Christmas Gift Ideas For Chocolate Lovers

by CeresSchwarz

What kinds of presents, other than chocolate, can you give to chocolate lovers for Christmas? Are there any gifts that may not be chocolate but can still be related to chocolate?

"Are you going to suggest I give chocolates to chocolate lovers?", you ask. "If so, I don't want to hear it. I don't care if it's the most expensive or the cheapest chocolate around or the nicest and most delicious or whatever it may be.

"I want to be different, I want my Christmas gift to be different and yet still special so I don't want to give chocolates to chocoholics just because they love chocolates.

"Are there other kinds of presents that I can give to chocolate lovers that isn't chocolate but can still be related to chocolate or that still has a chocolate theme?"

If you're thinking something along the lines of the above, then you've come to the right place. Let's take a look at the possible Christmas gift ideas for chocolate lovers that doesn't involve giving them chocolates and more chocolates.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Chocolate Lovers... that doesn't include giving them chocolates & more chocolates
Christmas Gift Ideas For Chocolate Lovers... that doesn't include giving them chocolates & more chocolates


For Chocolate Lovers

"Wait, what?", you say, sounding bewildered. "How can games be related to chocolate and why would chocolate lovers even want to get games as a Christmas gift, unless they're also game lovers or something?"

Yes, games might be more appreciated by game lovers but even chocolate lovers might want to get a game as a Christmas present if said game actually has a chocolate theme.

The Chocolate-Opoly, which you can see featured to the right and below is a great example of such a game.


Chocolate Style
Chocolate-Opoly, the game for chocolate lovers
Chocolate-Opoly, the game for chocola...

The game board itself looks so tasty that it's like a huge bar of chocolate that you can bite into. The game itself is Monopoly but it has been transformed into one with a whole lot of chocolate themes. For starters, you get to buy chocolate-related properties and you can even get chocolate factories.

Those who love chocolates would surely enjoy playing this game and you might even decide to eat chocolates while playing. This is also a good choice for all those that are fond of the classic Monopoly game but are getting just a tad bit too sick and tired of it and would want to try something new and yet still Monopoly-related.


Board Game for Chocolate Lovers
Chocolate-Opoly Monopoly Board Game by Late for the Sky

Another Chocolate Game

That isn't Monopoly

"Okay," you thoughtfully say. "The game with a chocolate theme does seem to sound like a good idea for a chocolate lover. But," you say with a bit of a frown. "Isn't there any other game that isn't Monopoly and yet can still be good for chocoholics?

"I want something different from Monopoly. It just doesn't seem right to me or I just don't like it. What else can you suggest?"

If, for whatever reason, you don't like the Monopoly game or would like to give another kind of game to your chocolate lover, why don't you consider giving him or her the item featured to the left?

Chocolate Fix

Sweet Logic Game
Chocolate Fix Board Game
Only $29.75

The Chocolate Fix game is another good game with a chocolate theme that will surely delight and interest chocoholics. Just look at the images of the chocolate pieces below and see how real they seem that it might tempt some to take a bite out of these pieces.

Chocolate Fix is similar to Sudoku and it involves a lot of logic and thinking. There are a lot of challenges in this game in varying levels from beginners to experts.

This is a single player game and, one of the good things about it is that, it's not just for children. Even adults can play this game. While the children could opt for the beginner levels, the adults can go with the expert levels.

Chocolate Fix Sweet Logic Game

An image of the Chocolate Fix Sweet Logic Game for Chocolate Lovers
An image of the Chocolate Fix Sweet Logic Game for Chocolate Lovers


For Chocolate Lovers

"Candles? You're really suggesting I get candles for the chocolate lover that I know? What do candles have to do with chocolate anyway? How can candles be related to chocolate?"

As you can see in the item featured to the right, it doesn't appear to be all that hard to relate chocolates to candles.

Combining chocolates with candles will get you a chocolate-scented candle.

This jar doesn't even really look like a candle. At first glance, it looks like chocolate that you can eat and it certainly looks very delicious and tasty.

