Gift Ideas for a Geek Baby

by JoHarrington

Your computer savvy friends just pressed Ctrl + C IRL! Check out what you can add to the baby shower.

You spend more time on-line with your friends, than chatting with them in real life. Then suddenly they have a baby!

This naturally calls for some appropriate baby wear, as befits the child of geeks. But what is on offer?

I've trawled through the catalogs to find some pwnage gift ideas, that are truly right for a infant of the Internet Age.

I hope you end up as amused (and in cute attack mode) as I was in finding them!


Still in Beta Baby Clothes for Geek Kids

This program has only just started running. We'll iron out the bugs (and find more) as time goes by.

Every new program is launched first in beta mode, so why not apply that to baby too?

The developers will be happy that they've got a working model here. All that's left to do is unleash it on the world, so that the debugging process can begin.

Like dirty nappies; middle of the night wailing; colic...

Of course, once those little niggles are ironed out, a fully functional human being will be ready for release in alpha.  Hurray!

Run CMD T-Shirts

Buy this infant shirt to show that you wish to run the baby application wearing it.

CMD is programmer talk for 'command'.  In the Microsoft Windows operating system, you can open anything using the 'Run CMD' directive (well, as long as you know the path once you're in there).

Your average geek knows all about their command options.  Dressing their baby in a t-shirt like this might help their parents understand what needs doing here - like feeding, washing, dressing, comforting baby etc.

Or maybe it's little geek baby who is ready to run with the commands. Playtime now!

Baby Geeks on YouTube

Loading Ultra-cuteness ... 42%.... 86%.... Loading complete. AWWWWW! Look at them!

Binary code is the hidden language of the internet. All those zeros and ones are what translates your content into something that can be read on a website.

These two baby shirts display their tags in the lexicon of developers. (And the rest will just use a binary translator!)

In blue, it reads 'baby boy'; and in pink, it's 'baby girl'. 

The white crawler infant t-shirt is slightly more risque.  It reads 'byte me', with the first word in binary. 

There is an obvious pun on the phrase 'bite me' here, with a double helping of geekiness in the spelling. In computer terms, a 'byte' is a unit of digital information.  Most things sent over the internet are broken down into these bytes, in order to transmit them.

A binary code is a way of representing text or computer processor instructions by the use of the binary number system's two-binary digits 0 and 1. This is accomplished by assigning a bit string to each particular symbol or instruction. ...

Programming Code Baby Shirts

Then, of course, there's the other languages of the internet, PHP, Java, HTML, CSS....

Behind every website and application, there is the source code.

It instructs your computer on how to format all that you see; and it governs what you do. It can play songs, pop up windows, scroll content across a toolbar or throw up a message. It can do a lot more besides!

These t-shirts humorously take coding to a new level.

The first, if applied to the background of a web-page, would initiate the pop up message: Hello World!

The second apes the thought processes and actions of a newborn babe. If hungry, cry for attention etc. It can be worn by Mum and Dad, or it is available as a baby onesie (baby grow) and infant shirt.

More Geek Babies on You Tube

Sometimes the future is just staring you in the face; and it's digital!

Dressing your Baby Geek Twins

If having just one infant to dress up is fun enough, then look at what you can do with multiples!

It's a fact of life that all babies are cute. It's what makes us want to go through all that pain and soreness (and let's not even mention childbirth here). Well, that and the future of our genes, the human race and all of that.

Babies do cute. But when there are two of them, then that factor doubles accordingly. Never more true than when you can cover them in geek humor, like the shirts coming right up!

This is worth having two of them for! And the recommendation is to buy a second Ctrl + V shirt for triplets (and onto infinity).

As every nerd knows, hot keys can speed up your keyboard functionality. By selecting Ctrl + C, your highlighted work is copied. By clicking elsewhere and choosing Ctrl + V, the contents of your clipboard are pasted.

Even if you don't get this, the geek parents will. I'm giggling just looking at it, seeing it live would be hilarious.

Of course, you could make this even more blatant. Buy the word shirts or onesies (baby grows), so that even the computer illiterate can work out the joke.

We haven't finished yet! There's still too much potential, when you have two nerd off-spring to simultaneously dress.

Whether on Twitter, adding e-mail attachments or uploading video to YouTube, it's not always possible to fit all your content in one place. That's when the internet standard 1/10 or whatever comes into play.

It can also be used to indicate that you have multiples in real life too!

Are you imagining the cuteness? I know that I am. I just hope that the little one actually will be raised as an out and out geek. Then they might be persuaded to dress up as the Merovingian's Twins later on!

I hope you found something suitable for your computer literate baby shower. (I'm at the stage of hunting for people with a baby, just to get them an outfit. I liked the Baby Logic shirt.)

By the way, congratulations on the birth of a future geek from everyone here at Wizzley!

Clothes for the Babies of Geeks on Ebay

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Updated: 11/12/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 11/08/2014

I have to admit to a certain amount of giggling there. Just perfect.

Ember on 11/08/2014

I bet the twin ones get popular, especially the copy and paste... there was front page post on reddit about them just recently! xD

JoHarrington on 03/10/2012

Thanks. I did hesitate before including the binary shirts, which did just that. But the very fact they were saying 'baby boy' and 'baby girl' did justify it somewhat. There are other colours available too, when you actually go into Zazzle. It's just that I couldn't lift those for an image.

Fancy having a kid, so I can dress it in geek shirts? *smirk*

JoHarrington on 03/07/2012

Woot! I finally cracked it? Thanks!

Marie on 03/07/2012

Great example of a gift page, Jo :) Unique, well written and fun.

JoHarrington on 03/06/2012

Those are the ones which really made me giggle too!

Angel on 03/06/2012

These are great!! I love the copy and paste shirts. Very unique.

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