Classic Roast Grind Mix & Cook Indian Spices

by pateluday

Powdered Spices are out. Roast wholesome Indian spices grind and mixed recipe specific is the way in. No adulteration pure choice masalas delectable gastronomy! It's a Hot Sell!

Yes, it's a new concept of packing and selling wholesome spices from the places they originate. Quality spells magic, and when the mix is created by the best, the dishes spread the aroma and tongue-tingling taste. Indian spices are diverse and choosing them is a gastronomic specialist job. Expert Chef!

You Can See Taste & Feel The Original
Blended to Perfection

The new concept of ready-to-mix wholesome spices is overtaking the traditional by storm. Innovative companies in India now pack wholesome mixes pertaining to a popular recipes. All you have to do is roast, grind and add them to the recipe. Yes, they are recipe specific. All you have to do is serve on the platter. With tandoori roti or naan of course!

Also known as fusion spices, the recipe-specific spices are trustworthy, delectable gastronomic specialities prepared by experts. The days of the long-haul grind are over, and the cheaters do not win anymore.

Just walk into the nearest store or the dealer and ask for Living Beyond Spices or order online and Bingo! Become a favourite cook, your guests will ask for more and more not forgetting the family! Win hearts through the stomach. A wholesome fusion of Indian Spices is here to stay. Indian food is roaring the World Over!

PreMix Masala

Sambar Wholesome Spice Mix

Living Beyond India
Sambar Spice Mix
Sambar Spice Mix
Living Beyond Mumbai

Indian Food

Mind Boggling!

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the World. With amazing Vedic background and a passage steeped deep in the quest for existential truth. All traditions in India of old are linked, be it religious, health, arts or civilizational norms. Food in the country has come about as a core of the lifestyle anywhere across the Nation. 

Indians love food not only for aroma and taste they see every recipe from a health perspective as well. Pure, original, unadulterated food is a universal quest. Read on...  

Mind-Boggling Diversity & Regional Variations   

It is difficult for people from civilizations that exist in uniformity to understand Indian culture. Although this is a partial truth since societies are becoming pluralist the World Over.  But India has been diverse for too long and one aspect that is visibly apparent is diversity, especially in food. Recipes are great the World Over but this country is unique as far as cooking style and ingredients are concerned. The recipes are mind-boggling and derived from a million permutations and combinations that evolved during the passage of time.      

Diverse Food

Eating habits develop depending upon what grew where! Hence people in Southern and East India are rice consumers. People in North and West India are wheat consumers while those elsewhere consume wheat and rice every day. All this is changing some recipes that have become so common that they are widespread prevalent pan India in restaurants, street joints and in family kitchens. Ask for Chole or Rajma from North in South you will be served a warm aromatic dish. Samber from South is a pan-India favourite. Just have a peel in a menu in a restaurant near you.  Fish fry, PavBhaji, Egg Curry, Vegetable Curry, Shai Daal..........drool! 

Traditions dwell deep in the country but all that is changing. Although the same recipe would change every fifty kilometres, this holds true for rural populations only. Urban India is influenced by the pluralistic World and consumerism. Diehard consumers stick to the tradition in the country even in urbanity. But the way ingredients especially spices are consumed is fast changing.     

Fusion Ready to Grind & Mix Spices

Innovative companies are providing inroads to new concepts getting rid of often adulterated powdered spices.

Please understand spices or masalas are central to Indian recipes. They may be hot, warm or mild the World associates them as being hot and unhealthy. The truth is that they are the healthiest ingredients that boost immunity, prevent diseases like cancer and mesmerize you with taste and magical aroma. The benefits of turmeric are already well-known globally. 

Most of the spices are rooted to the ground, but the country is all-absorbing hence whatever grew here, entered the country by the trade route or by invasions is part of our cooking indigenized since ages.   

Diversity & Pluralism are central to the country, and it will take many lives to understand the phenomenon. Just buy Indian Spices roast, grind in a pestle and add them to the recipe to enjoy the flavour of these amazing existential virtues.    

Wholesome Spices

Recipe Ingredients
WholeSome Spices
WholeSome Spices
Living Beyond India

Popular Indian Recipes & Spice Mix

Quick Ready to Eat Meals

Some of the popular recipes across India are:


A lentil soup that is a mix of various vegetables, Tamarind paste, and a special sambar masala mix. This original spice mix is wholesome, freshly procured and unadulterated. The mix is in the right proportion blended by expert chefs that accords a superlative taste just like the one your Grandma cooked. 


