Christmas Sundries for Star Wars Fans

by JoHarrington

Nutcrackers, hats and gift wrap, oh my! Consider yourself a cool nerd? This page has Christmas gifts that NO Star Wars fan should be without this festive season.

Ready to treat yourself or a loved one to some 'Star Wars' Christmas goodies? You are about to be very happy, when you realize quite what is in your world today.

The fabulous, the cheesy, the wow factor and the twee, we have them all arrayed for your expert perusal. Though, in fairness, it's mostly the cheesy.

If you, or anyone in your household, deserves 'Star Wars' presents then you do not want to miss out. Make mine a talking Yoda stocking please.

Christmas in the Stars: Star Wars Christmas Album

Official Star Wars Christmas Carols!

Yes, this really did happen!  You are awake.

In 1980, when only A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back had been unleashed on the world, George Lucas commissioned a Yale University music professor to do this to us.

Professor Maury Yeston led stars like Anthony Daniels (C3PO) in this festive musical extravaganza.

But here's a hidden gem too.  Check out the second of the two YouTube videos on the right hand side.  Both have tracks from the Star Wars carol chorus, only hindsight has elevated this one even more.

The teenager enthusiastically taking the role of R2D2 was Jon Bongiovi, a local schoolboy.

We know him better as Jon Bon Jovi.  This IS his musical debut and first release!

No idea what to buy for a huge fan of Star Wars? Never fear, help is at hand! Here is a collection of the biggest Star Wars presents for Christmas 2012. Happy shopping!
So many Star Wars games, not enough time! But I've written a guide to the biggest and the best for you to choose between this year.
Looking for something nice and warm to gift to your Star Wars geek this Christmas? Come and look at this lovely choice of Star Wars hoodies to gain some present ideas.

Kurt Adler Star Wars 17-Inch Plush Yoda Santa Hat with Bendable Ears

Plush Yoda Santa Hat with Bendable Ears

There you are, off to the Christmas party, and the weight of tradition demands a festive hat.  Reindeer antlers?  Bauble bopper headband?  Elf ears?

No!  You have geek credentials to maintain here!  Have a few standards, please! 

It's a Santa Hat with Yoda Ears all the way.  It couldn't possibly be anything else, if you search your soul and use the Force for answers.  Bendable Yoda ears, in festive head attire.  Nothing else will do.

Forget angels! Forget a star! We want Star Wars! What, in the whole vast universe, could be finer than sticking Yoda on top of your tree? Be honest now!
Most people make do with a classy line of white lights; others with the glorious festive burst of flashing, colored lights. But you're a geek and you know what you want.

Kurt Adler Star Wars Inspired Nutcrackers

Because what else are you going to use to crack those post-dinner nuts?

Star Wars Nutcrackers

Kurt S. Adler is really on a roll this Christmas.  His company has brought out more Star Wars inspired festive sundries than even I thought was possible.

Yet this lot take the walnut.  They really do.  And the brazil nuts, the hazelnuts, the almonds, pecans and chestnuts too.  They crack the whole lot open, for that handy munchie fest in front of the television.

Ranging from 7" high (R2D2) to 11" (Stormtrooper), these look good as standing ornaments, though with that practical and useful side to them too.  The consensus is that they all look better than in the pictures.

It's not just those highlighted above in the Star Wars collection.  You can get Yoda and a Clone Trooper too. No doubt more are on the way!

Star Wars Christmas Quilt Cover Square

What happened when the Magi bumped into a Jedi Master on the way to see Jesus?

Well, apparently no-one checked for a wormhole, time machine or any other appliance that would allow this to occur.  Instead they all posed for Tim Elliot to draw a cartoon marking the occasion.

When you think about it, the Jedi really do quite look like the Three Wise Men.  At least they do as they're most commonly rendered.

Now you too can place Jedi at the Nativity on your Christmas quilt.  Now all that you have to do is establish a tradition of sewing a Christmas quilt.

Christmas Magi and Star Wars Jedi: 10x10 Quilt Square

For the geek Christmas dinner table, there is something very special to place in the center. Yule logs are sooo 19th century. How about Boba Fett instead?
Forget the fake icicles and baubles this festive season, we all know what the geeks need instead. Christmas tree ornaments based on the Star Wars universe! Perfect!
Fans of Lego and Star Wars both will find a treat for their Christmas tree each year. Star Wars Christmas Ornaments with a Lego look!

22" Star Wars Darth Vader 3-D Head Christmas Stocking

Star Wars Stockings for Santa's Gifts

If you are going to treat your nerd loved ones to some goodies on this page, you're going to need something to wrap your presents in.

That's where the Star Wars Gift Wrap comes in, all 15 square feet of it!  But there's more.

Three different Yoda stockings exist to hang from your bed or mantlepiece.  Each awaiting a visit from Father Christmas with some lovely intergalactic gifts.

The first of them is the one which boasts all of the bells and whistles, or, to be precise, a button to press for Yoda voice messages. 

That randomly chooses from the following famous phrases: "Use the force", "Do or do not, there is no try", and "Judge me by my size do you?"

It is topped by a plastic Yoda head, while the plush stocking itself is 22" long and 7" wide. That would do for me.  Thanks!

(As an alternative, there's the Darth Vader Christmas stocking from the same company.)

The second is a Yoda head Christmas stocking based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But with very little information for me to tell you about it. Which is pretty much everything I could also say about the third!

Star Wars Yoda Christmas Stockings

Don't Forget Your Star Wars Christmas Cards!

Season's greetings to one and all from all of us here at Wizzley!

More Christmas Gifts and Decorations

What do you mean you never thought to decorate the toilet with Santa Claus? You missed a trick there, and probably more - to be revealed within!
Tra-la-la-la-laaaa-la-la-la, we'll deck the halls when we've got this next level. You know how it goes. Just buy a gamer a decoration and hopefully it'll make it onto the tree.
The festive season is here again. It's time to deck the halls with LED lights, USB powered trees and a periodic table's worth of Christmas decorations for nerds!
Deck the halls with boughs and Bigfoot, tra-la-la-la-laaaa! A beautiful carol for those looking for festive Sasquatch treats this Christmas. They do exist and I have them here!
Updated: 11/24/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 11/02/2012

*looks profoundly interested* Orly?

Ember on 11/02/2012

I know who I'd send Star Wars Christmas cards to! And they'd love getting them XD

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