Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

by JoHarrington

No idea what to get for grandma or grandpa this festive season? Let me present a few great ideas as a gift from a grandchild at Christmas.

My first recommendation would be to forget the whole grandparent status and look towards their interests and likes.

Is there a favorite singer, DVD or book? It doesn't even have to be from last year. Find out what movie they saw whilst courting, and track that one down. It would be meaningful and filled with beautiful memories. But only if they enjoyed it at the time!

But if nothing else presents itself, then let's get to the whole grandparent thing. After all, you're their grandchild and that's a very precious person to have in your life.

Department 56 Original Snow Village Christmas at Grandma's Lit House

Quality Christmas Ornament for Grandma

This could be for Grandpa too, but it does name-check the grand matriarch. Make the judgment for yourself!

There are whole villages to collect in the Department 56 range. If your grandmother likes it, then it might take care of all birthday, Christmas and anniversary ideas for the rest of your lives!

(I do speak from experience here. When I was younger, my mother collected Lilliput Lane. My job wasn't to come up with inspiration, but to head down to the store selling them and choose the best that I could find and afford. 

Unfortunately, she ran out of room to display them.  Now I'm left with, "Oh! I don't need anything. You save your money", which is neither use nor - most definitely - ornament on her big days. Oh, for a return of the Lilliput Lane days!)

Department 56 is a leading name in decorative Lit Houses in America.  You are not looking at any old tat here, but something which could be an investment.

As with all of their collection, the houses are ceramic and finely detailed.  There is a cord to plug into a socket, so that the windows actually light up. The theme for this one is Grandma's home at Christmas, which is what makes it a perfect present for your own.

Xmas Movie for Grandad and Grand-daughter

Grandpa might not get his own Department 56 decoration, but he does get to be the subject of a Christmas film!

A Grandpa for Christmas is a heart-warming tale of reconciliation. Little Becca never met her Grandfather.  He is estranged from his daughter, her mother.

But circumstances conspire to see Becca delivered to the old man's door during the festive season. Can he cope with looking after her?  Can she get on with this stranger and his elderly friends?

Of course they can!  This is a family oriented Christmas movie, full of awwws and other sweet moments, about the relationship between Grandpas and Grand-daughters.

Now all Becca needs do is bring her mother back into the fold...

Christmas Tree Decoration for Grandad

If your grandfather isn't the type for heart-warming, family movies, then there is actually an ornament that you could get for him.

It's a decoration for Grandpa's Christmas tree, which announces the great patriarch himself.

The man! The myth! The legend!  I can't see him quibbling about that much, can you? Plus it's a great way to let him know precisely how he's viewed in your eyes.

A Grandpa for Christmas DVD

Pack of 4 Necklace Pendants of St Anne, Patron Saint of Grandparents

Saintly Protection Pendants for all Four Grandparents

Are you a Christian family? This might be a great way to get gifts for all four grandparents in one go!

If you are lucky enough to have all of your grandparents with you this Christmas, then you'll want to keep it that way.

Catholic grandchildren, and those adhering to other Christian denominations, may find some divine inspiration for Christmas presents here.  St Anne is the patron saint of Grandparents. She is the one keeping Her eye on them, while you're off doing things.

The pewter pendants come with an 18" necklace chain.  A holy blessing from their grandchild, what could be more in-keeping with the sacred meaning of the holiday?

Grandparents Memory Book

Record the Memories of Grandparents

I can't tell you how dearly I wish that this had been around, while my grandparents were still alive.  I would have treasured this keepsake so much.

The Grandparents Memory Book is a way of recording details about your life.  Not a staid list of dates, which will eventually be available through genealogy resources anyway, but the real deal.

It talks about ordinary daily routines, achievements (the great and the small) and things that mark you as a living, breathing person - like favorite moments, colors and food.

It will be a gift for grandparents now; and a priceless keepsake for many generations to come.

The spiral bound Memories for my Grandchild is a best seller on Amazon. Full of guided questions and prompts to keep that precious narrative moving.

There's No-one Quite Like Grandma

Forgive a moment of indulgence. I was once put on a chair, during a Christmas family party, to sing this to my Nan. Excruciating at the time; wishing I could do it again now.

Framed Photographs of Grandparents and Grandchildren

You can't go far wrong with pictures of yourself! At least in the eyes of your loving grandparents, even if you don't feel so photogenic.

The Lawrence Frames Sentiment Collection is very popular, and they are available with the legends involving Nana and Grandad too; as well as parents, if you want to cover the job lot!  Just choose the most appropriate frame, then get the old digital camera out.

If you want it to be a surprise, then you might have to employ some ninja skills in getting a good picture with grandma, grandpa and the grandchildren all together.

Try to pick a moment when they are looking good. They will want this on display, where all visitors can see it. 

Of course, if your Grandparents are more in the habit of going out to meet their friends, then a brag book might be the better gift.  Or both, so that they have the option of how they are going to show you off.

