wars.

At first, this series was largely viewed by purists as 'something for kids, cashing in'.  Like the movies themselves were ever not for children...

It can hardly be called 'cashing in', when it's Lucasfilm producing the cartoon adventures.  That makes it canon and therefore a solid addition to the movie storylines.

Moreover, the quality of production, and the darkness of some plot devices, soon won over even the most elitist of fans. This is no side story.  It's the reality of what led to the rise of the Galactic Empire; and it set the scene for the transformation of Anakin Skywalker.

What happens in Clone Wars really does come to fruition in the legendary Star Wars films, hence they are very worthy prequels.  Even if they are animated.

No Star Wars fan needs an introduction to the concept of the Clone Wars, as it underpins the later stories.  But it's worth running through what the animated series is all about. 

As the name would suggest, it chronicles the terrible reality of an inter-galactic war.  It's within living memory of many older Star Wars characters, hence some familiar names are in the various battles.  Season four, for example, introduced a very young Darth Maul.

Personally, I think it's worth checking out, even if you've disdained it until now.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season Four

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season Four

Watch Episodes of The Clone Wars Season 4

Available for US viewers on Amazon Instant Video

Topps Star Wars Galactic Files Trading Cards

To mark the 35th anniversary of 'A New Hope', this collector's edition box set comprises the most comprehensive collection yet.

There are 305 cards and attendant chaser sub-packs in this action card box set.  It also includes a poster, a sketch card, an autograph/replica relic card and many other goodies besides.

The Star Wars trading cards have been out for years, but collectors usually have to buy individual packs and hope for the best.  That becomes a little expensive, when you add up all of the dud purchases over the decades.

Topps Star Wars Galactic Files takes the gamble out of the packs, by just giving you the whole set. That might take away a little of the magic, but ultimately ends up cheaper.

That said, this is still a rather pricey gift idea for Star Wars fans, though the gaming potential afterwards looks set to continue for many decades yet to come.

Star Wars Books for Christmas 2012

As ever, there are a lot of new editions and publications to add to your Star Wars library this festive season.

I doubt that there is anyone in the world who has collected every single book ever published about the Star Wars universe. They would need a huge hall just to store them!

But there really are some gems out in time for Christmas 2012, which any fan would long to get their hands on.  The trouble is knowing where to start!

Fortunately Pablo Hidalgo and his team of illustrators have pre-empted that very dilemma.

They have published The Essential Reader's Companion: Star Wars to allow us to navigate the wealth of literature out there.

The focus is solely on the world of fiction, so this isn't the tome to discover all about the making of the movies and the like.  However, in its field, it is comprehensive.

Not only the movie tie-ins and huge collection of official novels are explored, but all of the young adult stories and graphic novels too.  If there has been a canon Star Wars tale told on paper, since the 1970s until today, then it's covered in this guide.

Talking about Star Wars novels, Lucasbooks published the latest in their game tie-in series in November.  Just in time for Christmas!

Annihilation is part of the Star Wars: The Old Republic tales.  The author is Drew Karpyshyn, who is a very familiar name in the franchise. In fact, Revan, his previous offering in the same series, came out just a couple of months before.

In the latest novel, the Sith commander Darth Karrid is intent upon her domination of the universe. But Theron Shan stands in her way. 

Unfortunately for him, he's not a Jedi and he cannot use the Force. But he is aided and abetted by the ghost of a Jedi Master. Gnost-Dural knows all about Darth Karrid.  He trained her.

Moreover there's fiery Teff’ith, an inter-galactic smuggler, willing to help out.

Is it me or does that story sound very, very familiar?  Change a few names here and there and I'm sure that I watched it as a movie back in 1977.

Oh!  Well, if a formula works, milk it.

On to the the next literary choices for Star Wars fans this Christmas.

Amongst the millions of Star Wars related encyclopaedias and guides, you would think that there was nothing left to say.

You'd be wrong!  We now have guides to the merchandising itself!  Two of which have been published in time for Christmas.

The first looks at everything to do with the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, so it would be very useful for gamers immersed in that world.

The second is a much more nostalgic tome, insofar as it marks 35 years of the Star Wars figures. I can remember wanting and coveting those in the 1970s, which shows how old I am!

