Hunting Sasquatch? Equipment you will Need to Find Bigfoot

by JoHarrington

These secretive humanoid creatures have been seen all over North America. You will need to be prepared, if you want your own sighting.

Tantalizing glimpses in grainy pictures, or eye-witness accounts, are not enough for you. You want to see Bigfoot for yourself.

While skeptics may scoff that there's no such thing as Sasquatch, you may be the one to gather definitive evidence. But you can't go out there unprepared.

Otherwise, you merely join the ranks of the thousands of others who saw, but cannot be believed.

Read on to tick the check-list on the items you should take. Happy 'Squatching!

Bigfoot Research Team Car Bumper Sticker

Do Your Research Regarding Location and Terrain

It's no good looking for Sasquatch in a shopping mall in London. You need to be in a vast forest, in the right country.

The legendary hairy men tend to be found in the forests of North America.  The Bigfoot Field Research Foundation keeps us up to date with all of the latest sightings.

You will want to head out to where a Sasquatch has recently been located.  At the time of writing, that would be Franklin County, Illinois; Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; and Le Flore County, Oklahoma.  All of them are within the United States of America.

But also note the kind of places these are.  Vast forests, which may make the going treacherous. This isn't the expedition for light-weight coats and high-heels.

Moreover, Sasquatch is a nocturnal primate. You are unlikely to see it as daylight comes. So you will be crossing that terrain in the dark.

This is what we have to prepare for. This is why it's important to carry the right gear.  But first, a warning...

Sasquatch Hunting Permit

Buy this just for fun. It doesn't actually entitle you to anything.

Killing Bigfoot is Illegal!

(Unless you live in Texas.)

Most sightings of Bigfoot have occurred in the American North-West.  Particularly the states of Washington, Oregon and California. Many more have been spotted over the border in British Columbia.

Many in the judicial system don't believe that Sasquatch is out there. But that hasn't stopped some counties and states prohibiting shooting them.

British Columbia and California are just two places where it's actually illegal to kill Bigfoot. On the other hand, Texas gave the green light on slaughter in May 2012.

Dress with Care for your Bigfoot Hunt

Going 'squatchin' can be as perilous as it is fun. Make sure that you've selected your wardrobe with care.

Check out the weather reports.  Is it going to be hot, cold, raining?  Is there a storm front on the way? 

Remember that daytime is no real indication as to what it will be like in the middle of the forest. At night, the temperature can drop considerably.  The last thing that  you want is to be lumbered with too much stuff, as you hike through the trees in darkness.  But neither do you want to be caught short.

Layers and a decent backpack are the key!  Shove in an extra jumper or fleece, but also something waterproof. You don't want to catch a chill, should the Heavens suddenly open.

But you're not just here on a pleasure hike.  You have a huge, hairy man to spy.  Some specific gear might be in order.

Possible Sasquatch Hunting Clothes

A baseball cap camouflaged with Bigfoot; a ghillie suit; and Sasquatch hunting hiking boots.

The camo baseball cap will keep the sun (when it's up) out of your eyes, but it would also protect you from light drizzle.  You lose most of your body heat from the top of your head, so it will go a short distance into keeping you warm too.

Best of all, it's camouflaged!  You could hunker down in the undergrowth and your head won't be seen poking out.  With its Bigfoot design, it might be the perfect accessory for your expedition.

Of course, if you're getting really serious about camouflage, then a ghillie suit is the way to go. You can fade right into the background in one of those, which is why the army use them so much.

However, they are a bit restrictive if you plan on moving around too much.  The bits get stuck on branches!  This is the suit for those wishing to stake out a certain location, rather than properly hike through the trails.

Whether stationary or on the move, you will need the appropriate footwear.  Hiking boots all the way!  And those ones come with a Sasquatch theme.