This is a bean curry from Kashmir but popular in Punjabi Cuisine it is now a pan India favourite. Rajma Chawal (Cooked Rice) is made using a special wholesome spice mix. You can purchase from the store or order online.  Rajma Chawal is a meal in itself and can also be consumed with paratha a type friend Indian flatbread. 

Fish Curry Masala 

Fish is widely popular all over the country among meat eaters. It is cooked in a variety of ways, especially in the eastern State of Bengal. But the fish curry is the most popular among all recipes. Ready-to-cook wholesome spices in perfect proportions are available for the curry recipe. All you have to do is open the packing roast the mix and grind to add to the fish curry.  

Pav Bhaji

A yummy tongue-tickling minced curry it is sweet and salty and most liked all over India. The secret behind the spectacular success is the spices used. Like all recipes, Pav Bhaji masala is typical and unique. It is now available as a wholesome mix in the right proportions. All you have to do is roast lightly, grind into a fine paste and mix. Bingo Your Pav Bhaji Mix is ready.  Eat it with Pav a type of Indian Bread.   

Egg Curry

The egg is a pan-India favourite even among most vegetarians. Egg Curry like all curries is a watery dish but with a thicker consistency.  Apart from garlic onion paste, it is made using a special spice mix. You can now buy a wholesome spice mix for egg curry and make a delicious dish for friends and family. 

The list is unending and I can go on to fill pages... 

Healthy Spices

Blended to Perfection
Indian Spices
Indian Spices
Living Beyond Mumbai

List Whole Some Spices

Pure & Unadulterated Seasonings

Some common spices available as a whole in India are:

  • Cumin
  • Coriander Seed
  • Turmeric
  • Dried Ginger
  • Red Chili
  • Kashmiri RED Chili 
  • Asafoetida
  • Clove
  • Pepper 
  • Nutmeg
  • All Spice
  • Cinnamon 
  • Saffron
  • Saunf 
  • Bay Leaf
  • Star Anise

These are a few common spices used in many recipes in various proportions. But traditional and local spices, herbs and seeds will make the list very long. These spices have another great quality and that is that they are healthy. Each one has medicinal properties that preserve your health for a long happy life. They are available in hygienic packing and can be stored for a long. Overseas cooking enthusiasts can by online at the Living Beyond Site. 

Using a wholesome spice mix available for popular recipes in India assures purity. Companies like Living Beyond make master blends for unique aromas and tastes.   


Updated: 12/25/2022, pateluday
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DerdriuMarriner on 12/28/2022

Would the shelf life of these pre-mixed, pre-packaged spices be comparable to that of the fresh spices that you've mentioned in earlier, other wizzleys?

pateluday on 12/09/2022

These local variations are due to water, the type of ingredients available locally and due to minor changes in cooking style. They are not written down or standardized but continue as a way of practice.

DerdriuMarriner on 12/09/2022

The computer crashed before I added my second question to the comment about losing or preserving rural variations on subcontinental recipes.

Would these recipes, that change every 50 kilometers, be available only through the oral tradition or would there be compilers who are copying, have copied or will copy such variations into written form?

DerdriuMarriner on 12/09/2022

The second paragraph under the sub-subheading Diverse Food to your subheading Indian Food, under your first image Sambar Wholesome Spice Mix, indicates that "Traditions dwell deep in the country but all that is changing. Although the same recipe would change every fifty kilometres, this holds true for rural populations only. Urban India is influenced by the pluralistic World and consumerism. Diehard consumers stick to the tradition in the country even in urbanity. But the way ingredients especially spices are consumed is fast changing."

The above-mentioned information happily is in line with what I understand about India from my sister, Stessily, who specialized in Indian studies as a graduate student and who traveled throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Nevertheless, I worry about the force of consumerism that finds it easiest to make everything as efficiently alike as possible.

But given the Indian respect for individualism and togetherness, life and tradition, would it not seem to you possible that these traditional recipes will persevere and that these variations every 50 kilometers always will be available in the countryside and among rural inhabitants who become city-dwelling?

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