Sasquatch Shirts for Bigfoot Hunters and Fans

by JoHarrington

Whether you're out finding Bigfoot or merely on the lookout for other Sasquatch enthusiasts, grab a t-shirt of the cryptid creature to declare your interest in a sighting.

The quickest way to enter into a conversation with another Sasquatch fan is to announce that you're one too.

People will look at you strangely, if you enter every room and public space with the loud proclamation, 'I love Bigfoot!' So it's much easier to don a Sasquatch t-shirt, which says it all the same.

Then your people can spot you at several paces away. New friends, or simply those with a tale to share, will flock to your side. At the very least, it's an ice-breaker for relative strangers to spark up a conversation.

From the arty to the humorous, the philosophical to the statement of fact, we have Bigfoot t-shirts here to suit all. Though they may not help you with a sighting of your own, they might pave the way to chats with someone who can!

Artistic Sasquatch T-Shirts

Bigfoot is a large wild creature, living out in the wilderness of the forest depths. It's a picture which I've always thought lends itself to great art. A landscape vista worthy of Gainsborough or a pre-Raphaelite masterpiece - given the legendary nature too - should be the outcome. But those artists lived too early, and on the wrong continent, to have had their own encounter.

Nevertheless, modern artists have had a go with their own creative Sasquatch scenes. The result are these artistic Bigfoot t-shirts, a wonderful gift for fans of Sasquatch.

The Mountain Stylized Bigfoot T-Shirts

Amazing Bigfoot artwork on clothing from The Mountain! Who wouldn't want one (or three) of these for their wardrobe?

The Mountain Sasquatch shirts: (clockwise from the top) Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot Gaze and Bigfoot.

Each one is available in sizes from small to XXXXX-Large to fit all manner of physiques. They do fit as expected too, though the Mountain shirts tend to be worn quite long - all the better to display the artwork!

Art Bigfoot Shirt from a Creative Enterprise

While not as overtly artistic as those styled by The Mountain, context is all with this arty Sasquatch shirt.

RVCA is a branded company, which supports a creative venture known as the Artist Network Program (ANP). This vintage RVCA Bigfoot t-shirt exists as a result of that enterprise.

The fact that this Sasquatch is in a race (and has won it, if the sash is any indication), plus the legend 'Nonstop', references the work of ANP rather than the Bigfoot legend.

In grabbing yourself one of these shirts, you will be lending your own support to unknown artists as they attempt to forge a livelihood following their dreams. It represents a big break akin in rarity to a sighting of Bigfoot itself!

RVCA Bigfoot Vintage T-Shirt

Rocket Factory Christmas Yeti T-Shirt

I don't know if this is artistic or merely colorful?  I do know that it's called an Ugly Christmas Sweater, despite the fact that it's quite patently a Yeti summer shirt.

Though I suppose that in itself could be deemed as art, as it turns visual expectations upon their head and forces us to reflect upon the natural world.

No, I'm talking crap. It's just a really nice Christmassy summer t-shirt with a Yeti on it. Embrace the contradiction and make it your own.

Yeti Ugly Christmas Sweater

Plain Sasquatch Art Shirt

I could waffle on about minimalism and how that's exhibited in the stark simplicity of this Bigfoot, caught in plain silhouette on this artistic Bigfoot t-shirt.

But then I think we've already established that I know absolutely nothing about art, and these last two have been categorized here merely because it was the best fit for them.

However, this is a really nice, plain and simple Sasquatch shirt. And the picture on it is art.

Shall we move swiftly on to humorous Bigfoot t-shirts, where I'd be far less out of my depth? And the commentary will less resemble random rubbish plucked as flotsam from the top of my mind? In theory anyway...

Bigfoot T-Shirt Medium Black

Funny Bigfoot Shirts

Let's face it, us Bigfoot fans have to have a sense of humor about things.

Whether it's sitting all night in a woodland - starting at the knock of a woodpecker or staring querulously at may (or may not) be distant eye glow - or else dealing with individuals who seriously think that humanity has charted every single living thing sharing the planet with us (have they ever heard about the bottom of the ocean?!), it helps to be able to laugh at ourselves.

This collection of t-shirts for Sasquatch fans are designed to keep the laughter coming.

Funny Sasquatch Flip-Up Tee

Unexpected Ask me about Squatch T-Shirt

This is a good 'Squatchy t-shirt to wear amongst non-enthusiasts. Those whose polite attention has hitherto appeared a little weary around the edges might appreciate the twist.

