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by Tested_to_Destruction

A collapsible hand truck is a great labour saving accessory, easy to store and portable. The five best folding hand trucks reviewed and compared.

A collapsible hand truck is simply a folding dolly that does the same job as a regular hand cart - yet it's easier to transport, store and use. There's a variety of makes and models - most are aluminum - strong but lightweight, while some models are fairly heavy duty, despite the fact that they're foldable.

Beyond the design, they're a useful accessory, up to carry considerable weight and definitely a labor saving piece of equipment. Many a professional owns at least one, as do many home owners, gardeners and D.I.Y. enthusiasts.

The five best folding hand trucks are featured below. Each one offers the flexibility and function you'd expect from a fold up model, as well as being great value for money.

Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck

This is the best selling collapsible hand truck - it's capable of hauling up to 150lbs in weight and folds down into a compact, easy to store unit. It's good for moving a range of items - 50 to 70 lb boxes and heavy tool boxes and chests as an example, plus it's up to being a functional dolly around the house and home.

It's manufactured from aluminum, it collapses and opens up one handed, the handle will adjust up to 39" in height, the wheels are sturdy and up to hauling day in, day out. They'll also withstand a range of different terrain and being solid rubber there's no maintenance involved. It's a well made piece of equipment, up to a high standard overall and currently on offer at a great discount price.

Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck

The Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck is engineered with toughness in mind. Made of rust-proof aluminum, this cart is ideal for traveling, and can even be folded and stowed in an a...

$40.33  $49.99

Magna Cart Ideal Hand Truck

Another collapsible hand cart from Magna - again it will happily carry up to 150 lbs per load and it folds up into a smaller unit that's a breeze to stow away. The difference between the two is the fact that this one has a one-touch button opening mechanism - even the rubber wheels fold in to further reduce its size once collapsed.

The frame is a combination of flat and tubular steel, making it durable and reliable, and the wheels are up to running over rough and smooth surfaces without complaint. Although incredibly similar to the first hand cart, it's a little more user friendly in terms of its ability to collapse and slightly heavier - yet not so much that it's overly detrimental. Oh - and this one's cheaper.

Magna Cart Ideal Hand Truck

The Magna Cart Ideal hand truck is perfect for travel or home. Load Capacity (lbs.): 150, Handle Type: Continuous flow, Foldable: Yes, Height (in.): 39, Overall Width (in.): 16 ...

Only $59.99

Best Value Folding Hand Cart 275 Lb. Capacity

This collapsible hand cart will take an impressive 275 lbs - that's almost more than most people want to haul in one go but at least you've got the option in the event you're feeling good and strong. The frame is a deceptively robust aluminum construction and it collapses with a single button touch.

The whole cart folds down - even the wheels and handle drop down, creating a surprisingly small unit in relation to its load capacity. The wheels are solid rubber, they're up to withstanding a lot of mileage and will last as long as the frame itself - which is likely to be a good length of time. The tray is a nice width, and the cart tips back and moves well once you've got it loaded up. All in, a well designed cart and worth the extra cost if you're looking for a heavy weight hauler.

Best Value Folding Hand Cart 275 Lb. Capacity

BEST VALUE FOLDING HAND CART Easy to fold flat in seconds Don't be fooled by this lightweight, low profile collapsible hand cart because the strong aluminum frame handles up to ...

Only $121.1

WESCO Folding Hand Trucks

Wesco do a small range of collapsible hand trucks - this one being in the mid-range in terms of load capacity and product weight. It's an aluminum construction and will transport up to 175lbs at a time and collapse down to a unit that's a breeze to store or hide away.

The wheels are shock absorbing rubber, and big enough to make maneuvering it when loaded up a smooth operation. Good over rough terrain as well as smoother surfaces, the elasticated straps are a nice, useful feature. The tray is sturdy and a good fit for larger boxes and items and it's simple to tip back and get going with. A superior quality hand truck, years of use and a five star rated product.

WESCO Folding Hand Trucks

WESCO Folding Hand Trucks store out-of-the-way until you need them again. Fold down quickly and easily. Includes elasticized cord to secure loads. Choose either lightweight alum...

$204.99  $94.95

Safco 4055NC Stow-Away Heavy Duty Hand Truck

This collapsible hand truck is the work horse of the best sellers. It will transport an awesome amount of weight in a single run - up to 500lbs. If you can't imagine what a half ton weight may be - the average washing machine can weigh around 180lbs - and this cart can haul more than twice that amount.

It's an aluminum construction, the wheels are a large 8" in diameter and solid rubber and there's no question that they're big enough and strong enough to cope with 500lbs sat above them. It collapses in a snap - and includes an elastic strap to keep loads secure during transportation. Superior build quality all round, great example of a well designed, highly capable hand truck - well worth the purchase price.

Safco 4055NC Stow-Away Heavy Duty Hand Truck

Versatile, collapsible hand truck fit neatly into small spaces for compact storage. Lightweight aluminum frame allows easy transport. The 500 lb. capacity is suitable for most o...

Only $248.02
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