Gift Ideas for a Runescape Baby

by JoHarrington

Do you know fans of the MMORPG Runescape who have just had a baby? Check out some related clothes for this future gamer.

So a Runescape loving couple have managed to log off long enough to have a baby. The important question now is how are you going to dress the little cherub?

If you were meeting them in Lumbridge, then it would be a full set of bronze or iron armor to welcome the noob into the game. But this is real life.

Fortunately, we don't need the Fancy Dress shop in Varrock to create a stylish wardrobe for this future gamer. Have a look at what is available IRL!

Mithril Noob! Baby t-shirt inspired by Runescape

The legend on the back says 'Gearing up for Elvarg!'

Mithril Noob T-shirt for a Baby

Is your little one that little bit more amazing than all of the other noobs?

Runescape players will understand the reference straight away. When noobs enter the game, they have a selection of low level armor to choose between: bronze, iron or steel.

The first major achievement is training up enough levels and saving money to be able to don the elegant mithril armor.

(As a long-standing player, I sometimes think it was harder to get that mithril than any armor thereon. I have the skills and bank to replace my Bandos now, but achieving mithril meant hoarding every gp I found in the street!)

Mithril is blue, which is implied in the color of the infant's shirt. The legend implies that little one may be new, but (s)he's something special. Baby has all the makings of a successful player.

This message is reinforced by the words on the back. 'Gearing up for Elvarg!' is the cry of any mithril wearing player. Until that difficult fight with an infamous dragon is over, there's no up-grading into full rune.

If this went over your head, don't worry about a thing. The Runescape playing parents will appreciate the joke.

Once upon a time, every new Runescape player had to complete Tutorial Island before entering the game.

Here they learned all of the skills and information necessary to become successful in their bright, new world. But as newcomers, they were currently just Tutorial Island noobs.

The inference is clear. Your infant has only just been born and so has yet to train their own skills in the real world. Watching their parents is their version of passing through that instruction zone!

Buy a Tutorial Island Noob Baby Onesie

These days in Runescape, Tutorial Island is merely a distant memory, recalled fondly only by veterans.

The island has been consigned to the great pixel junkyard, while new players have a whole area to learn their craft. The town of Burthorpe has been redesigned to welcome them. It fulfills all of the same functions as the old Tutorial Island, but it's bigger, jazzier and a great start to Runescape.

Buy a Burthorpe Noob Infant T-Shirt

Nostalgia for Tutorial Island

This is how fondly veteran players recall the old entrance island. One person found an old account still on it and recorded it for YouTube!

All of the skills and combat levels gained, either on Tutorial Island or Burthorpe, meant that no-one walked into Gielinor as a level 0. We all had three levels to our credit at least!

This noob level is what is indicated in the next batch of Runescape related baby clothes.

Buy Baby (Level: 3) Shirts and Onesies

These legends tell us that your little one has only just arrived in the world, but he or she have their levels already!

Runescape 'Baby (Level: 3)' Attire

This is one way to let your infant show off their combat level! Just like crawling around Gielinor.

Click onto any player in Runescape and the same legend will appear on your screen. It's your options menu and that is what's reproduced on the first infant's shirt.

Walk here Baby (level: 1)
Follow Baby (level: 1)
Trade with Baby (level: 1)
Reg Assist Baby (level: 1)
Report abuse Baby (level: 1)

The shirt isn't able to be customized, so it will always read 'baby'. However I have discovered one way to put baby's actual name onto the same sort of thing:

  • Click on the customizable hoodie
  • Select 'style and color'
  • Select 'baby' and choose from the items on offer there.

This Runescape baby t-shirt is grey and the legend on the front reads, 'Baby's First Iron Platebody'. It's as close as you'd want them to get to armor at that age!

The onesie isn't so ornate. It simply reads 'Baby (level: 3)' on the front. Little one would look so cute in it!

Buy I Love... Runescape Related Baby Rompers

'I Love Role-Playing' and 'I Love Party Hats' Baby Shirts

Both of these declarations will find resonance amongst Runescape players.

Baby might be a little young to operate an avatar in game, but their early desire to do so might be edged in the right direction here.

Runescape is a Massively Multi-player On-line Role-playing Game (MMORPG). Everyone playing it, by default, has to love role-playing. That is what is being stated loud and clear in the first infant romper.

Within the game, items may be bought and sold on the Grand Exchange or traded between players. The rarest of these items come from when Runescape was new and largely unknown. That's the party hat, or PHat as it's known to players.

This slogan tells the world that your baby has his or her sights set very highly indeed!

Time to log on.

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Updated: 03/19/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 04/19/2012

Ah! Working your way up a skill means that you made your bank before shelling out for the expensive stuff!

I didn't. -.- I did a bit of this and that, but combat was what I thought you did. I must have killed so many of the NPCs over in Al-Kharid just to get my mithril.

Lucas on 04/19/2012

Minerex introduced me to rs and sort of brainwashed me into loving mining haha. Funded my account pretty much into its first million gp (then mining sort of became a grinding skill since it takes ages to level up)

JoHarrington on 04/19/2012

I remember it as being so. When all you have to raise money is copper and tin ore or selling bread, then it takes a long time to save up for mithril.

I know that when I was lured and lost my mithril in the Wilderness, it was devastating, because it had taken so long to get it in the first place. This is why I always hand out mithril to noobs now. It's my way of handing it back to myself at that level.

Lucas on 04/19/2012

Was mithril that hard to get? Guess my rs experience isn't complete :P

JoHarrington on 04/19/2012

:p Admit it, you're so looking forward to a 'Scaper having kids now. :)

Fred Gwyar on 04/18/2012

lulululul :p

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