5 Useful Christmas Gift Ideas For Astronomy Lovers

by CeresSchwarz

Are there any useful Christmas presents that you can give to Astronomy lovers that doesn't involve getting them a telescope? What are some of these possible interesting gift ideas?

"I know exactly what to give to astronomy lovers," you triumphantly declare. "A telescope, of course. It's perfect," you smile but it soon turns into a frown. "But wait," you say, "the astronomy lover that I know already has a telescope.

"How could I forget that most, if not all, who love the skies and the stars would no doubt already have their very own telescope? Giving them yet another one doesn't sound like a good idea at all. It just sounds rather pointless and thoughtless.

"Now, what should I do? Are there any other possible gift ideas for astronomy lovers for Christmas? But I don't want to give them just any present. Is there anything that can be classified as useful and even interesting?"

If you're looking for useful and interesting Christmas gift ideas for Astronomy lovers, you've arrived at the right place. Let's take a look at some of these possible presents that will surely delight and please those who love the stars, the skies and the galaxies.

Useful Christmas Gift Ideas For Astronomy Lovers
Useful Christmas Gift Ideas For Astronomy Lovers


With an astronomy theme

Bags are items that can be said to be useful especially for those that travel around and need to take a variety of things with them. If your astronomy lover also loves traveling or is wont to travel around, get him or her bags with an astronomy design and theme so they can proudly show how much they're a fan of the stars and the planets. 

In the case of the laptop bag you can see below, its astronomy design appears to blend and go well with the bag's color. This particular laptop bag can fit a 14" laptop but who says that you can't use it to put other objects inside it? Instead of carrying your laptop, you can make use of it to carry other things like notebooks, tablets, phones and the like.

One good thing about bags is the fact that there are so many different kinds of them and how they come in varying shapes and sizes. This means that you're likely to find a bag that your astronomy lover can make use of even though it's also likely that they already owns a few bags of their own. After all, maybe they could use one more bag especially if the bag in question contains beautiful designs and themes that they love.

Laptop Sleeve Messenger Bag

Glowing Galaxy Theme & Design
Rikki KnightTM Glowing Galaxy Neoprene Laptop Sleeve Bag
Only $54.99


Astronomy Style

Astronomy lovers who really take note of dates and days would surely love to get a calendar as a Christmas present.

Of course, it shouldn't be just any old, plain, regular calendar because that certainly wouldn't seem like a gift at all.

Instead, what astronomy lovers would most definitely appreciate is getting a calendar that is astronomy-themed, just like the one featured to the right.

Astronomy Calendar

This calendar is filled with images of the stars, skies, galaxies, the solar system and all things relating to astronomy, which are sure to thrill all those interested in this subject especially since all the images look stunningly brilliant and marvelously appealing what with its high-resolution color.


For astronomy lovers

"Wait, wait," you say, holding up a hand. "Did you just say games? Did you really just suggest I give games to an astronomy lover? Why would I want to do that? And how can that even be classified as useful?"

Games can be useful because they're a good way for people to de-stress, to just relax, take a break and have fun without having to deal with the many things that occupy their time like work and other such things.

Sometimes, you just need to take a little break and people go about this in a variety of ways.


$19.99  $17.99

Some might read books or watch movies or do many other things but there are those who find playing games fun, entertaining and relaxing. If your astronomy lover is also fond of games, then he or she might be interested in getting games that have an astronomy theme. 

Games would undoubtedly be even more enjoyable and fun if said game had themes, which its players like or are interested in. The games featured above and below are good examples of games that have a space theme and both certainly look appealing and fascinating to those who love the skies and the stars.

Another good thing about these kinds of games, aside from their theme and design, is how one can also have the opportunity to learn more about the planets, galaxies and the like just by playing.

You could introduce astronomy to others such as children via this game and it's a good way to teach people about the planets and the like while having fun at the same time.

Monopoly Astronomy Edition

Monopoly - Astronomy

Cases & Covers

For technological gadgets

Most, if not all, have all sorts of technological gadgets, which are of great use to them in their every day life. People have phones to communicate with others.

They have laptops and tablets to search for information and to chat with others and do their reports and many other things besides.

As such, cases and covers for these technological gadgets would surely be well-appreciated as Christmas gifts.

Of course, since we are talking about astronomy lovers, it's best to give them cases and covers that have a stars or space theme just like the item featured to the left.

Astronomy-themes iPhone Cover

Only $1.87

Cases and covers with astronomy themes are sure to delight those who love the stars and the galaxies as they are able to see beautiful and magnificent images of their beloved sky and space whilst looking at their technological gadgets.


For astronomy lovers

"Stop," you say. "I know exactly what you're going to say. You're going to suggest I give astronomy lovers educational movies about the stars and the skies and stuff, aren't you? Well, I won't do it. It doesn't sound like a good Christmas gift idea at all.

"Besides, people who love astronomy are sure to know lots of things about it already so what's the point of giving them things like that, which can even be considered boring and bland?"

The item featured to the right shouldn't be classified as boring or bland as it could be entertaining and fun.

Get your astronomy lover to watch movies and shows and just relax and de-stress during this holiday season. They don't even need to watch movies that are related to space.

After all, there are many other choices of movies to watch. Of course, since you are looking for a possible Christmas gift for an astronomy lover, it's still best to keep to the stars theme when you're thinking of what kind of present to give to these people.

As such, if you're interested in giving movies as presents and you want one that isn't a lesson on the stars and the skies, you could get shows like the Sailor Moon anime series.

But what does this have to do with the astronomy theme, you ask? The title of the show itself includes the word "moon" and the image shown above depicts a crescent moon and the blue night sky filled with stars.

The blonde figure on that image is known as Sailor Moon and she is the main character of said series.

This is a long anime show that is interesting and entertaining (though everyone's opinions may vary, of course) but this article isn't about the plot of said series.

Instead, let's look into how this anime can be related to astronomy aside from what was already mentioned above.

For starters, Sailor Moon has friends to help her fight evil and these people are known as the Sailor Senshi. Guess what their names are. We have Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and, yes, we get the entire Solar System as the names of the Sailor Senshi.

It's not just about the planets though. Sailor Moon even touches up on four asteroids from the Asteroid Belt and these group of people are collectively known as the Amazoness Quartet (or the Sailor Quartet or the Asteroid Senshi) and their names are CereCere (Sailor Ceres), PallaPalla (Sailor Pallas), JunJun (Sailor Juno) and VesVes (Sailor Vesta).

It should be interesting for astronomy lovers to be able to note all the space references in the series and, those who like mythology, might also be interested in looking for all the references from this anime or how some aspects of the show can be related to mythology.


These are just some of the possible Christmas gift ideas that you could choose to give to an astronomy lover.

These items can all be classified as useful and even interesting.

Rather than coming across as mundane or ordinary or plain, these products can appear special and appealing especially with their theme and their usefulness to the recipient.  

What do you think of these useful gift ideas?

Do you think that your astronomy lover will want to receive any one of these items as a Christmas present?

Are you planning to include a Christmas card with a short but sincere and personal note alongside your gift or do you think it isn't necessary to do this?

Which of these possible Christmas gift ideas will you give to your astronomy lover?

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