Individuals following the instruction to ask you about 'Squatch will be treated to their own sighting, as you pull the hem up over your head to display Bigfoot as a mask.

The Bigfoot flip-up shirt would be a great item to wear to a casual Hallowe'en party, where it doubles as an instant Sasquatch costume. Or anywhere where young children, or adults prone to a good laugh, are there to be entertained.

Bigfoot Hide and Seek Champion T-shirt

Hide and Seek Bigfoot Funny T-Shirt for Enthusiasts

So why hasn't anyone ever caught Bigfoot?  Or produced unambiguous footage, that's head on, in high definition, and not shaking all over the place? How about just a picture?

It's the age old rebuke to all Sasquatch fans. One that's grown even more prevalent in this age of mass media, when everyone has some device in their pockets capable of recording everything they see and hear.

There are many, many reasons why such evidence is difficult to obtain, but only one answer to finally shut up those detractors. All Sasquatch are hide and seek champions of the world. Everyone knows that!

Finding Humans - Sasquatch Stalking Shirt

Besides, we may have got this all wrong. It could well be that we're the ones being sighted.

Teams of Bigfoot Researchers conceal themselves in the woods, so that they can study human beings without affecting our behavior with their presence. It's sound research practice, you know.

All that aside, this is the perfect funny Sasquatch shirt to wear for freaking out hikers, campers, and/or those preparing to answer their own call of nature behind a handy bush.

Bigfoot is Watching T-Shirt

Sometimes Big Feet Just Mean Big Feet Shirt

Humorous Bigfoot Ladies' T-Shirt

For those who get the reference, the humor on this 'Squatchy shirt is ever so slightly risque.

The legend pings off the common cultural assertion that big feet may indicate largeness in other aspects of the male anatomy. Naturally, it's a saying most often repeated by men with big feet.

There's probably a very good reason why this response t-shirt is styled primarily as a Bigfoot shirt for women. They are most likely to be the individuals to whom the assertion is being repeated, and those being invited to contemplate all implications therein.

But frankly, if the best a man can do in chatting you up is reference his genitalia, then perhaps she would be better off opting for the wild man of the woods. The conversation couldn't be any less civilized anyway.

Missed the Ark T-Shirt for Bigfoot Fans

Talking about uncouth imaginings, it looks to me like somebody is trying to deny the existence of Sasquatch here.

Bigfoot and a unicorn sit dejectedly before the Loch Ness monster, as the latter reads his newspaper. In the distance, Noah's Ark is sailing away, which explains the distressed exclamation, "Oh! Crap! Was that TODAY?"

Thus condemning all three to obliteration once the Great Flood annihilates life on Earth. They will be remembered only as legendary creatures by those finding safety with Noah.

It's hilarious, and sad, but downright wrong. Unicorns do exist, damn it!  I mean Sasquatch. Sasquatch exist. It's a true story!! They WERE on the blasted ark! They had to have been...

Noah's Ark and Sasquatch Funny T-Shirt

Philosophical Bigfoot T-shirts

Contemplating the reality of Bigfoot's existence can border upon the religious at times. At least it requires a great deal of faith, not to mention assembling theories based on the flimsiest of evidence. There's something of the theologist apparent in examining shaky footage or scouring eye-witness testimony for the truth.

But we're looking for it, and that means a lot.

Bigfoot Believe Shirt

There's something beautifully philosophical in the solitary word 'believe'.

There's a time and place for scientific methodology - in Sasquatch research too - but when you're poised, quietly contemplative, in the early hours of the morning in a forest which could yield a Bigfoot sighting at any moment, then faith comes into it too.

When it seems that half the world wants you to simply shut up and accept only what you're told to accept. Then the Bigfoot Believe shirt becomes an expression of defiance too.

You will believe what it's in your heart to believe; what the evidence seems to amount to, through your interpretation of the results, is how you will make your conclusions. You will believe in Sasquatch, because you've see no good reason not to.

Believe in Bigfoot T-Shirt

More Sasquatch Believe Shirts

Always Believe in Yourself Sasquatch Shirt

I was unsure whether to put this into 'funny' or 'philosophical', because it's a bit of both.

There's the amusement factor of a Sasquatch going into therapy, and being told by its counselor to 'always believe in yourself'. Because if Bigfoot struggles to accept its own existence, what hope do the rest of us have?

But then there's a deeper interpretation hiding beneath the smile.

Forget legendary creatures, there will always be things about ourselves, or dreams that we hold dear, that are dismissed by the wider world. If we wish to aspire to anything, and grasp our achievements as they come, then we each need to learn how to ignore our critics.

