Best Selling Baby Walker for Baby's First Christmas Gift

by JoHarrington

Looking for the perfect present for a baby this Christmas? VTech's learning walker is the most popular baby gift on Amazon right now, not merely in its category, but overall.

Fun and functional, baby gets to play while learning. Attracted by bright primary colors your infant gets to practice co-ordination, standing up, sitting down, and exploring the board to make wonderful connections.

Moreover, VTech's baby walker is very reasonably priced.

These are the features which have already prompted thousands of parents to make their purchase, propelling the Sit-to-Stand infant learning walker to the very top of the chart.

According to Amazon, this number one best-seller is currently the most popular present for babies. Christmas 2014 is likely to include many more of them waiting beneath various trees, once Santa Claus has done his rounds.

Great Toy for Teaching Baby How to Walk

VTech's baby walker is a gift perfect for pre-walking babies, but it will also grow with them. Helping little ones toddle into a world of discovery.

There are many great points in favor of VTech's popular baby learning walker.

The biggest rings a very practical note.  It's sturdy.  Fixed enough for infants to grab in order to pull themselves up onto their feet, without it ever tipping over nor rolling away.

A toy which creates trust in fledgling toddlers taking their first uncertain steps. VTech's walker lends stability, an important commodity for babies finding their feet.

Then your little one may grip the handle, pushing it ahead for continued support, as baby ventures out across the house.

Image: Sturdy VTech Baby Walker
Image: Sturdy VTech Baby Walker

Rubber seams on the rear wheels mean that the walker will remain upright, safe and sturdy, even on hard wood floors. The same wheels contain the ability to alter how well the toy may move.

On one setting, a lever slows the whole thing down - a wonderful boon for smooth surfaces, where other walkers might zoom too fast for your infant to keep up.  The other setting opens the wheels for full movement - great for carpeted floors, where the extra free wheeling helps baby keep going without resistance.

For these reasons, parents looking for a safe, reliable walker for babies on the brink of standing alone are flocking to buy VTech's offering. Yet the fun neither begins nor ends there.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Learning Walker: Popular Baby Gift for Christmas 2014

From a few months old until they're ready for kindergarten, VTech's Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker holds many levels of fun.
Image: No 1 Best Seller on Amazon
Image: No 1 Best Seller on Amazon

VTech have made a pre-school learning toy which will occupy kids for months, maybe even years, to come.

Further answering why the Sit-to-Stand learning baby walker currently ranks as Amazon's number one best selling baby toy. (An accolade caught at the time of writing, and added to the right hand image.)

Everything begins before baby even thinks of walking. Parents may easily remove the backing, upon which are fixed the wheels, producing a toy which lies flat.

Pre-walking infants sit to play upon the brightly colored functions at the front.

There are two modes ready to be activated there, so the board delivers more than a first glance may imply. Decide between 'learning' or 'music' to introduce different play times, all accessed through the same chunky area.

Learning mode allows shapes to be sorted, while buttons may be pressed to hear what we call each shape. Colors and numbers are named through pushing down piano keys. More exploration of the keyboard uncovers animal noises. The flowers above can be turned to reveal cheery phrases, further encouraging your infant to find their voice in echoed repetition of the words.

Image: Learning walker lying flat
Image: Learning walker lying flat

In music mode, melodies may be prompted or created by touching those same features.

Now the five piano keys play actual notes, unless a tune has already been activated elsewhere. Then they will merely add animal noises over the top, delighting your infant in their first mixes.

The sorters, shapes and flowers all produce music and/or sound effects, rewarding your little one's curiosity and leaving them wanting to learn more.

A door awaits their discovery. Beyond it beams a friendly cow always ready for impromptu games of peek-a-boo, or hide-and-seek.

Or your baby may lift the telephone handset to hear animals singing on the other end.  Though an imaginative mind will soon begin games of pretend, wherein anyone loved and wanted might be waiting on the line.

Babies learn to chatter in ways like these, even if they have yet to require another voice in their conversation.

Then when your infant is old enough to walk, VTech's Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker holds yet another surprise. When the wheeled back is attached, the board plays melodies whenever motion sensors pick up the fact that they're on the move.

Toddling infants are thus encouraged to practice walking, if only to keep the music flowing as they venture further afield. Their toy keeping pace with their development in ever new fabulous ways.

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JoHarrington on 12/27/2014

They are very cute. :)

cmoneyspinner on 12/06/2014

VTech makes the best baby products in the world!

JoHarrington on 11/24/2014

PS Has your sister read this yet? *grin*

JoHarrington on 11/24/2014

Sorry! I seem to have missed this when I was looking through the other day!

I giggled all the way through your reminiscences. There are times when I'm convinced that your sister is a genius and that the evidence was there since babyhood. I think we all have cringeworthy stories from our attempts to learn parenting, or sisterhood, or being an auntie. It's what makes it all fun!

