Christmas Gifts for Toddlers - Under $15

by SusanM

Christmas can get expensive. These gifts for toddlers are fun and will help your Christmas budget last longer.

Christmas spending can be painful for your wallet. This is especially true if you have a lot of children to buy for. Many toys are expensive so you don't need many of these on your gift giving list before your spending budget feels it.

There are many great Christmas gifts for toddlers that are fun but not expensive. These can help lighten your costs without losing any of the fun. So if you're looking for ways to help your spending budget check out these great ideas.

Toddlers Love Elmo

Elmo is an all time favorite - and not all Elmo themed gifts are expensive. This Elmo plush toy is under $15. It's a lovely and cuddly soft toy that's a good size (13") to be a new best friend for a toddler. It's also been under-stuffed so it's even nicer to cuddle up to. 

This is a good pick if you want a Christmas gift that will last more than a few months - because an Elmo toy will be loved throughout the preschool and early school years too. This means they'll have lots of fun with their new friend.

Fun Toddler Puzzle

Made just right for toddlers to play with
Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle
Melissa & Doug

Toddlers love playing with puzzles, especially when they're made for toddler age children. 

Puzzles are usually in a good price range so they're good for you. They're also a wonderful way to help develop children's problem solving and thinking skills. So they're great for toddlers too. 

Picking a puzzle that isn't too hard for a toddler can be tricky though. So if you need some tips check out the article "How to Choose Jigsaw Puzzles for Toddlers". This has lots of ideas for fabulous puzzles for toddlers. 

Art Gifts for Toddlers

Toddlers love being able to control the colors and shapes they can make with art materials. The bright colors can be made into anything they want. This is wonderful for them. It also means art materials that are made for toddlers are a good and cheap idea for a Christmas gift. 

Thick Crayons are much better for toddlers than the thinner crayons older children use. Toddlers tend to break thinner crayons very quickly. This can be very frustrating for them. It also means your gift won't last very long. For paints, finger paints are easier for toddlers to use because they don't need a brush. 

To make this even better thick crayons and finger paints are great for your Christmas spending budget too.

Best Art Materials for Little Hands

Easy for toddlers to create art with
Jumbo Crayons (8 Colors)
Washable Fingerpaints (4 Primary Colors)

This toy is really popular with toddlers. Both boys and girls love playing with this classic toy that has a modern twist.

  • This is a toy they can hit. So it's great for developing their coordination and hand strength.
  • It's also good for learning about ":cause and effect" thinking. This is understanding how an action has a response. If they hit the balls (action) they fall and roll out of the tower (response).
  • This toy is also heaps of fun for them.

Amazon often has this toy on sale for under $15. So a good one to keep on eye out for. 


Great Learning Toy

A great toy for hitting
Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower
Melissa & Doug

"Real Life" Play Idea

Toddlers love imitating important grown-ups in their life. This helps them learn about how the world works and what people do.

This Fisher-Price Bubble Mower is a fun "real life" Christmas gift for toddlers that lets them imitate what grown-ups do. It's a fun toy although some people have had trouble getting the bubbles going. But if you wash out the toy and put in a different brand of bubble solution everything should work well.  

Amazon often has this toy on sale too for under $15. So it's another fun toddler toy to keep an eye out for and grab it when it goes on sale.

Fun Bubble Making Mower

One to grab when it's on sale
Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
Fisher Price

Hide 'N Squeak Eggs

This simple little toy is very popular with toddlers and parents. So much so it's often top of the list for all the toddler toys available. 

This is a toy that grows with a toddler. They're a nice 'peeping' squeak toy that's fun for soon-to-be toddlers from 1 year old. So they're a great "cause and effect" toy (a toy that does something when you play with it) at first. 

Once toddlers get a little older it also becomes a fun shape sorting toy for them. This is great for problem solving and thinking skills. Shape sorting children's play is fun for toddlers and preschoolers. So it's a toy that will be played with for many years. It's also a great choice if the toddler you're buying for isn't old enough for the usual toddler gifts like puzzles or pushing toys.

An Egg-ceptional Toddler Toy

One of the most popular toddler toys
Hide N Squeak Eggs

Thomas the Tank Engine for Under $15

Thomas the Tank Engine is an obsession with many toddlers. So if you can get an inexpensive Thomas toy for a young fan it's a great Christmas gift. The trouble is most Thomas toys are expensive. So I had to include these Bathtub Squirters in my Christmas toy list. 

These are recommended for children 18 months and up. They float and squirt water so they're great for learning about the special qualities of water. How some things float and others don't. How water can change shape. This is a good foundation for later math concepts. They're also a great way to make bath time fun for toddlers. 

This is a toy that will also be fun for years because preschoolers love them too.

A Fun Thomas Bath Toy

An inexpensive Thomas the Tank Engine toy
Thomas the Train: Preschool Bathtub Squirters

Duplo is a wonderful way to introduce young children to playing with LEGO. There's lots of different sets too (you can find them all at Amazon). 

I thought this Zoo set was a great pick. It has animals, a zoo keeper and large building bricks that are easy for toddlers to put together. They're also safer than the little blocks you find in the standard LEGO sets (these can be a choking risk for little kids). 

This Duplo set is wonderful for helping toddler's coordination. The animals and zoo keeper also make it perfect for pretend play. So it helps develop a toddler's imagination.  

Toddler LEGO Set

A good LEGO choice for toddlers
DUPLO Ville Baby Zoo

Duplo sets are also a toy that young kids play with for years (until about age 5). This means they're a toy that will get a lot of use. That makes them a great Christmas gift for toddlers. 

Find Duplo on Ebay Too


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