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia

Since its release in 2011, the massively multiplayer online role playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic has captivated thousands of gamers and Star Wars fans alike. Now comes ...

View on Amazon

Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection: 35 Years of Characters

Here at last is the complete and definitive collection of the more than 2,500 Star Wars® action figures produced over the last 35 years. Fans and collectors can finally trace th...

View on Amazon

For younger Star Wars fans, there is another addition to the pop-up series. 

Targeting youngsters aged seven and over, Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-Up Adventure is more than just a movie guide. 

It's packed with bits that can be moved, pressed, pulled or rearranged, resulting in a very interactive experience not usually associated with literature.

Along the way, it introduces a whole range of characters, places and starships from the universe of Star Wars and The Clone Wars.

The prequels are the focus here, so don't expect anything from A New Hope onwards.  Presumably because there will one day be a follow on to this 3D book.

There are so many more books besides that it would be impossible to do them all justice here.  If you do have a Star Wars fan, who enjoys reading, then you could probably fill their bookshelves with this year's publications alone.

However, I do want to highlight just one more...

Star Wars Origami Guide

Buy this for someone who enjoys hands on crafting and paper-folding. It produces thirty-six individual Stars Wars figures!

Some Star Wars Christmas gifts are so obvious that it's barely worth mentioning them, but occasionally something very different comes onto the market.

Chris Alexander has been creating origami all of his life.  He was introduced to it at only four years old!  And he's a big Star Wars fan.  The two had to collide.

In all honesty, I haven't attempted this myself, but judging by the reviews, it's a huge hit.  Everyone from small children to avid, adult fans, through to prisoners in a Californian prison have been engaged in a folding frenzy. 

It was apparently extremely well received at the San Diego Comic-Con, where Alexander himself demonstrated what could be done.  Sales of the book rose accordingly.

All levels of expertise are represented.  Your budding crafter can begin with the 101 designs, then move ever onwards towards the very difficult Jabba the Hut. Each chapter has a wealth of background information, so you know precisely who you are creating.

Please note that you only receive the guide book here. Some commentators seemed surprised that there wasn't any origami paper included.

Star Wars Reads Day: Chris Alexander

Origami Star Wars Story-Books

Buy these stories for any child, eight or above, who is really into their Star Wars origami. The Wookie one is new for Christmas 2012.

More Star Wars Presents and Christmas Decorations

Nutcrackers, hats and gift wrap, oh my! Consider yourself a cool nerd? This page has Christmas gifts that NO Star Wars fan should be without this festive season.
For the geek Christmas dinner table, there is something very special to place in the center. Yule logs are sooo 19th century. How about Boba Fett instead?
Most people make do with a classy line of white lights; others with the glorious festive burst of flashing, colored lights. But you're a geek and you know what you want.
Looking for something nice and warm to gift to your Star Wars geek this Christmas? Come and look at this lovely choice of Star Wars hoodies to gain some present ideas.
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JoHarrington on 11/10/2012

Nice one! You would do a much better job than me. And your insights on the advent calendars are always good.

Calanon on 11/10/2012

Jo - No I'll write the review, don't worry. :P

You can get all of the minifigures except the Santa Yoda with a better set. Most of the mini models aren't worth it.

JoHarrington on 11/10/2012

Calanon - I'm looking forward to your review of the X-Wing. :D Unless you're just going to show me and make me write it. :p

Ah! So you could get that droid with a better Lego set then? Nice one.

Calanon on 11/10/2012

Jo - I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that? :P

Also the black astromech droid comes with the Death Star set.

JoHarrington on 11/10/2012

Shonna - I can't find any of my pictures from it. I've just been looking! :o

JoHarrington on 11/10/2012

Calanon - Looking forward to it; and thanks for the link. The black R2D2 looks cool. The rest are a little, erm, exclusive?

Shonna on 11/10/2012

I do! AND somewhere on my now dead computer are pics of you with glowing lightsabre in hand LOL This is great fun, thanks!

JoHarrington on 11/10/2012

Fred - It'll blame you even more when my puppy dog eyes look between it and your credit card. Tu m'aimes. <3

Calanon on 11/10/2012
fred on 11/10/2012

Why do you have to tempt me with the Star Wars Origami...My credit card will blame you

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