Yes, I know there's the potential for embarrassment here, but this is your Grandparents' Christmas gift, not yours!

Lawrence Frames Sentiments Collection Grandparent Picture Frames

Grandma's Brag Book | Grandpa's Brag Book

Lightweight, Portable Photo Album for Grandparents

Brag books are designed to keep in a pocket or a bag, then be carried around to show everyone photographs of your grandchildren.

A great idea with these would be to get together the photographs first (twenty in all) and have them fitted in the slots.  It would make this a very personal present for Nan or Grandad.

You can get brag books for either grandparent, but there are many more for Grandma than Grandpa.  Presumably the artistic world feels that the ladies are more likely to be showing off their little cherubs, than their husbands might.  Poor Grandad!

The one in the middle (above) is for him though.  Those on either side are labelled as being for Nan, but the brag book on the right doesn't appear very gender specific. You might be able to get away with that as an alternative for Grandpa's photo album too.

Brag books are on-going presents. You can send constant up-dates of photographs, as the children grow older.  That way there's plenty of opportunity for the friends of Grandparents to exclaim, "Aren't they growing up fast?!"

Memories Made Here Grandparents' Sign Wall Art

Grandchild Photograph and Hand or Foot Prints Frames

This is a great keepsake for grandparents, combining a picture and a print of the newest member of their dynasty.

All grandparents accumulate framed pictures of their grandkids, but this gift moves that up to a higher level.  

Children really do grow up too fast.  I have nephews whom I see every week and they still managed to surprise me by becoming adults.  I'm sure I was only changing diapers a year or two ago.

This Christmas present for grandparents will freeze just a tiny moment in time. Choose between a hand print or feet prints of their infant grandchild.  Add a picture and it's a delightful memento of when they were tiny.  To be used to greatest effect when they're towering above you, a blink of an eye later, and bringing home boyfriends and girlfriends.

Baby Handprint Frame

Little Feet Footprint Frame

Though the frames are patently aimed at recording baby grandchildren, you could rebel.  It might be an amusing stocking filler to attempt to get an adult print into that space!  Particularly when juxtaposed against the caption legends.

The footprint frame reads, "Little feet that walked today, simply swept our hearts away."   Great alongside an image of you lifting Grandma off her feet? 

The handprint frame reads, "Time will not hold me as small as today, but this handprint and smile will keep me this way."  Hilarious alongside an image of you looking huge next to Grandad, or working out in a gym.

Go on!  Be imaginative and be a devil!

Grandchild's First Christmas Handprint Ornament

Grandparent's Keepsake for Baby's First Christmas

This may be the first Christmas that Nan and Grandad have actually been a grandparent. In which case, here is a charming idea for a small gift to mark the occasion.

There are plenty of hand-print kits on the market, but this one particularly looks towards the proud grandparents at Christmas.

It is actually a Christmas Tree decoration, dangled from the boughs with green ribbon. For that reason, the frame is lightweight plastic and the sheet inside is ready-sheet.  You will have to add the hand-print though.

The creation kit comes with instructions and gold ink.  That is totally child-safe and easy to wash off.  Now all you need do is keep your Christmas baby still long enough to take the imprint!

If you're looking for Christmas Ornaments for Grandparents, when it isn't the first year, then a couple of options are below.  The first can be hand customized by the maker.  Where it says 'proud grandparents', you can request different words.

The second is a gift box set of exquisite glass baubles with 'Merry Christmas Grandparents' in glitter upon them.  Pretty!

Have you had your own, personal Nativity in the months leading up to Christmas? There are ornaments for your tree, which mark the advent of your family's new addition.

More Decorations and Christmas Gift Ideas

Whether it's Nadolig Llawen or Nollaig Shona Duit, there are Christmas cards to match. It's a beautiful way to convey seasonal greetings to all of your Gaels and Celts.
Have you had your own, personal Nativity in the months leading up to Christmas? There are ornaments for your tree, which mark the advent of your family's new addition.
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Buy genealogical binders to keep all those papers and photographs tidy, which are otherwise lost to the scrap-heap.
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JoHarrington on 11/18/2012

I ended up with a couple of tears halfway through, remembering my own grandparents. I wish it had been here too then! (And I wish that they were here now.)

kate on 11/18/2012

I wish this article had been written years ago was i was struggling for ideas! lol

JoHarrington on 11/17/2012

You had a photo album each? Awww! I like that idea! And yes, I think that yours should too.

Ember on 11/17/2012

'Grandpa! The man, the myth, the legend'

My parents are grandparents. My older brother has used this to his advantage to put together some really cute presents. My favorite thing about visiting my grandparents house when I was little was all the picture books they had for each of us, because we could go through them and there were pictures of us from babies to the most recent. I think my parents need grand baby picture books, they don't have any, and I really think they should.

JoHarrington on 11/17/2012

Me too! Oh me too! They are quite lovely.

Mira on 11/17/2012

These are all wonderful ideas, Jo! I hope some of them make some grandparents happy this holiday season!

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