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by Jimmie

Declutter your kitchen and make cooking easier with a cookbook stand for your kitchen counter top.

Recipe Book Holders

For Convenience in the Kitchen

If you spend any time in the kitchen, cooking from a great cookbook, you quickly discover the convenience of using a cookbook stand. First of all, a cookbook stand elevates the book so that it is comfortable to look at while your hands are full of ingredients and utensils. Secondly, many cookbook stands offer protection for the cookbook against splashes. Lastly, a cookbook stand frees up more counter space for cooking. 

Cookbook stands fall into three main categories, divided by the material used -- acrylic, metal, and wood. Here you can find all three types with several options in each category to choose from.

Acrylic Cookbook Stands and Holders

Sit-down family meals provide quality time for building relationships. Research has proven that families which regularly eat together at home have healthier interactions. Family dinners are especially beneficial to the children of the family who need time in conversation with their parents.

Anything we can do to promote more sit-down meals at home is only going to help our family life and bless our children. Keeping an orderly kitchen where cooking is comfortable and convenient goes a long way to encouraging more eating at home. A cookbook stand, although a small item, can really add to the convenience of your kitchen.

These acrylic models are affordable and practical.


The acrylic provides a protective barrier between your cooking masterpieces and your favorite recipe. 

The acrylic holder is easy to clean with hot soapy water. The model at the bottom which is totally acrylic can be put into the dishwasher, even!

An acrylic holder is light and easy to move around and will not harm your counter top in anyway.


Depending on your style, you may find acrylic cookbook holders a bit too casual for your kitchen decor. (If so, try the metal or wooden versions below.)

The clear acrylic does show smudges and spatters very clearly.

Metal Cookbook Stands and Holders

Encourage more eating at home with an old fashioned cast iron cookbook stand. These are so attractive that they become part of your overall kitchen decor. 

Cooking at home is far more frugal than eating out and than eating convenience foods bought at the deli. Promote a leaner grocery budget by making cooking at home easier. Every little convience helps, and these stands will make using a cookbook less cumbersome. In fact, leave your favorite cookbook open in this lovely stand, and it will always be ready for whipping up an economical meal.


A cast iron or other metal cookbook holder looks very classy on a kitchen counter top.

They are usually very substantial and heavy so that your book has no tendency to topple over.


A distinct disadvantage to a metal cookbook holder is that there is no protection for the book against splashes as you stir, measure, or blend.

Another possible problem could be the metal's reaction with the counter top when it gets wet. If you use a cast iron or metal cookbook stand, be sure to put some sort of barrier between the stand and the counter top so that rust stains do not appear.

Wooden Cookbook Stands and Holders

Cooking meals at home is beneficial to our health and nutrition. We can control the ingredients, avoiding trouble foods for the members of our family. We use fresh foods with fewer preservatives and chemicals, so we are getting more nutrients with fewer negative side effects. 

Remind yourself to cook healthy by placing a real foods cookbok on one of these natural wood cookbook stands. 


Natural wood looks clean and healthy and matches most kitchen decors.

The wood finish is easy to clean with a soapy cloth.

The wooden cookbook stands are sturdy without being too heavy to lift (like a cast iron one).


Two of these wooden cookbook stands have no form of protection for the cookbook's pages. If you are a messy cook, you may end up splashing some food onto your favorite recipes.

Under the Cabinet Cookbook Holder

This last option is really the Rolls Royce of cookbook stands. It takes up absolutely no counter space at all and folds away so that it is almost invisible when you don't need it. 

A clear acrylic panel serves to protect your recipes from flying food or sticky fingers while it holds the cookbook open.

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ProHomeTips on 01/27/2012

I love the details you have shared in this page on cook book stands. Next time I purchase one I will have to review this page again, very thorough!

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