T-Shirts for a Sasquatch Hunter

Buy these for scouting out the area in daylight, as random eye-witnesses will know what you're about. They might share their stories!
And plenty more right here!
Whether you're out finding Bigfoot or merely on the lookout for other Sasquatch enthusiasts, grab a t-shirt of the cryptid creature to declare your interest in a sighting.
Is your idea of a good time wandering around forests looking for 10ft tall elusive primates? Then check out these Gone Squatchin' t-shirts and other items!

Gadgets for Tracking Down Sasquatch

You are going after one of THE most elusive creatures on the planet, and there are a lot of hiding places out there.

Most sightings of Bigfoot are accidental.  People just happen to be in the right place, at the right time, and often the glimpse is fleeting.

These are the odds stacked against you and the reason why the evidence is all so debatable. But you have already raised your chances, by going out at night and doing so in known Sasquatch hot-spots.

You can raise them a little more, if you pack the right gadgetry.  Here are just some of the options.

Buy a Parabolic Dish

Educational Insights Sonic Sleuth

This powerful, handheld listening device tunes in to sounds from over 300 feet away!

View on Amazon

Detect Ear Professional Listening Device - DET EAR by KJB

Listen to sounds up to 300 yards away with the pinpoint accuracy of the Detect Ear. The Detect Ear provides high performance with the most advanced audio circuitry and a 20" sna...

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Extend your Listening Range!

One of the best ways to locate a Sasquatch is to listen for them. The creatures purportedly communicate over great distances with howls and knocks.

If you can hear them, then you can move towards them. That's bound to boost your likelihood of an actual sighting.

Of course, the better your hearing, the greater your chance of picking up distant howls. But you can cheat here, with a parabolic listening device.

Just keep turning, with the dish in your hand, then be ready to focus when you hear anything out of the norm.

Finding Bigfoot: Calls and Howls

The Bigfoot Field Research Foundation have heard a lot of Sasquatch sounds in their time. Here they mimic them looking for a response.

Buy Infrared Binoculars

Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular

Night Owl 5X Night Vision Monocular. Extra magnification without the extra weight. And that extra magnification means better image resolution and a better view... in complete da...

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Yukon Tracker 2X24 Night Vison Binocular

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Extend your Night Vision!

Once your eyes have acclimatized you will be able to see surprisingly far away. This is particularly true if there's a good, bright moon.

However, there is also a vast terrain to think about.  Bigfoot doesn't live in anything less.

It might therefore be worth investing in something that gives you that extra viewing power. Infrared telescopes, binoculars and monoculars are the obvious way to go here.

They can be a bit pricey though. It's the same old story - the more you pay, the better the quality and the greater distances you can survey.

Night vision trackers will allow you to see wildlife at a vantage point. That is perfect for catching the elusive Bigfoot!

FLIR First Mate HM-224 Handheld Maritime Thermal Night Vision Camera

Catch your 'Squatch with Thermal Imaging

This is the stand-by favorite in shows like 'Finding Bigfoot'. It's a piece of kit solely for the professionals, and those serious about this hunt.

It's the nature of the beast to be secretive. The average Sasquatch is an intelligent creature, perfectly capable of hiding out and stalking you.

Even those startled out in the open will immediately head for the tree-line.

This is their environment and they know it. They are past experts at disappearing into the foliage and behind the trees.

Thermal imaging strips away their cover; and allows you to see deep into the forest. It isn't showing you what the eye can see, but what the body emits.  It's seeking out the heat, which neither Bigfoot nor any other mammal can stop radiating out.

Body heat will show up as a distinct glow on your thermal imager. Nothing will be able to sneak up on you, nor covertly watch from the shadows, as long as it's alive.  The shapes may be fuzzy, but you will know if you're looking at a deer or a Sasquatch.

With most heat-seeking cameras, you will be able to transfer your images onto your computer later. 

Or else you could use them to know where to approach.  NB Bigfoot is bigger and stronger than you are. Bear that in mind before hurtling off after it!  In fact, it might be safer all round to use that information to set up motion camera traps.

Possible Bigfoot Thermal Image in Ohio

Two rocks had been hurled at this encampment shortly before the imager was switched on. The gentleman estimates the creature was 20-30 feet away.

