Color Scheme Matching For Interior Walls

by BobVicars

Trying to decide on color types for a room remodel can be quite tasking for most unless you’re an interior decorating genus. The few tips I have below might help you get through it

The rule of thumb
The rule of thumb is when you have dark floors you walls should be light. If the floors are light the walls should be dark in color. The match should have an accent trim color the same way, on the opposite color of the spectrum. You should also go by you accessory colors also. Usually it’s the throw pillows or the color fibers in the couch or chairs. I find it handy to use a color swatch booklet. Most of you home improvement stores sell them and their worth getting for color matching.

I have found it always helpful to investigate the different brands of paint. A lot of the top brands now have a paint and primer combination. I have found these to be a better choice when picking a brand. Yes; they are more expensive than the others but you can usually cover your project in one coat making it more cost effective.

Sample First

Part of your purchasing process should be buying samples. Buying samples is a better way to get a first hand view of what your color will look like on the wall with your accent colors. The cost of these samples range from $2 to $5 in price. This will save you not only money but a lot of anguish later on. You don’t want to put a whole gallon of paint on the wall only to find that the color you chose really stinks.

Second Opinion

It is also a good idea to get a second opinion on your color choice as well. You should get a family member or a good honest friend to look at your paint choice. Having a second opinion will also save you on your color mistake. The only drawback to this is if your trusted one has bad taste.

Proper lighting

Lighting is very essential when looking at a color on the wall. The best tip in this area is getting a florescent build that has a 6500k lighting scheme. This simulates daylight and gives you a better perspective when looking at your color choice. It also doesn’t leave a shadow on the area giving you a false sense of coverage.

Updated: 04/30/2015, BobVicars
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BobVicars on 04/26/2015

Yes indeed!, Thank you for your comment.

candy47 on 04/26/2015

I agree that you should always buy samples!!! Good tips here.

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