Self-belief is as necessary for each and every one of us, as it ever was for Sasquatch.

Self-Belief Bigfoot T-Shirt

Always Be Yourself, or a Sasquatch T-Shirt

Always be a Sasquatch - Motivational Bigfoot Shirt

I'll admit to laughing aloud as I read the legend on this one. It's hilarious in an utterly charming way and, for all the same reasons as the item above, nearly made it into the funny Sasquatch t-shirt category accordingly.

But beneath the great humor, there is definitely a deeper message here too.

When you think about it, who wouldn't be a Sasquatch if they could? Living free and wild in the deepest forest, away from all distractions and globally broadcast horrors. If our living could touch lightly upon the Earth, with our existence contemplating our environment.

Perhaps we should always be a Sasquatch, even when we're most patently human. Perhaps that could be yourself too.

T-shirts for Bigfoot Research Teams

This next collection is for those looking for their own Sasquatch sighting. Finding Bigfoot t-shirts for Sasquatch Hunters, or else clothing that could act as a uniform for whole groups - Bigfoot Research Team shirts, if you like.

No-one encountering you at the site will be in any doubt as to what you are doing there. Strangers on a trail may even stop to tell you what they've recently seen, heard or found as possible clues.

Bigfoot Hunting Team Tee

As t-shirts for Sasquatch Research Teams go, this one looks downright official!

I think that I, meeting a group of people wearing these shirts, would assume a measure of authority in their work. At the very least, there would be a presumption of organization.

Those wearing a Bigfoot Research Team t-shirt, particularly in company all adorned in the same, seem somehow more trustworthy. They aren't a band of people deciding in a pub to suddenly go looking for a legend. They set out soberly to do this.

In their apparent preparation, it may be implied that any evidence they find will be good. Collected with the minimum of cross-contamination, with all documentation in order, and that their analyses will be sound.

Sasquatch Research Team T-shirt

Bigfoot Research Team T-Shirt Number 420

There's no good reason that I can see for the number #420 on this 'Squatch Hunting Team shirt. The manufacturer says that it was custom-made, so presuming it could be altered to have any figure on there, though it's not obvious how that might be done.

Unless a quick message while purchasing it is in order.

Nevertheless, it's a wonderful acknowledgment that any Sasquatch Research Team in the forest today is part of a long tradition of the same. The actual amount may be rather arbitrary, but there have certainly been many hundreds of Bigfoot hunters before you. You're there to continue their work.

Finding Sasquatch Team Tee

Finding Bigfoot T-Shirt

Everyone in Sasquatch loving circles knows the phrase Gone Squatchin'. Even if they'd never heard it before, then they would have after an episode or three of Finding Bigfoot.

The saying has been immortalized by Bobo declaring endless variants on a theme of it, in every single show ever aired.

But for the uninitiated, it merely states that this intrepid individual has gone to look for evidence of Bigfoot, up to and including their own Sasquatch sighting. Failing that, a footprint, hand-print, telling scratches on a tree, hair sample or hearing a distinctive howling chatter in the woods will do.

Gone Squatchin' T-Shirt

There's plenty more where THAT came from!
Is your idea of a good time wandering around forests looking for 10ft tall elusive primates? Then check out these Gone Squatchin' t-shirts and other items!
And more of those aforementioned variations on a theme:

Gifts for Fans of Sasquatch

As Halloween beckons, house-holders add yet another piece to the yearly collection. Ghosts, ghouls, vampires and monsters. What is missing here? Ah! Yes! Bigfoot!
These secretive humanoid creatures have been seen all over North America. You will need to be prepared, if you want your own sighting.
Deck the halls with boughs and Bigfoot, tra-la-la-la-laaaa! A beautiful carol for those looking for festive Sasquatch treats this Christmas. They do exist and I have them here!
OMG! Is that Bigfoot? No. It's just you in your new, hair-raising Sasquatch outfit. Perfect for trick or treating, parties and scaring tourists in the woods.
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JoHarrington on 07/15/2014

Me too, that made me giggle, though not as the much as the 'Be a sasquatch' one. LOL

WiseFool on 07/15/2014

I love the 'hide and seek' design, very funny. I'm open-minded about the possibility of BIgfoot, and am very fond of a humorous T-shirt!

JoHarrington on 07/14/2014

Awww! Thank you. :) Yep, I'm a fan.

KaitlynDeMetro on 07/14/2014

Oh my Gosh Jo, I love you more and more each day! I believe anything is possible and I've always had a love for Bigfoot! I'm so happy to know you are also a fan!

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