Continuing Education During a Pandemic

by blackspanielgallery

Education can be continued even if schools are no longer allowing students to physically enter. Be aware of the needs this change can cause, and be prepared to accept them.

Continuing education during a crisis, whether it is a pandemic or a natural disaster, needs to be a priority. If the situation allows, although perhaps the format is changed, education must continue.

Many school systems have ceased normal instruction during the current pandemic. Universities have also had to adapt. Often online instruction is the new method of instruction. This is bringing about anxiety and confusion. Students realize things in such classes are different, and many have no idea what is expected of them.

Online Courses and Home Schooling

Online courses are not the same as home schooling.  In a home schooling situation the parent has to identify and purchase materials for the child to use.  Often groups can be found, and members of these groups can share resources.  State Departments of Education can offer guidelines, and testing requirements.  But with online courses, this changes.  The school has a teacher who offers the course and guides the students with assignments.  The teacher also decides on testing.


Online courses may require learning materials, but these will be specified by, and possibly made available through, a school.  The important thing is that the course count for graduation. 


Will students have to be online at given times?  This may be the case, since there is scarce time to video classes.  They may be presented live.  Also, asking questions might be difficult if the teacher is not online live.


Special Computer Requirements

Having a computer is a necessity for online courses.  I teach college online courses, and phones may in inadequate.  Make certain the computer is configured as you are told.  You may have to allow pop-ups by disabling your pop-up blocker.  Some software, such as the latest Java update, might also be required.  This is a function of the specific platform being used.


Computer cameras might be needed for testing.  Remote proctors are available using proctoring services, and the person taking the test is monitored via camera.  Computers are monitored for visits to other sites.  One service picks up any computer, watch, or phone accessing other sites.  A nominal fee is charged by such a service, and it must be the one used by the school.


Library Resources

Libraries may be closed.  It is possible to find books online.  At the college where I teach there is a collection of e-books available through the library.  Ask if the school has such a collection, and for instructions on using it.


Many books are available on Kindle or Nook.  If a child has a book report to write, consider these as options in procuring the needed book.

Home School Resources

Students who are home schooled have grade specific resources.  These can be used to supplement, but not replace, the instruction materials the school requires.  Treat these as you would if you were to decide your child needed extra help.  It is more likely the change will be challenging to the students, so a greater percentage of students may need supplemental material. 

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Updated: 03/17/2020, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 11/12/2020

I would prefer to teach online. I am slow to secure a position due to health issues, I am on chemo which is working. I might try as early as next semester. My retirement precludes me from teaching at a state college or university in Louisiana for one year. It is to keep people from they are retired and continue working, circumventing paying into the retirement system.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/12/2020

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practical information and product lines.
Do you expect with your retirement to pursue online learning, such as the that Veronica mentions in one of her comments to an article by Tolovaj, or to serve as a teacher of such endeavors?

blackspanielgallery on 03/19/2020

It was strange yesterday when I realized I might never see some of the people I work with again if the situation does not change fast.

frankbeswick on 03/19/2020

You deserve your retirement. But missing your friends is sad.

Schools here are shutting and exams are cancelled, as teachers catch the virus. There is a mechanism to award students grades on work done. It will be administered by OFQUAL, the government's awarding body. This was to be the first year of my retirement as an examiner, but I never imagined that it would be like this.

Schools are providing on-line resources.

blackspanielgallery on 03/18/2020

I just got back from the college. The students are off this week, so we can prepare. Next week we have spring break, brought forward. We found out today that at least two weeks thereafter, and probably for the rest of the term, we are to go online as much as possible. we were alerted as this likely coming two weeks ago. Some courses cannot go online, but I will work from home since mine can and will. The negative for me is it is likely the last time I will see my friends, since I am retiring in August when I reach 73. Considering my age, and having dealt with cancer, I am not wanting to get into a classroom with over 30 students.

frankbeswick on 03/18/2020

This is a worthwhile article of great social value. In the UK the government is trying to keep schools open, but they are failing, as teachers fall ill. Not all supply/stand in teachers want to take the risk and so will not work. So class sizes are being increased. So online learning is a good idea.

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