Unusual Christmas Gifts and Decorations for a Festive Home

by JoHarrington

What do you mean you never thought to decorate the toilet with Santa Claus? You missed a trick there, and probably more - to be revealed within!

Lining your window with lights, and your walls with cards and holly, is so passe. There's plenty more that you could be doing to introduce a little festive cheer into your home.

By cheer, I mean 'one look and fall down laughing' hilarity. Particularly if said onlooker has been at the punch first.

Come and discover the more unusual Christmas decorations that you can dot around home and hearth. Let everyone recall that they came to your house this Yule; give them the memories to chuckle over all year round.

You can bet that Christmas guests will be making a beeline to check them out for many Yuletide gatherings to come.

Fun Christmas Home Decorations to Stand Out From the Crowd

There are fashions in Christmas decorations. The same old, same old, from house to house until people barely notice them anymore. Beyond the first few, where the festive spirit permeates in warm smiles and happy glances, it all merges into one.

But not in your house.

In your home, there will be aspects unseen in the twenty other places that your visitors have been this festive season. There will be double takes and wide eyed staring. There will be smiles and spluttering guffaws, that will make you glad that you got there first.

Anyone else who copies you now will be compared to your bellwether example. Time to make your mark in fabulous memories of festive occasions.

Let's take Christmas gifts for the home to the next level!

Christmas Toilet Sets for the Festive Season Restrooms

And you wondered how Santa Claus knows if you've been naughty or nice...

There's nothing like trudging through the cold winter air to make people just want to nip into the smallest room, as soon as they arrive. When they do, the Christmas cheer will be right there, beaming right back at them.

Remember when stepping into the restroom meant momentarily being divorced from all the festivities going on in the rest of the house?  Not in your home. There it will feel like they just found ground zero for the fun, and it's a private viewing, just for them.

The whole street gets to see what glitters, sparkles and gleams from your windows. Only your beloved guests discover what waits within your otherwise most functional of rooms.

For Christmas 2014, choose between a snowman, Santa Claus, a reindeer and another snowman restroom toilet and rug set. The blue backed snowman bathroom set at the end there is one of this year's most popular purchases on Amazon.

Or to put it another way, grab one quick, before they're old news!

Carol Singing Toilet Paper for Christmas Restrooms

Why stop at Christmas restroom toilet covers and rugs, when you can have toilet paper singing Christmas songs at you? 

To be fair, it's not the roll itself that's actually producing fun festive music. It's one of two devices to be sneaked inside, which will activate as soon as anybody pulls on the toilet roll. You get a choice between 'Jingle Bells' and 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'. The giggles emitting from your unsuspecting guest are free.

Festive Shower Curtains for your Christmas Bathroom Decorations

When Santa got stuck on the shower, the kids began to shout...

When you think water and the Christmas holidays, it tends to involve battling through a blizzard down some wintry street. Unless it's that lovely distilled water, which comes in tumblers and warms the cockles from the inside out.

Expand your vision!  Now you get to take showers wrapped around in Christmas joy and happiness!  Well, Christmas shower curtains anyway.

The Santa Suit bathroom curtain above, and the bauble lined Yuletide shower curtain below are already proving to be most popular this year. Will you be the first in your circle of friends and family to introduce a new holiday tradition in Christmas bathroom decorations?

Personally, I'm quite fond of the Happy Holidays snowman shower curtain at the end there. While viewing Santa's boots outside the shower, in that initial image, with all due wonder and trepidation. Some things should never be seen.  Best left to the imagination. Oh yes.

Unless you know Santa Claus well, of course. In which case, I'll leave it to your fine judgment and able discretion.

Christmas Shower Curtain Hooks for the Holiday Season

When was the last time that anyone ever noticed your shower curtain hooks?  Never? Better change that one then! They'll all be remarking upon them once you have your Christmas hooks lining the shower rail, looking all pretty and cheerily festive.

To be fair, you could probably get away with those poinsettia ones way beyond the Yuletide period too.  Give or take the holly in between.

Santa and Mrs Claus Seasonal Chair Cover Slips

It appears to be all about Father and Ma Christmas, when it comes to Christmas chair decorations for your home.

You would have thought there was much going on during the holiday period, which might have inspired a little more variety in the old chair decorations for Christmas market.

But no. It's Father Christmas and his dear wife Mrs Christmas all the way. If not that beloved couple's cheery faces, then Santa's hat to adorn our seasonal chair backs. Mind you, maybe that is enough, given how beautifully festive it all looks, once those Santa chair slips are attached.

My apologies. Did I say that it was Father and Mother Christmas and nothing else doing?

I meant apart from the wonderful festive chair covers coming right up.

Elves!  Christmas elf feet for your holiday chair legs!  Actual elf feet Christmas chair leg covers!

I have the giggles so badly. I honestly can hardly see this page upon which I'm writing. Fortunately for all, I can touch type. Oh wow!  I want! I want and covet! ELF CHAIR LEGS FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER TABLES! Does life get much finer than that?

Nope. I still have the giggles.  It would help if I stopped scrolling back up to look at them.

Best Christmas decorations for the home ever!  Excuse me while I get a set for myself.

Santa Christmas Silverware Holders for your Festive Dinner Table

There's extremely merry snowman silverware holders in your Christmas table decoration options too.

One of the many points in celebrating Christmas is to eat yourself stupid.  If one man can be said to lead by example in patently enjoying a good feast, then it's Father Christmas. He has a physique to make a fashion writer shudder.

But frankly no-one ever put a fashion writer on a Yuletide Season's Greetings card, so deem them irrelevant and pile up the plates.

