Sasquatch Christmas Decorations and Gifts

by JoHarrington

Deck the halls with boughs and Bigfoot, tra-la-la-la-laaaa! A beautiful carol for those looking for festive Sasquatch treats this Christmas. They do exist and I have them here!

Are you on the hunt for Bigfoot Christmas ornaments? Then happy days have just reached you.

There aren't a great many out there, but what can be tracked down has made its way onto this page. Now Sasquatch fans can enjoy a little seasonal cheer alongside their favorite legendary creature.

We have Bigfoot Christmas tree decorations, cards, sweaters, books and a Sasquatch stocking. Perfect for those obsessed with 10ft primates this Yuletide!

Sasquatch Christmas Ornaments

When it comes to glimpsing Bigfoot through tree branches, we tend to be think in terms of the great forests of the Pacific North West. 

But we could be referring to your front room.

Christmas tree Bigfoot decorations are out there!  In fact, they right here awaiting your festive shopping pleasure.  Not just sasquatch but Yetis too.

Check out your choices in Bigfoot Christmas ornaments - then go wild and leave them up way beyond the festive season. Taking them down is a daft idea, anachronistic too.

Bigfoot Research Team Christmas Decoration

There are loads of lovely Christmas decorations for Bigfoot hunters, beginning with the one above.

Continue down to find classy, cute, funny, hopeful, collectors' pieces and downright festive ornaments for Sasquatch research teams, fans and those who simply love the notion of big hairy people in the woods. Bigfoot Christmas gift ideas follow thereon.

Sasquatch Christmas Decoration

Bigfoot isn't usually this small, but you can tell by the dimensions alongside the bauble how tiny he is here.

Only 3" high, this Sasquatch Christmas tree decoration is light-weight enough to dangle from your festive boughs.  He's made out of resin and hand-painted as a Design Toscano exclusive.

Can you imagine the fun here?  Bigfoot notably hides in trees.  Now you have a tree in your living room, with a Sasquatch to conceal within it.  It could turn into a whole new Christmas Tradition - finding Bigfoot in your own home!

Bigfoot the Holiday Ornament

Fair Trade Wool Yeti Ornament

100% Natural Wool Yeti Christmas Decoration

My friend was helping me hunt down the greatest Bigfoot ornaments online, when she uncovered this little beauty. 

There was an audible gasp and a link across cyberspace. "I know it isn't Bigfoot," She gushed, "but look at this adorable (thing)!"  (The latter word was much more expressive, but not appropriate for a family website.)

I concur! 

This utterly adorable Yeti Christmas decoration is Fair Trade too, which makes me even happier.

Believe in Bigfoot Holiday Decorations

Dangling or Free Standing Bigfoot Christmas Decor

You get choices in your decorative display this Christmas with Accoutrements' Sasquatch ornament.

Their golden brown Bigfoot bauble arrives with a bit of string to afix it onto your tree. But the base also means that it can be placed on your mantlepiece or table too.

Standing just over 6" tall (15.9 cm), Accoutrements' Christmas Bigfoot ornament could form the centerpiece for any home's 'Quatchy festive tableau.

Anyone else think it looks a little like an Oscar?  Nope?  Just me then.

Accoutrements Bigfoot Ornament

Bigfoot in Shades Snowflake Ornament

Bigfoot Christmas Tree Ornament

Does Squatchin' get more pop culture cool than this?   Perkins Designs have decided that Bigfoot on a snowflake isn't stylish enough.  He patently needed shades.

3" high, with a gloss finish, the porcelain tree decoration comes complete with gold thread to hang it on your tree.

There's no need to take too much care with the positioning, as the image is repeated on both sides.

This is the Christmas decoration for Bigfoot fans with a sense of humor.  Which is pretty much all of us.

Available as coasters too for a Quatchy Christmas Stocking Filler:
Bigfoot in Shades Bigfoot or Sasquatch is Pictured in Style Wearing Sunglasses...

Bigfoot In Shades Bigfoot or Sasquatch is pictured in style wearing sunglasses Coaster is a great complement to any home decor. Soft coasters are 3.5" x 3.5", are absorbent and ...

View on Amazon

Funny Bigfoot Christmas Ornament from Cafepress

Generic's Glass Bauble Bigfoot Collection for Christmas

There are lots of people who make a festive tradition out of buying another piece for their decorative holiday sets. Now one company has created collectible Sasquatch ornaments.  A whole new facet to your Christmas begins right here in Bigfoot baubles - hurrah!

Each decorative Sasquatch addition is 4.5" tall and designed to dangle from your tree. They are all glass with a little hook on top to attach to your branches.  Or indeed wherever else you wish to hang them.