Ember on 11/22/2014

....I looked back as I was stomping off to the kitchen to refill her cup, and she had thrown herself all dramatically off to one side. But the seat bit of the bouncer she was on stopped her actually really going anywhere. But she still stayed like that, body lolled to one side, head thrown back in anger, now crying so hard she isn't actually breathing. The redness in her face brightening by the second as her body shook with what would've been more sobs if she weren't actually so upset that she wasn't breathing.

I was terrified, but I didn't dare give her the cup back again still empty. I didn't want to see what heights a move like that might take the tantrum to. So I just RAN to the kitchen, and filled her cup up (she drank like a water/juice mixture). And then I RAN back to the dining room where I'd been working/watching her and she'd been playing.

She's in the exact position she was in when I ran to the kitchen. Still shaking with unheard sobs. Still not breathing literally because she is just that angry. She had started to turn blue. I do not understand how babies can do this so easily, but I think biologically it shouldn't be allowed. My heart pretty much stopped when I saw her face. I was so scared. So, less concerned with returning her sippy cup to her, I ran up to pull her out of her bouncer. I was thinking 'what do I do?!' (to get her to start breathing again) and I'm pretty sure I screamed it out loud a couple of times too. When I reached her and started to pick her up, she sits up, looks at me, sees her sippy cup, takes it back, and starts drinking out of it. When it turns out it's not empty anymore, she immediately relaxes, and goes back to happily playing and giggling. Like none of it had ever happened.

So inconsequential to her, when it practically still haunts me. Babies.

(Hindsight, age, and more experience says go and fill up a new cup and trade them out. Well, screw you hindsight).

Ember on 11/22/2014

My "favorite" memory from her horse rocker/bouncer was that she'd been playing in it for a bit and DID NOT want out, but demanded her sippy cup. So I got her juice, and man she must've been really thirsty and I just hadn't realized. She downed that thing so fast. Then a couple moments later she forgot it was empty. She kept trying to drink from it and every time she didn't get anything she got angrier and angrier. I kept asking her to give me her sippy cup so I could refill it- but as 14 y/o me learned that afternoon, there is no reasoning with a pissed off 12-18m/o baby (can't remember exactly). I mean in general there is no reasoning with a baby, but there is especially no reasoning with a pissed off baby.

She even knew the sign language for more, and she knew how to ask, with signs, for more when her cup was empty by then. But she was already too angry at her cup for being empty to hear me saying "let me get you more" while doing the sign language for more. Whenever I tried to take her sippy out of her hands she screamed in upset horror and moved it away from my hands. It terrified me, because the way she screamed sounded like I was seriously hurting her or something, just trying to take the cup from her.

I eventually did give up explaining the getting you more process and thought to take her to the fridge with me and show her the juice so she'd let me refill her cup. Me attempting to take her out of the bouncer was an even worse offense than the cup that dared be empty. She started flailing her whole body around so I couldn't pick her up. I'm just sitting there, having no idea what on earth is happening or how to fix it. She's now beet red, and her whole face is wet from snot and tears and anger at the way the world had failed her.

So, I got the juice from the fridge and showed it to her. At this point she's crying so hard she is essentially just screaming in frustrated anger. She wanted NOTHING to do with the juice I was showing her. How DARE I show her juice?! And her tantrum reflected her general anger at the existence of juice that was not currently in her cup.

And then I was officially over it. I stood up and basically pried the cup out of her pissed off herculean grip on it, and stomped off to the kitchen to refill her cup.

The noise she made in reaction to that moment was unearthly. No creature, however frightening and deadly in your current imagination, could even come close to emitting the horrifying noise my sis had in that moment.

Ember on 11/22/2014

Yeah and my sister was a picky baby. She didn't like being laid on the floor, and she'd scream-cry until she was red and then blue when you tried to put her down. So the bouncer helped because she could be upright but I could still do my chores....Or make her a bottle... that was a big one.

On top of the rocker she also had a rocking horse that had like a saddle, so she could sit in it and not fall off. That was her freaking favorite, and I don't often come across ones like the one she had, but I also recommend it alongside the bouncer you have here. It was a rocking horse, but also a bouncer. Where the circular one she'd sit in and play and hang out in basically, her little horse bouncer she actually played with, like made it bounce and rock a bunch and it'd always make her crack up laughing. She liked the circular one because she could turn herself whatever direction she wanted as well, which to her was important because she had control...even as a baby/toddler she had the same strong personality she has now. XD

JoHarrington on 11/14/2014

They really do, don't they?

Matt on 11/14/2014

Vtech make some really neat interactive learning games and toys for toddlers and kids.

JoHarrington on 11/08/2014

I remember how much my nephews loved them. Then I blinked and they're both adults. Fond memories though, and these are much more hi-tech than they had.

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