While we're all doing that, there's plenty more Christmas fun and cheer to be had in presenting the holiday cutlery in season appropriate attire.  Not only is Santa Claus present and correct, there's Mother Christmas and a collection of snowman silverware holders too.

Is anybody else finding themselves grinning back at the snowmen?  Or is that just me? I can't stop looking at them.  Help!

At least Mrs Christmas - and her old man Santa - hasn't got voodoo properties like that. They're just classy, insofar as holiday silverware decorations go, and friendly too. Not that I'm implying that the snowmen are anything but friendly.

They're still beaming at me!  I will have to hurry on before my jaw falls off with all the involuntary smiling right back at them. This might be residual elf chair leg giggles going on and on. I doubt I'll ever be over them.

Kissing Santa Dishwasher Cover for Christmas Homes

The magnetic kitchen appliance Christmas decoration works with the fridge door too.

All that holiday banquet silverware will need to be cleaned after the Christmas dinner is demolished by your hungry hordes. That is a chore which everyone will be too full to contemplate, as there's nothing worse than having to carry that belly around while being practical at Yule.

Hence keeping the Christmas cheer well and truly cheery, with this magnetic facade of Santa and Mrs Claus kissing in front of your dishwasher.

It won't stop the thing needing to be filled, but it'll hopefully add an element of Ho! Ho! Ho! and heart to proceedings.  Nope?  Well, it's the thought that counts!  And once it's over, you can get back to giggling at the elf chair legs.

Still haven't moved past them.

Christmas Garage Door Decorations

And you thought that decorating your dishwasher this Christmas was the be all and end all. You simply weren't thinking big enough!

Time to think outside the box in your Christmas decorations this season.  And by 'box', I mean the very large box where you keep your car.

Magnetic festive decals to adorn your garage door may be the way forward here with a fine selection from which to choose. Nor do they focus upon the present producing Christmas couple alone, as the last few holiday home decorations have - give or take the elves.

Though naturally Santa's boots are present and correct up there.  Alongside a snowman and a couple of seasonal greeting message decals as garage door Christmas decorations.

These Christmas garage decals range from the cheap and fun for about a week - before the weather and repeated opening of the doors irreparably ruins them - through to the 'Whoa! How much are they?!' professional quality end of the spectrum.

Though it has to be said that the latter do look spectacular. Allow me to demonstrate:

Needless to say you could buy several of the cheaper Christmas garage decals - to replace them every time they blow away or get horribly trampled in the winter slush - for the price of just one full sized festive garage decor. Though they will never look so good.

It all feels a long way from the singing toilet paper, whence we began.

Though you could also downgrade back in both expense and overall classiness to purchase this restroom door decal instead.  The neighbors probably won't see it.

Santa on the Toilet Restroom Door Cover for Christmas Parties

Why do I get the feeling that my name is on that list...?

Unusual Christmas Decorations and Gifts Enough for You?

I wouldn't blame you for crying 'enough' just to make me stop with the Father Christmas toilet humor. In the loosest definition of 'humor'.

My mission, if I may recall, was to collect together some of the more unusual gifts for Christmas homes. I think I performed tolerably well. I hope you found something to inspire you in your own quests, even if I managed to miss the perfect festive item for your home this holiday season.

Either way, let me wish you a hearty best wishes from myself and all of us here at Wizzley.

Now I really must get those freaking elf feet. My throat hurts with laughing, and even I couldn't tell you what tickled me so much about them.  But they shall and must be mine. Bye!

More Christmas Decorations for your Delight and Amusement

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You can really transform your home into a winter wonderland. Add a Christmas poster to your festive decorations to offer a glimpse into your ideal tableau.
Nutcrackers, hats and gift wrap, oh my! Consider yourself a cool nerd? This page has Christmas gifts that NO Star Wars fan should be without this festive season.
Do you or your ancestors hail from the Emerald Isle? Then add a little nod to your Celtic heritage on your Christmas tree this year. Check out these Irish Yule ornaments.
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MBC on 05/04/2020

Jo - I'm a writer but for a month or so I can logon but it won't allow me to modify my sites can you suggest a cure for this?

kimbesa on 08/29/2017

Very cute ideas...I can see several for the person who has everything!

happy new year on 10/20/2016

those are the most top ideas i have ever seen
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MBC on 12/13/2015

The elf stockings are really unique and cute! I'll pass on the singing TP though.

JoHarrington on 11/21/2014

See! Even the picture and the concept is amusing! I rest my case regarding the hilarity engendered in guests over Christmas.

Ember on 11/18/2014

From the moment I saw it, that's all I could think about. I was laughing the entire time it took me to log in to leave a comment XD

I mean, I suppose, although unusual, it's should be a nice holiday decoration type of thing, but it really just comes across, to me, as a troll to anyone who uses your bathroom during the holidays. ...Maybe I have a messed up mind. XD

JoHarrington on 11/18/2014

Ember - Much hunting through what's on offer. :D

And LOL re sitting on Santa's lap. I hadn't even considered that angle!

JoHarrington on 11/18/2014

WriterArtist - There were towels and things to match the bathroom sets, but I figured that towels weren't all that unusual. And yes, I had such giggles over those Christmas Elf chair leg covers last night. I couldn't stop laughing each time I glimpsed them.

Ember on 11/18/2014

These are absolutely hilarious. Where on earth did you find these things? And the Santa toilet thing...

'I'm gonna go sit on Santa's lap...have a think about what I want for Christmas.'

>.> lol

WriterArtist on 11/17/2014

The unusual Christmas decorations for toilet are really cool. Love the beautiful decor for the bathrooms and the chair with Christmas Elf legs are amazing.

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