Gone Squatchin' Gifts and Clothes for Bigfoot Hunters

by JoHarrington

Is your idea of a good time wandering around forests looking for 10ft tall elusive primates? Then check out these Gone Squatchin' t-shirts and other items!

Fans of 'Finding Bigfoot' will often hear the phrase "It looks Squatchy here!" Some terrains are just perfect for hunting for Bigfoot.

The show's very own big man, Bobo, declares his intent with a trademark baseball cap, bearing the legend, 'Gone Squatchin''. You can too! There are plenty of hats, shirts and other items of clothing for adventurers.

As you may have gathered from the above, going Squatchin' is the term for trekking out to track down Sasquatch. Find some perfect gifts for Bigfoot fans.

Original and Best-Selling Bobo's Gone Squatchin' Hat

Finding Bigfoot's Bobo Gone Squatchin' Baseball Cap

Let's kick off with the item that every Sasquatch hunter wants! It's the hat made famous by Bobo.

Let's face it, we only actually refer to the expedition as 'gone squatchin'', because that term was so popularized in Finding Bigfoot.

Whenever the weather permits, Bobo dons his baseball cap, bearing the words 'Gone Squatchin'', and this is what all of the other merchandise is hoping to emulate.

But on Zazzle, there is the original.  The colors, font and design all match; and it could well be where Bobo bought his own!  (Though I have no evidence beyond the look of the thing.)

While green and white are the colors favored by the big man, you get much more choice than that. The exact same 'Gone Squatchin'' cap is available in eleven different colors.  You just go for your favorite!

It fits heads with diameters between 17" and 24"; and it's the number one gift for Sasquatch finders.

Bobo Wearing his Gone Squatchin' Baseball Cap

Gone Squatchin' Bumper Sticker

Gone Squatchin' Vinyl Decal Sticker

Gifts for Those Preparing to Track Down Sasquatch

No-one arrives, fully formed and ready, in the middle of a Sasquatchy forest. There has to be a journey there and a period of preparation before.

Intrepid Bigfoot finders will be able to tell the world with an oval back window sticker for the back of their vehicle; or they can think a little bigger with a vinyl decal covering.

The latter is guaranteed to survive for between five and seven years in all weathers.  It can be attached to your vehicle's window, bumper or wherever else suits your fancy!

As you park up for supplies in neighboring towns, the locals could well spot the sticker and come forward with eye-witness accounts.  It's one way to get a heads up on where to begin your search for Bigfoot.

It'll also be a good pointer for those discovering your vehicle parked up in the forest.  That might be a life-saving tip off, if the person reading it had come armed to shoot down deer or the like. It tells them that there are human beings too, creeping through the area. 

And if you don't come back, then consider it a clue for the local emergency services.  You are, after all, hunting for a wild animal much bigger and stronger than you!

As for the memo pad, it has fifty sheets and the title says it all!

Going Squatchin' Notepad

Apple iPhone Gone Squatchin' Case Cover

Gone Squatchin' Apple iPhone Aluminium and Silicone Cover

Of course, if you are in a Bigfoot related emergency situation, then calling for help may be better than relying on an officer to find your car.

If you're carrying an Apple iPhone, then there is the perfect case cover for you here!  The Gone Squatchin' veneer is for a 4S Silver Gray D5918; and it's made out of aluminum and silicone.

You can use the iPhone to call 911 to say that you've been cornered and trapped by an angry 10ft primate.  If no-one believes you, then you can leave the gadget by your mangled body, so that an eventual response team can read the cover and guess the rest.

But an even better use might be to use the iPhone to record any visual or audio evidence.  You know that the internet is eagerly awaiting that!

Gone Squatchin' Sasquatch T-Shirt

Gone Squatchin' T-shirt with Trees and Sasquatch

There are so many Gone Squatchin' t-shirts out on the market these days!  This design, by Go All Out Screenprinting, is one of the more popular ones.

Between the usual lettering is the silhouette of Bigfoot walking between two fir trees. The creature itself is obviously based upon the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage of a Sasquatch in Bluff Creek back in 1967.

I've picked out the green shirt because it matches Bobo's baseball hat, but this one is available in fifteen different colors.  They include everything from pink or bright orange through to camo shades.

Plus the design adorns a variety of Gone Squatchin' Hooded Sweatshirts.  Those are 50/50 cotton and polyester, and perfect for North-West Pacific nights running around the woods.

Gone Squatchin' Hoodie Sweatshirt

This design is also available as a hooded sweatshirt, in a variety of colors.

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Footage | Finding Bigfoot

Gone Squatchin' Bigfoot Hunting Black Tee Shirt

Extra Large Gone Squatchin' T-Shirt

It's black, it's stylish and it has a Sasquatch on it.  What more could you want?

Billed as a humorous t-shirt (just so we don't take ourselves too seriously here), this Shirt City design is 100% cotton.  The shirt begins quite petit, but reaches right up to XXX-Large for those of you of Bigfoot proportions.

Amongst those who have grabbed one for themselves, there is a warning to buy bigger than usual. The sizing runs small.

Gone Squatchin' Bigfoot Pop Culture T-Shirt

Green Pop Culture Gone Squatchin' Sasquatch T-Shirts

I think that this one is my favorite design of all.  It's created by BigTime Teez and, as with the Shirt City style, it runs into XXX-Large for the bigger Bigfoot hunters.

Again the Sasquatch silhouette is that instantly recognizable Patterson-Gimlin image. Even those who know nothing about Squatchin' will be able to guess what it's all about from this.

But mostly I just like the font.  It looks really professional and stylish. 

The same design is repeated on the junior's pre-shrunk fit t-shirt.  Both t-shirts are 100% cotton.

Ladies' Gone Squatchin' - I Do Believe Long Sleeved T-Shirt

Women's Cap Sleeve Gone Squatchin' T-Shirt

'I do believe there is a Squatch in these woods' is the sub-text here.  Fans of Finding Bigfoot need no introduction to that line.  Matt Moneymaker says it at the close of the opening credits.

This Gone Squatchin' ladies long sleeved t-shirt is available in eight colors.  The white body and black lettered motif remain the same, but the collar and shoulders change. 

You can also grab a kid's Gone Squatchin' baseball jersey in a similar style.  The colors there are navy, red or black; though the sleeves are long not capped.

Gone Squatchin' T-Shirt for Children

In fairness, most of the Squatch hunting t-shirts already displayed will fit children in their smaller sizes.  But this is one which is for the little ones only.

It would match well with the Bigfoot Hunting T-Shirt up above.

There are nine different bright colors to choose between for this kids' Bigfoot shirt. 

The print never changes, but all around it does.  For that reason, I'm not sure how effective the white t-shirt is - you lose the motif entirely!

Spreadshirt recommend that you wash it inside out at a maximum of 30 degrees.

Gone Squatchin' Kids Shirt

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JoHarrington on 03/26/2013

Oh! I hope that they like it. :)

Thanks for the head's up on the oval sticker. I'm half-asleep here, but I'll look at it tomorrow morning.

georgettejohn on 03/26/2013

Jo...ordering the t-shirt for a family member...lol..but wanted to let you know, the oval sticker link goes nowhere...the page is no longer available. Enjoyed this article...

JoHarrington on 12/10/2012

I haven't had chance to see any of the new series yet! It will be my Christmas treat to myself. :D

Paul on 12/10/2012

Tempted to buy pretty much one of everything so I can wear it while watching the new series! :D

JoHarrington on 12/01/2012

Win! I'm looking forward to those reports!

Ragtimelil on 12/01/2012

Love it. As soon as I get a car, I'll check out East Texas. Ha.

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