Cuddly Clocks to Calm a Toddler at Bedtime

by JoHarrington

Your little one loses all uncertainty about when it's time to get up; and their exhausted parents gain precious hours to catch up on their sleep. Everyone's a winner!

Ok to Wake! is function built into a series of cute and cuddly creatures.

Your toddler can play with them as toys, but will also watch out for that all important message - it's time to find Mum and Dad! That takes all of the guesswork out of when he or she will be ordered back to bed.

No anxiety, and a lovely warm welcome. What can any child ask for more? And their parents will appreciate the lie in too.

Ok to Wake! Owl with Night-Light and Music

Our helpful, little fellow includes a nap timer, which won't interfere with the programmed bedtime settings.

Ok to Wake! Owl Will be your Baby's Brand New Friend

It's a night-light companion in the darkness. There to cuddle and waiting to inform your little one when Mum and Dad are available for visitors.

Image: Ok to Wake! OwlThe Ok to Wake! Owl was the winner of Creative Child magazine's Creative Toy Award in 2010.

It came top in the category of Preferred Choice, which demonstrates just how many parents loved what it did.

A rather cute owl, it looks like any other cuddly toy.  The plush material is perfect for being hugged close, a lovely, little friend for your baby at bedtime.

But that is only the beginning of its charms.

There is a button in its belly for your toddler to press.This is the key to all current sleeping news in the home.

If it's all still too early to get up and play, then the wise, old owl knows it. A lullaby will accompany the advice to go back to sleep.  But if it's good to go, then owl will tell your little one, "It's ok to wake now!"  Happy music will provide the soundtrack to your toddler leaping from beneath the covers!

Then there's the glowing face - a nice, big owl face, impossible to miss!  Ordinarily, it's white for day-time playing and dragging about on quests.  But as darkness falls, the owl has a soft, yellow glow.  It's a comforting night-light to scare away nightmares and illuminate a friendly face.

But most excitingly of all is when it turns green.  No hulk here!  Green means go!  Even without pressing the tummy to hear the message, your toddler will know that a green face is only there, when it's ok to leave their bed.

Incidentally, the timer is hidden deep inside.  Parents can program it for whichever times fit the family routine; and there's a nap-time function, which won't interfere with the regular bedtime settings.

Ok to Wake! Owl's Inventor Demonstrates its Features

Triple Color Night Owl Toy

The next in the range is great for little ones who love colors. It's one for the infant artists in the making!

As well as the normal white, yellow and green glowing lights, the Night Owl adds a bright and cheerful pink and blue.  Your toddler can have fun flicking between them, while they're waiting for the all important green for go.

Unlike cuddly owl, which runs on batteries alone, the Night Owl has a docking station to sit in. While it's there, it changes to AC power instead.

Being portable (as with the larger, cuddly owl too), you can take the Night Owl away from home for nap-times and bedtimes elsewhere.

Night Owl Night-light with OK to Wake!

Ok to Wake! Children's Alarm Clock

Bug Face or Flower Alarm Clock for Toddlers

A variation on a theme is this fun, little bedside clock for toddlers. It's made by Onaroo, who are also behind the owl, and has identical glowing features. 

It won't speak nor play music to your child (perfect if that was disturbing sleeping parents anyway!), but it will perform cute animations. These appear with the green for go glow, and can also be displayed on demand by your toddler pressing a button.

The bug face is removable. There's an option to replace it with a pink flower face instead.

Moreover, it really does show the time too, which will provide early learning; and there's a snooze feature, if baby isn't ready to get up!

Ok to Wake! Clock to Teach Toddlers to Tell Time

The Bug Face/Flower alarm clock might display the time, but the final offering in the Onaroo range goes one level beyond.

Pressing its toe will cause Teach me Time! to speak aloud, what its clock-face is already displaying for your toddler.  Comparing the two, coupled with repetition, will give your little one a head start in telling the time.

As your infant grows, there's a built in game to hone those clock reading skills. 

There's a choice of three colors for the ring frame around the dial; and this alarm clock has the same glowing capability as the other three.

Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock

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JoHarrington on 11/08/2014

How on Earth are they five already?!! They're still two in my head!

Ember on 11/08/2014

My niece and nephew are five, and have just started school so I think the teach me time clock/ alarm clock might be perfect for them! I'll need something I can order online to send gifts back home... idea!

JoHarrington on 12/05/2012

I totally agree. I think this would make a good gift for anyone to give to a child.

JoHarrington on 12/01/2012

Icy stars ftw!

Mira on 12/01/2012

Oh, I see the new background for this. Nice!! :D

JoHarrington on 11/30/2012

I certainly have the giggles over it. :)

Mira on 11/30/2012

2uesday and Jo: This is funny. :-)

JoHarrington on 11/28/2012

LOL! It's only the angle of the picture which makes it look like a skull. Baby would see only the owl. But Mum or Dad screaming might give the game away!

JoHarrington on 11/28/2012

Now that I've been told that it looks like a glowing skull, I can see it too. In fact, I can't stop seeing it!

Mira on 11/28/2012

Great ideas, these OK to Wake toys :D. But I, too, thought that was a glowing skull. It was rather incongruous there :D

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