Thermal Imaging Cameras to See Into the Woods

Buy one of these only if you're completely serious about finding a Sasquatch. They're the number one gadget, but come at a hefty price tag.

Collecting Evidence of your Encounter with Sasquatch

A sighting is not enough. You have to be able to tell the world, unequivocally and with proof, that this actually happened.

You can have the most amazing meeting with Bigfoot, but unless you can prove it, no-one is going to believe you.

You will spend the rest of your life being called mad, or a liar, or someone who's smoked way too much weed.  At best, you can look forward to being told over and over again that you can't identify a deer or a bear. 

Doesn't sound like fun?  Then be prepared to gather your evidence! (And the really savvy people wait for an academic to analyze the results too.)

Image:  This is a bear, not a Sasquatch.
Image: This is a bear, not a Sasquatch.

Tips on Gathering Sasquatch Evidence

Amateurs make a lot of mistakes, hence the lack of otherwise great proof to sway the sceptics. Here is how to become professional about it.
  • If you see it, take a photograph.  Infrared camera, thermal imager or ordinary camera - it doesn't matter as long as you get the picture.  While in location, return when it's safe to work out the proportions of the creature. You can do this by measuring a nearby tree or positioning someone else in the spot for scale.
  • If you are filming, keep going long after it's gone.  Most hoaxers only submit short film. Even if Bigfoot has left the spot, the rest of your footage will be great for contextual evidence.
  • If you hear sounds, record them!  Stay very quiet as you do so too. No-one will be able to distinguish a genuine howl over your triumphal wooting.
  • If a Sasquatch throws rocks at you, do not pick them up with your bare hands. It will have left amino acids on the missile! These are the protein building blocks of our bodies and we shed them everywhere. As Bigfoot clasped that rock in its hand, it would have left traces too. Scientists can lift DNA from that!  Wrap it carefully in a sterile bag and stash that rock away.
  • If you find Sasquatch hair, see above.
  • If you discover broken branches or anything which may have been touched by Bigfoot, see above.
  • If you come across footprints (or a hand-print):
  1. Photograph it in the first instance. Include something in the picture for scale - preferably a tape measure or ruler, but a dollar bill or your own foot will do, as long as you add in your own shoe size. 
  2. Take measurements there and then, noting the width, length and depth of the impression. Focus in on any features, like ridges or evidence that the toes have moved.  (To counter the accusation of a hoaxer with a wooden board.) 
  3. Protect the print, while you look around for more.  One footprint is great; several are invaluable.
  4. Make a cast.

How to Make a Plaster Cast of a Bigfoot Footprint

Well, Evan Dyson is actually casting beaver prints, but it's the same principle!

Supplies for Collecting Evidence of Sasquatch

Plaster (and a mixing cup) for getting casts; a mini tool kit for cutting free evidence; a night vision motion camera for watching the trails; a tape measure for scale; and evidence bags to put your findings in.

Happy 'squatchin' and please do report back if you find anything at all.  I'd be fascinated to hear your stories!

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JoHarrington on 08/04/2012

Bigfoot is purported to be highly intelligent. It's closer to us than chimpanzees, and they are intelligent apes too.

If Texas killed one, I'd hope that the rest of America would come down on them like a tonne of bricks. Go guard those Texan shopping malls! Let Bigfoot shop in peace. >:(

Ember on 08/04/2012

And what says Big Foot doesn't want to see what great deals he can find on things? Like, I dunno, a big fluffy pink coat, in a nice shopping mall in a place like London, hmmm? You did mention forested areas can be quite cold at night, why shouldn't he want a coat? Therefore.... Actually I don't know where I'm trying to go with this >.>

Texans would kill Big Foot, they had a kid shoot a purported Chupacabra already. Poor Big Foot, just wants a nice coat, and those Texans want to kill him! Can't a wild, rarely seen, never caught creature wear his coat in peace? I wonder what would happen if a Texan actually trapped and killed a big foot type creature. How self-aware is Big Foot considered to be? Is he supposed to be part man?

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