Christmas Outfits for Premature Babies

by JoHarrington

You weren't quite expecting this to be your little one's first Christmas, but your baby had other ideas. Here are preemie Christmas clothes to fit the tiniest newborn.

Naturally we would all prefer our children to be born full term. But real life doesn't always play out like that.

Finding festive outfits for a premature baby isn't easy. So many designers assume a certain size, which is great for your average newborn; but not so brilliant for finding clothes for a preemie baby at Christmas.

They are out there though and I've collected together some great ideas here. Your preemie Christmas baby will soon look the part!

Red and White Striped Santa Hat for Preemie Babies

100% soft cotton knitted hat, covering seven different premature and newborn sizes from 0 pounds through to 16 pounds.

Introducing Jacqui's Preemie Pride

The worry in caring for a premature baby can be made so much worse, when your little one looks so unnatural amongst the tubes and monitors.

The big name in premature baby Christmas outfits is Jacqui's Preemie Pride. 

The company was founded by a couple who got creative, with considerable talent and skill, when their daughter Jacqui was born prematurely.  Suzanne and Ralph Regan quickly discovered that there were few clothes, for such a tiny girl, which didn't make her 'look like a science experiment'.

That would never do and, before long, there was a sewing circle of local ladies in their native Maryland, USA.  Little Jacqui soon had a whole wardrobe of outfits to make her look what she was - a precious baby daughter.

That experience grew into Jacqui's Preemie Pride, a small manufacturer of preemie clothes for all occasions. The Regans employ all of the same ladies who helped out so beautifully with their own baby. 

While most baby clothes are sold according to age, these are sized by weight.  They all begin with micro-preemie at zero to three pounds.  Then work their way up to a comparatively hefty sixteen pounds. Some outfits and items even go higher, allowing full term toddlers to enjoy the gorgeous outfits.

Their high quality, hand-stitched garments are all NICU friendly.  In a time when so much feels out of the control of the parents, at least here you can choose what your premature infant wears this Christmas.

More Christmas Santa Hats for Premature Babies

Choose between peppermint canes, Christmas stocking or happy festive penguin motif, on these ultra soft and cute 100% soft cotton preemie hats.

Preemie Baby Santa Hat and Bootie Set

This adorable set will render your premature infant picture perfect for Christmas (I mean, even more so than normal!). 

As with all of the Jacqui's Preemie Pride range, the Santa hat and booties are created out of 100% soft cotton.  This will be kind to your fragile, little one's skin.

The hat here is a plain one, without an embroidered seasonal design, that is added to those above. But you could still grab one of those with these booties, as they are marketed separately too.

Either way, your little one will look as cute as a button this Christmas.

Santa Baby Hat and Booties Set

Finding the Best Size for your Preemie Baby Xmas Outfit

The problem is always going to be sizing. It is so uncertain when you're evaluating clothing for a tiny child, who doesn't fit the common dimensions.

If you're uncertain about the measurements, even when looking at the weight, then contact the Regans through Amazon.

They are known to reply very quickly to recommend the perfect fit for your son or daughter. They have had a quarter of a century's experience at doing so too. Yes, little Jacqui is now twenty-four years old and a perfectly healthy young woman!

With that in mind, let's look at some Christmas clothes for a premature baby.  They are ridiculously cute and festive!

Christmas Stocking Holiday Premature Baby Set

Available in sizes zero to twelve pounds, this adorable outfit is the complete set for your preemie darling.

Santa hat, booties, long-sleeved shirt and leggings, all in seasonal red and white, with applique Christmas stocking motifs all over it. The white shirt and red stockings both fasten with velcro, which helps improve the fit, as well as affording easy access for dressing and diapers.

Red Teddy Bear Christmas Gown for Preemie Infants

It's not often that a major plus point in baby clothing is good access for wires and monitoring.  But this is one of those moments.

The long gown fastens with velcro at the chest, but the rest hangs down allowing lots of room for medical staff to check on baby's progress.  This has to happen, and it's all for the good, but your little one can look beautifully festive at the time.

And what could be finer than an applique teddy bear wearing a Santa hat, which matches the one keeping your own baby's head warm? Happy holidays!

Christian Christmas Outfit for Preemie Babies

Both your life and the Christmas holiday is really all about a special baby. 

You have your own causing so much worry and delight.  Another couple had problems of their own, in a stable in Bethlehem.

Combine the two with this beautiful outfit, which reminds us all about what we're doing this festive period; not to mention why births are to be celebrated.

The soft cotton hat proudly displays a bright star.  It shines over the Nativity scene shown on the white top.  Leggings and booties complete this full set.

A reminder of the Lord might be just the thing for this time in your lives, if you are a Christian family.

Christmas Nativity Baby Clothing Set

Red Christmas Santa Peppermint Candy Clothing Set

Another gorgeous Christmas outfit set!  This one includes the hat and booties, as well as the utterly festive top and leggings.  The peppermint candy cane swirls really complete the seasonal picture.

And if you have premature twins, then this outfit would match beautifully with the Christmas peppermint dress for preemie baby girls below.

Premature Baby Christmas Dresses

It's a pity that you're looking a white dress on a white background here, as you don't get the full effect of the Snowflake outfit here! 

All three Christmas outfits for premature baby girls are made in the same way.  They each have velcro fastenings in both the dress and the waistband of the stockings.  This allows even more flexibility in getting the correct size.

The preemie dress sets have three items apiece - the gorgeous Christmas hat to keep her head snugly warm; the top, with the cute frill trim at the waist; and the tights, which fit over her feet too.

The Snowflake and Sassy Heart winter dresses will keep your premature girl looking stylish all winter long.  They aren't just for Yuletide here!  The peppermint Santa dress is a little more geared towards the big day itself.

I do love those applique designs! Your preemie girl will definitely look adorable in any of these Christmas costumes.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Wizzley!

More Preemie Baby Festive Costumes!

Apparently your little one wanted to be here for the festival! Now you just have to find a preemie Halloween costume to fit a tiny newborn. Let us help out here.
With the luck of the Irish, you're holding one of the tiniest of the little folk. Your baby will be wearing the green with these beautiful preemie outfits for St Patrick's Day.

More Baby Gift Ideas for Christmas

Festive goodies abound for your infant this Christmas. We have toys, books, pacifiers and much more for your little one this holiday.
Have you had your own, personal Nativity in the months leading up to Christmas? There are ornaments for your tree, which mark the advent of your family's new addition.
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JoHarrington on 11/08/2014

If only I'd been around to write this article a year or two sooner! My friend's brother was so tiny, he could fit inside his mother's hand. Then grew, and grew, and joined the army. He's now built like a solid wall of muscle and tallness, and I look at him, and at his mother, and say, 'Inside YOUR hand? Are you sure?'

She had pics. There was proof.

Ember on 11/08/2014

Newborn babies are already teeny tiny, I'm always amazed at just how small a premie baby can be. My niece and nephew were premies. I couldn't find Christmas outfits for them at the time so this is nifty.

JoHarrington on 12/07/2012

It is remarkably cute, isn't it? I'm with you on that one.

sheila on 12/07/2012

never see the nativity set before for tiny babies quite sweet

JoHarrington on 12/01/2012

They're gorgeous aren't they? I had cute attacks over most of these.

kate on 12/01/2012

wee santa boots are lovely

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