Chocolate Jar Candle

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Flavor / Scent
HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate 24oz Jar Candle

Of course, since we're talking about candles here, you can't eat them even if they really look like sweet, mouth-watering chocolates. Lighting these candles will cause them to emit a chocolaty aroma and scent that will remind you of Hershey's Milk Chocolate (since that is the flavor and scent of this particular jar candle).

The jar itself has a very nice shape that seems gift-worthy since it doesn't come across as cheap. Chocolate lovers would surely appreciate getting a chocolate-scented candle as a Christmas gift to remind them of their love for chocolates.

They can smell the chocolates without having to eat one, which can help satisfy their chocolate cravings or maybe it would just get them to want to have more chocolates. Just remind them to eat real chocolates and not the chocolate candles.

Hershey's Milk Chocolate-Scented Candle In A Jar

What the Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candle in a Jar looks like
What the Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candle in a Jar looks like

Nail Polish

Chocolate Style

"Okay," you say, "what's so interesting or special about this nail polish that chocolate lovers would be delighted to receive them as a Christmas gift?"

There are so many different kinds and colors of nail polish that it's not so hard to believe that there's actually a chocolate-colored one, just like the item that you can see to the left.

This particular nail polish is cocoa nut chocolate with fuchsia pink glitter and, if you look at the image to the left, you can see just how nice this color can look on one's fingernails.

Cocoa Nut Chocolate

And Fuchsia Pink Glitter Nail Polish
Cocoa Nut Chocolate & Fuchsia Pink Glitter Nail Polish

The pink glitter can be akin to strawberries and, with the cocoa nut chocolate color, it's like having a chocolate and strawberry dessert that looks amazing. Chocolate lovers that are also fond of nail polish would surely like being able to paint their nails in a chocolate color. Nail polish is an especially good choice to give to someone who is not only a chocoholic but it also into nail art and nail polish and the like.

Movies Or Graphic Novels

With A Chocolate Theme

"What exactly are you suggesting?" You ask. "Are you saying I should go and find some educational movie about how chocolates are made or something like that?

"Or should I maybe collect information on all the well-known chocolates and present that as a Christmas gift to the chocolate lover that I know?"

You can, if you want to. On the other hand, you could always go with something that might be a bit more appealing than that.

Choosing movies or graphic novels that can be said to have a chocolate theme will surely please and interest chocolate lovers especially if they are also into watching movies or reading comics.

The items featured above and below are good examples of such movies and comics that have a chocolate theme.

Sugar Sugar Rune Anime DVD

$656.54  $652.66

Sugar Sugar Rune is an interesting anime and manga series with excellent artwork and an intriguing plot as well as pretty good characters. There's more to it than that of course and your opinions may vary but this is not the point of this article.

Instead, let's look into why Sugar Sugar Rune could be a possible gift idea for someone who is a chocolate lover.

Aside from the sweet title of the series, there are also characters in said series that have sweet names.

The most notable one is, of course, the main character of Sugar Sugar Rune.

Guess what her name is. It's Chocolat, Chocolat Meilleure.

The word "Chocolat" is recognizable enough as chocolate (it's actually the French word for chocolate).

Her last name is the French word for best so her name means "best chocolate". Really sweet, isn't it?

You can see a picture of Chocolat above and below. She's the one with the red hair and the green eyes.

Anyway, there are other characters with sweet names in Sugar Sugar Rune but why don't you let your chocolate lover find this out on his or her own?

Sugar Sugar Rune Manga

Graphic Novel / Comic
Del Rey
$75.0  $199.99


These are just some of the possible gift ideas that you can consider giving to the chocolate lover that you know for Christmas.

None of these presents involve or include having you give your chocoholic real chocolates that can be eaten. This is good if you're looking for gifts that are different from the usual ones that you'd expect to give to one who loves chocolates.

After all, chocolate lovers can easily buy or acquire chocolates for themselves. They love chocolates so it's a given that they'll pretty much always have a supply of their very own. As such, it won't seem all that special if you give them something that they might already have.

What do you think of these Christmas gift ideas? Do you think your chocolate lovers will like any one of these possible presents?

What kind of Christmas gift will you give to your chocolate lover?

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