Comparing Commercial Welders And The Technology Behind The Them

by Jerrico_Usher

Learn about the choices and options available in commercial welders and compare the various types used professionally

Commercial welders are not unlike other welders in that they facilitate the process of welding by melting work pieces and adding filler material to form a molten pool. Once this pool cools, it becomes the joint that bonds these separate pieces of metal.

A commercial welder is one that is able to withstand serious fabrication or maintenance along with extreme production work. In addition, they are technologically advanced to offer increased production, cost savings and exceptionally high quality welds.

Numerous companies and industries rely on these welders to create and maintain their particular product. Electric welders, Gas welders, spot welders as well as MIG and TIG welders are just a few that can be found in varying situations and businesses throughout the world. Due to the amazing strength of the finished product, commercial welders are commonly found in shipbuilding, aerospace building and repair as well as the automotive industry.

Commercial welders

The Lincoln Invertec V205-T

This is just one of the systems that professional race car teams rely on for the strength and quality of welds they require. This dependable commercial machine comes with a price tag of over $3600.00 before add-ons. It is portable, weighing only 38 pounds and it is TIG welding and Stick welding ready.

The 115/230V input auto reconnect allows for even greater versatility for teams working in the shop or useful for times in the field.


In addition,ESAB offers a comparable welder called the TIG 2200i AC/DC. Its high quality welds have been used on various metals using TIG, Stick and Pulsed TIG techniques. The output rate is 140/15.6/100% (A/V/Duty Cycle) which is equivalent to the V205-T.

Miller's Maxstar 200DX

This one is rated for aerospace, petro/chemical fabrication as well as shipboard installation and repair. Maintaining an output of 175/17/60% it costs over $3400.00; is mobile and comes with TIG, Stick and Pulse TIG options.

Invertec TIG Welders V205-T AC/DC

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200 DX TIG Welder 120/460 Volt, 1 or 3 Phase 50/60 Hertz With Full Feature Controls

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Invertec TIG Welders V205-T AC/DC One-Pak

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Home Vs. Farm Vs. Industrial Welders

One of the most obvious differences between welders used at home or on the farm and the commercial welder is the ability to adjust to various input power sources. Many home welders are only manufactured with a 1-phase option meaning that it can only run off the normal electrical power found in a residential home.

Industrial grade welders come with a three-phase option allowing them a great range of input power

The Miller Invision 350 MPa is a perfect example of this type of welder. It is able to run on any input voltage from 208-575V without the need for manual linking. In addition, the operator needs only to dial in the diameter of wire being used; the type of gas and the Pulsed MIG welder will set the parameter for the work material.

This particular welder starts at $4,700.00 offering MIG, Pulsed MIG and Flux Cored welding. Wire feeders necessary to operate the Invision 350 MPa begin at $1600.00. To the right you'll see some less expensive but comparably effective alternatives.

Equipment of this magnitude is commonly seen in truck/trailer manufacturing, lawn and garden equipment manufacturing as well as the railroad industry.


These alloys come in varying forms to include:

  • composite
  • paste
  • powder
  • solid wire
  • sheets
  • foil
  • thermite mix
  • and tubular wire


Alloys used in welding include:

  • aluminum
  • bronze
  • cast iron
  • cobalt
  • copper
  • magnesium
  • nickel
  • steel
  • titanium
  • zirconium
  • and many combinations of the above

The prices of these materials are as diverse as the alloys themselves. Moreover, careful consideration must be given when matching the work material to that of the filler.

Compatibility is necessary to achieve an exceptional weld.

As technology continues to improve, so do the options we see in welding.

Work is being done to offer bonding of dissimilar materials as well as non-metallic materials. In addition, new fluxes are being developed to improve welds.



Lincoln Invertec V 350-ProAdvanced

Arc welder technology continues to grow in the flexibility of their uses as well as production boosting techniques.

The Lincoln Invertec V 350-ProAdvanced provides evidence of this of this growth. While costing over $5,000.00 this machine offers great versatility.

This multipurpose welder can be used at the shop or on site using Stick, DC TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG or Flux Cored processes.

It is touted as being the most versatile inverter welder and power source in its class.

In conclusion

As you can see there are many choices for great commercial welders and within each choice there are also many choices in models, accessories, and weld feed options.

I hope this helped you in your research.

Updated: 07/03/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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