Halloween Costumes for Premature Babies

by JoHarrington

Apparently your little one wanted to be here for the festival! Now you just have to find a preemie Halloween costume to fit a tiny newborn. Let us help out here.

There is a seemingly endless array of Halloween outfits for babies. But they all appear to have been made in the assumption that baby was full term.

But never fear! Preemie Halloween clothes do exist and they are beautiful! Your little one will definitely look the part during this holiday.

I've collected together some of the best for your browsing pleasure. Your premature baby will soon be dressed in cute attire especially for this spooky night. Their first ever Halloween costume!

Boo! Halloween Knotted Baby Hat for Premature Babies

It's a soft, 100% cotton hat, made in the USA, to fit preemie infants from zero pounds right up to 12lb!

Jacqui's Preemie Pride for Tiny Halloween Costumes

This family run company is the top name in premature baby outfits. The couple who created it know just what is needed, as they have been there themselves.

To see Jacqui Regan now, you would never believe that she'd once been so tiny that her parents struggled to find clothes to fit her.

Fortunately Suzanne and Ralph Regan were also talented individuals, who were quite capable of creating their own. But they didn't want to see other parents in that same position.  Such times are worrying enough without the added burden of finding cute clothing.

Nor was that a vanity thing.  Suzanne has described her helplessness at her beautiful baby girl looking 'like a dressed up science experiment'. All of those tubes and medical equipment might have been doing their job, but psychologically they just added to the worry.

Once her little one was in tiny baby clothes, it all appeared a lot less impersonal.

The couple never forgot that. Even after Jacqui was home, Suzanne continued designing and making clothes for premature babies. It became the family business. Now Jacqui is all grown up and the company is going from strength to strength.

Let's see what they have for your preemie baby at Halloween!

NICU Preemie Baby Halloween Snuggle Wraps and Hats

Designed for the very smallest babies in the NICU, this festive outfit is very soft and snug.  It fits infants up to 6lbs in weight.

The pumpkin Halloween costume opens up completely flat.  This is to aid the parent in fastening it around their little one.  All you need do is lie baby on top, then wrap the flaps around them for a perfectly spooky (and unbelievably cute) outfit.

This preemie Halloween snugger was created out of 100% cotton, in the festive colors of orange and black. 

Pumpkin Baby Costume Bunting Gown Set

Halloween Pumpkin Costume for Premature Babies

An alternative to the pumpkin snuggle wrap is this little number.  Your preemie baby will look adorable in this Halloween bunting gown for micro-babies.

The pumpkin applique make it look like there are buttons here. But there aren't. 

The front opening closes with hidden velcro, rendering it easy to get it on and off.

The Pumpkin Baby Bunting Gown for premature babies is very soft.  It's been created out of 100% interlocked cotton. 

Even the mitten cuffs fold down, so that you can avoid baby scratching themselves.

It is available for infants from 0 to 12lbs.

Halloween Pumpkin Hats for Preemie Babies

Not sure about either of the hats which come with the pumpkin Halloween costumes above?  There are choices there too!

Each of these beautifully cute hats are tiny enough to keep your preemie infant warm. They all carry that pumpkin motif too.

Naturally, if you didn't want to go all the way with a costume, you could still acknowledge the spooky season with a hat. Little one will look adorable, and who could help but smile looking at them?

Halloween Ghost Baby Bunting and Hat Set

Preemie Baby Ghost Bunting Gown and Hat Set

Whooo! WhoOOOOoo!  How about a miniature Casper baby rocking his/her incubator?

The style of this Halloween preemie baby ghostie costume is exactly the same as the pumpkin gown above. 

It includes features like the velcro up the front and the mitten cuffs. 

However, this design has BOO! applique on the front, as befits a spooky ghostie at Halloween. Not to mention a band of cute apparitions, all saying 'boo!' on the chest and hat.

Once again, it's available for babies from 0 to 12lbs.

Candy Corn Four Piece NICU Baby Set

Candy Corn Fall Outfit for Premature Babies

While not specifically for Halloween, I've included this preemie baby candy corn outfit as it befits the time of year.

It's a fall costume, evoking the wonderful colors of autumn. It will work throughout the run up to Halloween, and possibly even beyond!

There's also a candy corn applique on the hat, just to really drive home what time of year this is.

This four piece set includes hat, top, leggings and booties.  There isn't a button in sight. The top and the waistband of the leggings both fasten with velcro.

The candy corn outfit is available for premature babies weighing from 0-12lbs.

Trick or Treat Hats for Preemie Babies

I've made these images huge, as the detail isn't so great on the smaller pictures. I think you'll agree that they're worth a good look!

Are you taking a tiny baby trick or treating?  Then they will definitely need to keep warm!  Either of these Halloween hats for premature babies will do the job beautifully.

Of course, the smallest babies of all won't be able to go out that night anyway.  Mind you, it's debatable about what they'd do with all that candy.  It's not mentioned on their diet sheet...

There's nothing stopping you popping one of these adorably festive hats on their heads at home. Let their guests work out their own appropriate treats.

More Halloween Hats for Preemie Babies

None of the hats above tempting you yet? Then there are two more awaiting your approval! The Spooktacular and the Silly Spiders hats are just perfect for Halloween.

Holiday Outfits for Preemie Babies on Wizzley

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JoHarrington on 09/13/2013

Suzanne described it as a comfort, because she was looking down on her baby, who didn't seem real with all of those tubes. That's why she started this. Are you referring to the snuggle wraps? I loved those too.

WriterArtist on 09/13/2013

Loved the fiery orange outfits for the babies. I really never would have dreamt of dressing premature babies, but of course - they deserve their share of Halloween too.

JoHarrington on 09/12/2013

I guess that 'need' isn't quite the word. More 'want' on the part of the parents, plus the whole psychological thing of your baby looking very cute.

younghopes on 09/12/2013

Interesting, never thought that even premature babies need to be in good outfits

JoHarrington on 09/12/2013

Thank you very much. I was mostly taken with the utter cuteness of them all!

teddletonmr on 09/12/2013

Hey Jo, capital idea here, premature babies need to keep warm, and looking good for all their visitors.

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