Scientist Confirms Bigfoot DNA in East Texas

by JoHarrington

Has proof of Sasquatch been uncovered in a laboratory in the USA? Dr Melba Ketchum found human ancestry coupled with an unknown DNA in hair samples.

It's news that is guaranteed to stir up the entire Bigfoot community, not to mention cryptozoology enthusiasts.

A Texan expert in human and animal forensics has completed a five year study into fifty samples of purported Sasquatch hair. She concluded that it's the real McCoy. Her findings have now gone to peer review, but that hasn't delayed the excitement amongst Bigfoot hunters.

Dr Ketchum estimated that the split between humans and Sasquatch occurred around 15,000 years ago.

Sasquatch Were Human 15,000 Years Ago, says DNA Analyst

Mitochondrial DNA has been used to establish that Bigfoot and humans have the same female ancestor.

Dr Melba S. Ketchum is the founder of DNA Diagnostics, Inc., based in Nacogdoches, East Texas.

She heads a team proficient in laboratory genetics for human beings and all manner of animals too. Amongst her previous forensic work was testing DNA found in the debris of the World Trade Center in 2001. Until November 2012, she wasn't out to prove the existence of Bigfoot.

Yet all that changed five years ago, when she began collecting samples of hair, which donors claimed had come from Sasquatch.  Her genetic investigation has only now reached a conclusion; and it's one which many of her peers would be surprised to read.

Bigfoot does exist; and mitochondrial DNA confirms that it shares a common mother with human beings.  The evolutionary division occurred around 15,000 years ago.

Dr Ketchum told a press conference, in November 2012, that "... (Sasquatch) do have human in them.  There is human sequence interspersed in their genome."

All told, the DNA Diagnostics team were able to compile 'three whole genome sequences from three different individuals'.  The results appear to have shocked Dr Ketchum too.  She further explained, "That was the first time that I saw something which gave some unusual results."

Dr Ketchum Talks to Houston News about Sasquatch DNA Results

The audio is a little garbled, as it's a camcorder filming a television, but you can hear what Dr Ketchum has to say for herself.

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Armchair Internet Scientists Up in Arms

Let the personal attacks on Dr Ketchum ensue. She's found something not met in their philosophy!

Before any scientific revelation or discovery can be proclaimed as fact, it has to go to peer review.

In a nutshell, this involves releasing research notes and/or writing a journal, in a respected academic publication, so that other scientists can check the findings for themselves.

This has not yet happened with Dr Ketchum's Bigfoot work.  She explained why in the interview with Houston News. 

Her conclusions had been leaked by an over-excited colleague in Russia. As the news was out, DNA Diagnostics, Inc., felt that they had to respond with a press release.

It described the findings and called upon governmental bodies to recognize and protect Sasquatch as an indigenous people.  But it also states that the study is under peer review in the very first sentence. While the closing statement reads, 'Full details of the study will be presented in the near future when the study manuscript publishes.'

On Houston News, Dr Ketchum told reporters that the publication will be 'weeks' rather than months away.

This isn't nearly enough for armchair scientists all over cyber-space.  They seem to be falling over themselves to establish that she isn't a 'real' scientist at all.  No-one can claim credibility until their peers have conferred it. 

They all seem to ignore the fact that she's repeatedly added the caveat that there's been a premature leak in information, and that it all still requires that peer review. 

Dr Melba Ketchum on Fox News

So Do We Have Bigfoot Genome Sequences or Not?

This is the big question, as it informs the level of smug relief within the Bigfoot community.

A DNA geneticist with the research notes and laboratory results says yes.  The Sasquatch enthusiasts are too busy cheering to respond with much coherency.  The rest of the internet says no.

In reality, it's too soon to tell.  We have to wait until the facts have been published and Dr Ketchum's peers have had a chance to determine credibility.

However, it might be a good time to remind readers that Dr Bryan Sykes, at Oxford University, England, also found some unknown DNA in a possible Yeti sample.  He put out a call in May 2012 for more samples to test.

In addition to this, Chinese geneticists called into the Shennongjia Nature Reserve also announced an unknown DNA in samples of purported Yeren hair.

Suddenly Dr Ketchum's conclusions don't seem so out there, do they?

Dr Ketchum's Report Rejected by a Single American Journal

She will be resubmitting it with revisions, or else taking it to a Russian journal instead.

On December 6th 2012, it was announced that Dr Ketchum's Bigfoot paper had been sent back from a scientific journal in the USA.  It needs to be published in one of them, in order to be evaluated by peer review.

Naturally, the sneering armchair internet scientists went wild!  'The science isn't sound!', 'She submitted it in crayon!', were pretty much the tone of their reports.  None of them have read it.  Neither have her peers.  It hasn't been published.

Dr Ketchum's camp released a statement saying that some amendments, in the fifty page paper, were necessary before it could be considered for publication.  She claims that these revisions have now been made and the report has been submitted again.

Meanwhile, Dr Ivor Burtsev gave an alternative statement. He had worked as a research student under Dr Ketchum and was responsible for leaking the conclusions (prior to peer review) in the first place.  He stated that the paper is going to be submitted to a Russian scientific journal instead.

With many thanks to Kajohu, who gave me the head's up on this latest development.

The Bigfoot Report on the US Review Revisions

The tone of this one is rather scathing, but they're no fans of Dr Ketchum.

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Travis on 08/09/2017

Their is a whole lot I'm not going to say in the open but I will say this. They don't need protection from us the population but the gov. One more thing I will say, I saw a man loss all control of himself just from the sight of one without being one bit aggressive to us. How will it ever be a normal thing to talk about? That's why ppl will always soon forget they still are here. Why wouldn't they still be alive? Well like the crocks and lots of others, they was perfect in every way. Totally adaptable to its environment, 0 environment impact and they make ppl shit themselves. How much more perfect can you get? They are prehistoric.

JoHarrington on 03/04/2014

Agreed! Though first we have to prove a) they exist and b) they're of human descent.

frankbeswick on 03/04/2014

Assuming that they really exist, if they are of human descent, they are human, and therefore cannot be hunted or persecuted in any way. They have human rights.

JoHarrington on 03/03/2014

LOL Yes, you're right. :)

cmoneyspinner on 03/03/2014

You don't get it. They don't want the matter settled! You mean you want a REAL CONCLUSION? Ain't gonna happen! But no harm in wishing.

JoHarrington on 03/03/2014

:) I do wish that she'd allow a peer review on her DNA samples though. I bet Prof Bryan Sykes would leap at the chance. And it'd certainly settle the issue.

cmoneyspinner on 03/03/2014

You must admit. Her conclusions are believable. Everything "BIG" in Texas! Why wouldn't one find Bigfoot's DNA there? It's a logical conclusion. :)

JoHarrington on 03/03/2014

Absolutely no-one in the Bigfoot community, nor apparently the scientific world, has accepted her conclusions.

cmoneyspinner on 03/02/2014

Sasquatch DNS found in Texas? Yep! It figures! :)

JoHarrington on 12/08/2012

They've already been doing that for years. Texas has said that it's legal, but some of the states in the North-West, as well as the Canadian border, have ruled it illegal.

Humans do seem to have this vicious need to kill everything in our path. It's disturbing.

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