Online Tutoring A Business Paradigm & Learning Opportunity

by pateluday

Online tutoring is becoming popular on the Internet. The teacher organizes online classrooms facilitated by websites and technology. The students meet tutors on the website.

Though it appears very simple facilitating online tutoring is a complex task. The tutoring websites act as go-betweens with search facilities. This is a fast-growing paradigm that offers incredible learning opportunities for bewildering topics.

Though this methodology was in the picture for a long time, it was during the pandemic that more and more students began to take lessons online. Working from home and learning from the cozy comfort of one's room offers many benefits, the greatest being flexibility.

Growing at the rate of CAGR 15.8% the market is expected to reach a volume of 196 USD by 2027. The exponential growth is facilitated by advancing technologies and an ever-increasing student base, especially in the APAC region and particularly in India and China.


More on Online Tutoring


E-Tutoring differs much from e-learning which is not much facilitated by technology. It differs from tutorials which are a one-way street and non-interactive.  Online tutoring virtually replicates institutionalized classrooms in schools and colleges without the subjects having to be physically present.

The immense benefits of having to learn from home are further boosted by less cost, planning classes as per own time, and choosing a preferred tutor. 

It is difficult to find a teacher of one's choice and suitability. For learning any topic or subject it is important for the student to find a person with expertise and experience. Although the tutors provide prospects with accreditation and biodata, it is the interview that helps ascertain the tutor's capabilities.

Online learning websites collect a large database of teachers with diverse expertise and this is the most helpful aspect. Without a large database of tutors, it will impossible for a learner to come across the right person, and perhaps it may take years. Hence these portals are indispensable. 

Subjects or Topics

The tutoring websites provide a large number of tutor databases making it possible for subscribers to find one teaching the topic they are interested in.  They also help in preparing for competitive exams. Homework help and school exam preparations are facilitated by the portals. Some of the provide readymade tutorials, lessons, videos, and assistance through the chat.  

Thus, students and even seniors interested in online learning should approach these websites. They assist in more than one way for a small fee. 

Some of the common topics are:

  • General Science 
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Maths
  • Trigonometry
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Entrance Exam Preparations 
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Finance 

The list is endless some of the online teaching portals have databases of teachers and experts in rare and off-topic subjects. With advanced technology and more and more tutoring websites on the Internet, the scope of learning has expanded tremendously.,


Online Tutoring in India

The market size of the online tutoring business is expected to grow to 14.6 billion USD by the year 2025 at a rate of CAGR of more than 15% in India.

Though expenditure on education is rapidly increasing in India, it is the marketing thrust that is responsible for the performance of the paradigm. This is a globally competitive sphere, and the business is open to everybody irrespective of national boundaries. 

A large number of websites depend upon creating an extensive database of online tutors to compete. This is the key performance indicator, for learners seeking a wider choice of teachers from vendors they subscribe to. Another plus point is facilitating technology that helps conduct online class courses. The technology facilitates interactive, audiovisual apart from assistance with the course material. Some online vendors also facilitate drop-in experts who arrive while the classes are going on to impart lectures on a particular niche within a subject. 

The possibilities are immense, and irrespective of age and location, you can find enhanced learning opportunities on the Internet.   

Updated: 11/25/2022, pateluday
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pateluday on 12/01/2022

Very true a tutor should not help cheaters and should charge an optimum fee.

blackspanielgallery on 11/30/2022

One thing to remember before tutoring for yourself is to charge enough. I was once told by another mathematician that to charge too little indicates to your perspective clients that you know the value of your knowledge, and if you undervalue your services it indicates you are valuing at your skill level, even though you may be much more highly skilled. So charge enough of lose clients.

The college where I taught was evaluating an online service for tutoring, and the math faculty had to decide if the service was worth using. We were given passwords, so I entered the site, one by a major company, and pretended to be a student stuck in calculus. I pretended to be finishing a take home test, and after pretending to not get the technique the tutor eventually worked the problem. I recommended rejecting the service that helped students cheat. In fact, the easier technique was missed by the tutor in favor of a longer technique. Students paid by the hour. So, be careful which companies you use or work for. A faculty member cannot become associated with a site that helps with cheating. Just something worth thinking about. Academic honesty should remain the tutor's strong rule.

pateluday on 11/29/2022

I am sorry but I have no statistics as regards the success rate of these paradigms.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/28/2022

The articles COVID disruptions hurt student progress at all grade levels, GAO says for K-12 Dive June 13, 2022; and Student math scores are down from pre-COVID levels, the National Report Card finds for NPR online Oct. 24, 2022, focus upon lower academic performances among first- through twelfth-grade students in the United States in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Has that been the trend among same-aged subcontinental students?

Have we any indications yet as to whether students do better, the same or worse in in-person or online courses?

pateluday on 11/26/2022

Schools are defined as elementary, middle, and high school.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/26/2022

The second sentence in the first paragraph to your first subheading, More on Online Tutoring E-Tutoring, indicates that "Online tutoring virtually replicates institutionalized classrooms in schools and colleges without the subjects having to be physically present."

How is "schools" being defined there? Is it for the pre-college, pre-university schools, such as the world equivalents of what the United States has from elementary school, through middle school, to high school?

Would there be an age limit for the online tutoring?

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