Sasquatch Decorations for Home and Garden

by JoHarrington

As Halloween beckons, house-holders add yet another piece to the yearly collection. Ghosts, ghouls, vampires and monsters. What is missing here? Ah! Yes! Bigfoot!

The absolutely best Sasquatch addition to your garden would be the real thing.

All you need to do for that is relocate to a large, forested region in North America. (The Pacific North-West is a favorite.) Install a large herd of deer. Wait until night-fall, then hope for the best.

Of course, this manner of displaying Bigfoot on your lawn is a little hit and miss.

In lieu of that, check out these fake alternatives!

Bigfoot: The Garden Yeti Statue

A Hand-Crafted Sasquatch Statue for your Garden

Well, that's one way to make the neighbors stare! A hefty resin Bigfoot glaring right back at them.

I'll admit it.  I'm looking.  I'm wanting.  I'm coveting.  This is no light-weight purchase, by any stretch.  This is real art.

Design Toscano have created this exclusive design. It's made out of hard-wearing resin, so it can be displayed in your garden, whatever the weather.

The detail is exquisite, right down to the suggestion of fur and those eponymous big feet.  This sculpture is hand-painted, so no two are exactly alike. But the quality is all.

The only thing that isn't 'squatchy about this statue is its height.  It stands at a mere two feet, passing as an infant, but not the soaring 8-10ft of the real Bigfoot adult males.

Nevertheless, it would certainly be a talking point on your Halloween patio!

Sasquatch Reaper Miniature

Little Bigfoot Figurines

I bet you never thought to hear the word 'little' in the same sentence as Sasquatch before!

This wild woman is only two inches tall, but she's very, very heavy. 

Cast out of metal, the Bigfoot miniature would be a sturdy addition to a garden tableau.

It arrives unpainted (and some assembly may be required), but you could always slap a splash of paint on yourself. That would make it truly unique to your home and your family.

The model for this Sasquatch is patently the Bluff Creek female. The posture and gait are all the same. Let's grab the footage, so you can see for yourself.

The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film

This is shaky, home video footage from 1967. I'd be amazed it you haven't seen it already!

Sasquatch Hairy Hand

Novelty Bigfoot Hairy Arm Grabber Toy

You could hang this up in your home or on your patio, but that would be missing out on all of the potential fun.

As your neighbors and friends gather to inspect your decorations, and partake of Halloween treats, you stalk behind them.

Suddenly a shriek!  A Sasquatch has grabbed them by the shoulder!

Panic ensues and the pumpkin pie goes everywhere!  Are you seeing the possibilities now?

Created out of plush fur and plastic, this Bigfoot grabber toy is 21" long.  That would pretty much put you out of slapping range too, when you use it.

At least it will if you're fast enough to run away!

This would be even more fun if you were dressed up like Bigfoot at the time...

OMG! Is that Bigfoot? No. It's just you in your new, hair-raising Sasquatch outfit. Perfect for trick or treating, parties and scaring tourists in the woods.
From the snow-covered mountain tops to the raucous party next door, the Abominable Snowman has been seen. Roar! I say again, RAWR!

Bigfoot Crossing Road Signs

Of course, you don't actually have to have a Sasquatch anywhere near your property.  The power of suggestion could do it all.

What you do here is find a suitable junction for your street signs. The novelty notices look authentic enough!  Then nail them up and let those passing by just read them.

Imagination is a wonderful thing.  Whether they know it or not, your neighbors will be glancing around themselves, alert for a glimpse of the hairy giant.

This naturally works much better if you have some woodland on your property.  Even more so if a track or road cuts through it!

Sasquatch Street Signs

Buy these metal road signs to imply that there is a Bigfoot nearby. Let your visitors' imaginations do the rest!

Sasquatch Wall Decals for your Home

If your local law enforcement agency frowns upon people adding fake signs to the road-side, then you could always move the action indoors.

Some very big Bigfoot wall decorations exist for this very purpose.  The images make these decals look tiny.  That's not at all the case.

In order of appearance, they are two feet, three feet and four feet respectively.  Just one will amply ornament a carefully chosen surface.

Like, for example, the back of the restroom door.  That will scare the proverbial out of anyone nipping in to use the facilities.

Happy Halloween!

Large Bigfoot Wall Decals

Buy these 'Squatchy decorations to spice up your interior walls at Halloween.

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Updated: 11/01/2013, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 09/12/2012

I thought so too!

And thank you for your kind words about my articles. You've made me blush this morning. I will do my best. <3

indianfurniturehouse143 on 09/12/2012

Pretty, This was a really wonderful post. Thank you for providing this information. I would like to thanks for the efforts you have put in to write this blog. I am hoping the same high-grade blog posts from you in the upcoming time as well.

JoHarrington on 09/11/2012

*hands up* I would buy a Bigfoot fishing gnome.

Paul on 09/11/2012

It's a shame that there isn't any bigfoot gnomes out there. Maybe I should attempt to manufacture some... After all, who wouldn't want a fishing bigfoot!

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