Concrete Tools Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

If you're a construction worker you'll need concrete tools. The five best concrete tools reviewed and compared.

The construction industry is vast - and requires the use of a variety of power and hand tools. One group in particular are used on a regular basis - concrete tools. They come in different forms - concrete buckets, finishing tools and more.

You can't pour or apply concrete without the use of the associated tools and as demand for residential and industrial development continues to rise - so does the need for new and replacement construction tools.

Featured below are the five best concrete tools. They're the most popular overall, the best value for money and the most highly rated in their category.

Neiko Industrial-Grade Electric Demolition Jack Hammer, with 2 Bits Point and Flat & Metal Case

This is the best selling of the concrete tools overall and comes in the shape of an almost five star rated power jack hammer. It's a corded professional demolition tool that throws out 1400 RPMs. It's driven by a 1240 watt 1 3/4 HP motor that makes it capable of smashing through concrete, stone - you name it.

Overall it's well built - but the casing could be more robust. You've got the power you need but the housing doesn't feel up to some of the more serious knocks you'd expect a jack hammer to suffer from. Still ... the trade-off is the price. It's pretty cheap in comparison to models that run along a similar power output so - bearing in mind that the chrome-vanadium chisel heads are super-sturdy - it's worth it for the home improvement enthusiast.

Neiko Industrial-Grade Electric Demolition Jack Hammer, with 2 Bits Point and Flat & Metal Case

Oversize package - shipping with FedEx or UPS only, PO Box address not accepted. Package will be double box with strong packaging prevent the case from being damaged during tran...

Only $141.72

Malco FCG2 1-1/4 Inch Overlap 5/16-Inch Thickness Fiber Cement Siding Gauge, 2-Pack

This is the best selling concrete hand tool and it comes in the shape of a siding gauge. It does an awesome job of turning a two-man job into one you can easily perform on your own. Used correctly it definitely doesn't damage the cement sidings and anyone that has to fit or has fitted sidings in the past will know how an easy looking task can get real complicated - which is why this is so damn useful.

If you've got a re-siding project coming up - they're well worth the investment, more so if you know you're gonna have to go at it single handed. Simply sit the gauges along the upper edge of a fitted siding, sit the next piece on top, fire in enough nails to hold in place, remove the gauges and fully secure the siding - rinse and repeat. Amazingly simple tool, more than worth the price - recommended.

Dalluge 7180 16 Ounce Titanium Hammer

This is one of those construction worker tools that most guys can't manage without - a good solid titanium hammer. Shock absorbing design, a nail puller that works, magnetic head for when you're setting nails and enough weight behind it to deliver a good solid dead blow.

Wooden handled, the strike face is unusually large for a hammer of this size but that's not a complaint - it definitely makes a positive different. The handle's well designed, as the product info states - it looks and feels like something you'd expect to find on a hatchet, gives a nice grip and the vibration reduction is definitely there. Solid, well constructed, nothing to find fault with - not even the price. Worth every cent.

Dalluge 7180 16 Ounce Titanium Hammer

Vaughan 7180 16 Oz Dalluage Hammer The Vaughan California Framer hammer combines the best features of two of our most popular tools into a rugged, heavy construction hammer. The...

$138.05  $138.04

Marshalltown CTK2 Concrete Tool Kit

If you need a bag full of concrete finishing tools - this is that bag. It's loaded up with a range of tools that come in for the finishing process, including a 5" wood float, 4" finishing trowel, a 6" concrete groover - and much more.

Pretty much all you'll need when you're pouring and finishing concrete can be found inside the bag - which is pretty darn nice in itself. It's made out of canvas, buckle closure, studs around the gator-style mouth and strong enough to take the kit it comes with and a few more bits. The tools themselves are nicely manufactured - comfort grips, solid steel where needed, solid and built to last. Great concrete tool kit - one for those setting up the first time.

MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line CTK2 Concrete Tool Kit

Concrete Tool Kit, Number of Pieces 7, Includes Canvas Tool Bag, Finishing Trowel With Soft Grip Handle 14 x 4 Inches, Margin Trowel 5 x 2 Inches, Magnesium Float With Soft Grip...

Only $189.99
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