Thus far, we have a Yeti and a North American Sasquatch collector's ornament.  Well, when I say 'Yeti'... look for yourself...

Abominable Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament

Collectors' Bigfoot Ornament for Christmas

If you are going to have a snowman on your Christmas tree this holiday, then you might as well make it an Abominable Snowman decoration.  Generic certainly went that route in their collectible Sasquatch glass ornament range.

Personally I'm amazed more companies and designers haven't grasped the pun and run with it.  Hold on, they have!

Christmas Abominable Snowman Patio Decoration

Our illuminated Abominable Snowman Christmas patio decoration lights up throughout its fluffy furry body. There are over 150 bulbs ready to be plugged in and lit.

Cosy, fun and welcoming, or zOMGTheresASasquatchOnYourRoof!!! level of seasonal Bigfoot sightings? You decide.

I'm just thinking of those poor people encountering Yetis on some remote Himalayan summit, and whether the first thought in their heads would be - mmmm, this would make a fun Christmas decoration for Sasquatch lovers.

Followed by pondering whether this is a Yeti modeled upon Liberty. The star it holds aloft glows beautifully.

Santa Yeti Yard Illumination for Christmas

There's another version of the light up Abominable Snowman patio Christmas decoration wearing a Santa hat.

Here we get a little more of the back story.  This is Bumble the Yeti joining in the festive celebrations. He's helping out by reaching up to put the star on the top of our tree.

Ooooh! Not Sasquatch as the Statue of Liberty illuminated as a Christmas outdoors home decoration then! 

I can seriously over-think things at times.

Inflatable Christmas Abominable Snowman

We have the option of a 5.5ft inflatable Christmas Yeti too.

Bumble again, perhaps more obviously placing his star atop the festive tree than his steel framed equivalents above.

This self-inflating Bigfoot yard decoration arrives with the appropriate tethers and stakes to keep it firmly attached to your garden ground or roof. 

Then plug it in to begin your wonderful Bigfoot illuminations for the delight of family, neighbors, friends and whatever watches from the foliage.

As Halloween beckons, house-holders add yet another piece to the yearly collection. Ghosts, ghouls, vampires and monsters. What is missing here? Ah! Yes! Bigfoot!

Oh No! Sasquatch Ruins Christmas!

Bigfoot Costumes as Christmas Gift Ideas?

OMG! Is that Bigfoot? No. It's just you in your new, hair-raising Sasquatch outfit. Perfect for trick or treating, parties and scaring tourists in the woods.
From the snow-covered mountain tops to the raucous party next door, the Abominable Snowman has been seen. Roar! I say again, RAWR!

That's more for those wishing to record their own festive Bigfoot films, or else don them as warm attire for fancy dress parties during the holiday season. Then dig them out for Halloween events next autumn. Forward planning for the win!

However, there are plenty more Sasquatch Christmas gift ideas in clothing.  For example, this:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Sasquatch Design

Happy Yeti Ugly Christmas Sweater

After decades of people receiving ugly Christmas jumpers as their present, one company decided to leap onto the bandwagon.  These are insanely popular this season.

The joke of course being that it's not even a sweater.  It's a t-shirt.  Ugly Christmas Sweaters know their clientele much better than elderly aunties do.

The Happy Yeti design is sold by Rocket Factory.  It's 100% pre-shrunk cotton, with a professionally screen-printed legend.  Perfect attire for a Sasquatch enthusiast over the Christmas period.

More Bigfoot Clothes Christmas Gift Ideas

Is your idea of a good time wandering around forests looking for 10ft tall elusive primates? Then check out these Gone Squatchin' t-shirts and other items!
Whether you're out finding Bigfoot or merely on the lookout for other Sasquatch enthusiasts, grab a t-shirt of the cryptid creature to declare your interest in a sighting.

A Little Light Yeti Reading for Christmas

Hands up!  I haven't yet had the pleasure of reading Mrs Miller's Yeti Christmas story. 

The sole review that I've found criticizes it for switching between past and present tense, but tells us nothing about the actual story.

Reading the blarb, it's about a couple spending the holidays in a romantic lodge on the slopes of Mount Rainier, Seattle.  But there's nothing loving about this relationship.  Ranger beats and emotionally abuses his wife. 

The battered Shayne is there because her psychic mother paid for the trip.  At the time, it felt like the matriarch was trying to patch up her daughter's marriage, even in the murky light of domestic violence.

Once there, Shayne isn't so sure.  She saw something terrifying on the slippery road in. Now the Yeti has come for her.

Spending Christmas with a Yeti by Max W Miller

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You live and learn. :)

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who would have thought such things existed?

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