Cute Accessories for Babies and Toddlers at Christmas

by JoHarrington

Festive goodies abound for your infant this Christmas. We have toys, books, pacifiers and much more for your little one this holiday.

He or she may be way too young to remember it, but the photographs will tell their own tale!

There are keepsakes for your tree, or for baby to carry into the rest of their lives. Not least a host of items bearing the name 'Baby's First Christmas'.

There are things to jazz up your festive baby's wardrobe and more for them to play with.

Check out what's on offer for your little one this holiday.

Santa Baby Bottle Hugger

It insulates the bottle, while helping your infant grasp it with a cuddly Father Christmas toy. Perfect!

How cute is this?!  It's a Santa Claus teddy bear designed to hold your baby's bottle or sippy cup.

While your little one drinks, they will be gripping this cuddly toy.  Very festive, if you ask me, particularly with how much all of the adults will be drinking...

There is also the added element of the teddy acting as an insulator. The contents of the bottle will remain at the temperature that you require, throughout the time it takes baby to drink it all down. Quite handy on those cold, winter nights!

Have you had your own, personal Nativity in the months leading up to Christmas? There are ornaments for your tree, which mark the advent of your family's new addition.

Baby's First Christmas Pacifier

What's a holiday without an appropriate dummy for your infant to look cute while nomming?

Personalized and seasonal holiday pacifiers are the latest big thing this year; and Christmas is no exception.

Expressions Holidays have come up with one for your infant's first Yule. There's not a great deal to say about it, which you can't see for  yourself!  Other than it conforms to industry health and safety regulations.

In fact, their company statement claims to exceed the recommendations for baby dummies. The silicone nipples are very soft, so they won't hurt your infant while he or she gnaws their gums on it.

I don't know.  The stark black and white seems a little bland to me, after the creativity and color of the Halloween output. I would have liked to have seen more Santas and trees, though perhaps there's little for inspiration here, when compared with the sharp teeth and fangs from spookier times.

However, they are not the only company in on the act, and the final choice does have some color at least.

Christmas Orthodontic Pacifiers

Four in fact! These Christmas Orthodontic Pacifiers provide options, so you may mix and match according to your baby's festive outfit.

Santa, stars, Christmas trees and snowmen abound, all with the central piece in the traditional colors of green and red.

There's not much more to say about these. They go into your baby's mouth, help with the teething and they look the part for the holiday.

Everybody is going to be fussing over the baby as you make your festive rounds. Make certain that she looks the part with a proper Yuletide dress.
For your little man's first Christmas (or his second and third!), put him in beautifully festive clothes. He'll look the part when everyone coos over him taking his photograph.
You weren't quite expecting this to be your little one's first Christmas, but your baby had other ideas. Here are preemie Christmas clothes to fit the tiniest newborn.

Santa Hat and Booties Set for Newborns

Snug, warm and full of holiday cheer, this is a cute Christmas baby set for your little one's festive wardrobe.

Jacqui's Preemie Pride has produced this high quality hat and bootie set for the Christmas season. 

She created the company after being thwarted in finding good items for a premature child. They were all too big!  Therefore these begin at the tiniest sizes possible.  While made for newborn babies, there are larger sizes too. Your full term infant will not miss out.

The workmanship has received a lot of compliments from verified buyers.  The set is 100% cotton knit and very soft.

High Quality Knitted Crochet Stocking Hat

On the subject of finely crafted Christmas hats for babies, we cannot ignore what's happening over with Melondipity.

I don't know what's more divine with these - the hats themselves or the photography! It is worth checking out the entire range for that.

But back to the actual seasonal hat being highlighted.  It's a Candy Cane Elf Hat for newborns and babies! 

The stripey red and white crochet knit is over-sized to the point of utter cuteness; and it ends in a white pom-pom.  As you can tell from the image, your infant will be picture perfect in it, so expect many cameras to be produced.

In fact, that's largely going to be the point here. This is a great accessory for Baby's First Christmas official photographs. In that way, it adds to the whole keepsake value.

Melondipity Candy Cane Christmas Hat

NB I have no clue as to why this is showing a picture of a white storage box. The link does take you straight to the lovely candy cane hat!

Baby's First Christmas Bear

Perched on a corner of my bed is a worn and slightly battered teddy bear named Micki.  No-one should judge his aspect, he's been loved for forty years this Christmas.

Back in 1972, my soldier uncle came home from the wars with this gift for his new niece. It's not many people who can say that they chose so perfect a present, that it's survived from babyhood to middle age intact!

Teddy bears do that.  Ok, Micki might not mean the same to me now as he did when I was a kid, but I wouldn't get rid of him for anything. He and I have been through a lot (monsters under the bed, chicken pox, alien invasion (turned out it was a helicopter), nightmares and the rest. I certainly hugged him fiercely the first time I got dumped. He mopped up a lot of tears without judgement then).

The North American Bear Company toy (pictured above) has been created for babies aged one month to one year. A worthy accessory for your infant this holiday.

Your little one loses all uncertainty about when it's time to get up; and their exhausted parents gain precious hours to catch up on their sleep. Everyone's a winner!
Your toddler or small child adores the peaceful lights playing out on their ceiling. A star-filled tableau awaits with this brand new ladybug night-light by Cloud b.

Christian Books for Infants at Christmas

Marion Dane Bauer's magical children's book The Christmas Baby tells the tale of Jesus, but links it with your own baby's arrival too.

For some hard-core Christians, this is too much and bordering upon heresy. It implicitly suggests that your child is as beautiful, loved and miraculous as Christ Himself.

Christians who actually took notes when Jesus spread the Word will love the underlying message; and will revel in Richard Cowdrey's glorious illustrations.

But this isn't the only book with the same title for small children.  I've included the second one, by Sally Ann Wright, to avoid confusion. 

Bauer's book is aimed at two year olds, while Wright's is for those aged three and above. Therefore I'm not sure it belongs in an article about gifts for babies and toddlers!

Wright's The Christmas Baby is again about the birth of Jesus Christ, but with no reference to the human child reading the book.

Two nice touches are that the front cover doubles as an advent calendar, while the illustrations inside are pop-up.

A Child's Bible illustrator Honor Ayres also created the images for this one.

The Christmas Baby

Create your own Christmas Stocking for your Baby

Feeling creative?  This is your chance to craft something utterly personal as an accessory gift for a baby at Christmas.

Bucilla's kit includes the materials, needles and instructions necessary to produce an 18" felt stocking for baby's first Christmas.  As you are making it yourself, you can add in your child's name on the hem.

The detail includes a felt applique section, and plenty of festive color in the stitching.  It all looks way beyond my capabilities, but it's a wonderful present for more talented people out there.


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