Cosmic Art

by jptanabe

Cosmic art - a blend of science, fantasy and spirituality. Fascinating and beautiful!

Cosmic Art may not be the most common term around, but it makes sense to me. Cosmic art is often that which is classified as science fiction or fantasy. But science fiction seems to imply something scientific, like robots or traveling in space. And fantasy seems too unreal, based on the creatures and places of fairy tales, wonderful though they are. So cosmic art seems to be something a little different.

You see, the cosmos is always something a bit more than just the physical universe, even though some might think that is all there is. The cosmos includes the realm of mind, of thought, of consciousness, of spirit. So while cosmic art often includes images of space like suns, moons, planets and such, it also often involves the realm of thought or imagination, perhaps dreams, as well. And it often has that spiritual connection, with content that seems to have eternal existence in a realm that is not just physical.

Whether that makes sense or not, why not just check it out! Here I've collected some examples of cosmic art that I enjoy, and hope others will too. Many are based on amazing monuments or structures that are mysterious and fascinating in their own right; these artists just take their essence a step further into a new realm.

Image of Loch Ness 2,
by Yuichi Tanabe on Zazzle.


Stonehenge Pictures are pretty cosmic without much addition. The moon or stars in the background help of course!

And artists have found many ways to make an even more cosmic creations out of Stonehenge.

Full Moon over Stonehenge, England by Bill Bachmann
Full Moon over Stonehenge, England by Bill Bachmann

Here's what my husband had to say about his creative inspiration that involved Stonehenge and led to several pictures, two of which you can see below:

One day a picture of the Stonehenge landscape caught my attention. Then my consciousness was absorbed into Stonehenge. The next moment my consciousness and that landscape overlapped. Many images appeared and disappeared again and again. Some were of an enormous, endless ocean; others showed a landscape with the clear air of high mountains; and others had the image of a big city with many skyscrapers. Those images each had their own personality. Each existed in a closed space. In my consciousness they appeared to be alive, animate existences beyond space and time. They were jumping, bouncing and flying. They seemed to be dancing in my conscious universe. This picture is a representation of that experience, using computer graphics to visualize it in two dimensions.

Great Pyramids and Sphinx

The Great Pyramids at Giza and the mysterious sphinx have long fascinated the world. The Egyptians had a certain "cosmic consciousness" when they built them, making them already examples of "cosmic art."

And, with a little extra creativity, artists have made them truly cosmic phenomena!

Here is one artist's inspiration behind the work "Prophecy":

The "Prophecy" title pertains to the reference of a shift in global thinking whereby humankind will soon evolve to a new and elevated state of universal awareness. Within our lifetime we will witness the emergence of Compassion over Greed, in how the citizens of the World conduct business and their personal relationships. Intelligence will blossom with the embracing of psychic enlightenment and a significant progress will be made, in our understanding of additional dimensions that exist within our Natural World. Wild animals will be treated with reverence and all beings will live in a harmonious respect for each other. I look forward to this new Age of awakening... do you? A new World Vision we all can share in... which reminds me to tell you that all sales of this item benefit the great organization "World Vision". Thank you for helping me to help them. ~ Skye


Moai Statues are just amazing in their own right. Mysterious and strange, they had a noble purpose but were all toppled down.

Today many have been restored and replaced on their stone platforms, once again to gaze intensely and intently, waiting, watching, guarding perhaps.

Artists have sometimes taken them from their small island and given them a more cosmic location.

Crop Circles

The phenomenon of crop circles has led to much speculation about the origin of their beautiful geometric designs. Crop circles may indeed be made by alien beings from other worlds, or simply by forces that as of today are "alien" to us but will one day be understood. Either way, they are great examples of creativity using, but not confined by, the laws of geometry.

Even if they are all just hoaxes, as some undoubtedly are, their patterns are inspiring and many can qualify as cosmic art. For many, their existence is enough to stimulate our awareness of dimensions of life beyond the merely physical.

For many artists the designs of crop circles are a source of inspiration. Here are some art works in the "Cosmic Designs" series, inspired by the imagery of crop circles:

Aliens and Crop Circles have long been connected in the minds of many. It is of no surprise, therefore, that crop circles with aliens feature in cosmic art.

UFO and Crop Circles by Victor Habbick
UFO and Crop Circles by Victor Habbick

OK, so those were just for fun - but who says the cosmos isn't a fun place!


And, yes, UFOs definitely feature in cosmic art! Here are some I like.


Remember "Space, the final frontier" from Star Trek? Well, space of course features significantly in cosmic art.

From simple views of the planet earth taken from outer space to the use of planets, moons, stars and astronomical phenomena artists have created amazing mind-expanding works that inspire us to think beyond the limits of planet earth.

This next artist describes this artwork as follows:

Seed of Space


The point through which all things in the universe are interconnected.

Sculpted and painted in a cave in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California.


Multiple Dimensions

Exploring space leads us to think about more dimensions.

I have a hard time dealing with 3 dimensions, so more is a bit daunting. How many dimensions can you imagine?

This piece is entitled "Seven Dimensions"!

The Ancient Past

Many artists focus on the ancient history of the earth and the universe. Their work takes us back in time, which expands our consciousness and often inspires us to think creatively about the future.

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AngelaJohnson on 03/04/2015

I've seen some cosmic art before, but you showed many more. They certainly are beautiful and make you realize how small we are in the universe.

Digby_Adams on 03/03/2015

I don't know if I would consider crop circles cosmic art. I think Stonehenge is amazing. I've always wanted to go there.

jptanabe on 03/03/2015

Couldn't agree more - and thanks!

WriterArtist on 03/03/2015

I think we cannot beat cosmic art - this universe is extremely beautiful. There is no end to the art exhibited by the cosmos. Your illustrations are awesome.

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