Courtney Gears

by tirial

Courtney Gears, an unofficial fan page for the sultry steel singer featured in Ratchet & Clank games. It's only a matter of time until her comeback!

The robot pop singer who shot to fame with her appearance in Ratchett and Clank 3: Up your Arsenal and her classic unreleased hit "Death to Squishies". Linked to bad boys like Reactor and Doctor Nefarious, this sultry steel siren has intergalatic fans.

Ms. Gears has been described as having "impressive specifications", although her singing voice may owe much to onboard autotune.

Courtney gears
Courtney gears
Ratchet and Clank

Her Early Years

The manufacture of a popstar

With onboard autotune, full rotation in all limbs, and impressive specifications it was obvious to all that Courtney Gears was destinied for stardom from the moment she rolled off the production line. (Rumours that she was originally built as an educational admin-bot and had extensive work done have been hotly denied by her agents and legal team). Her first album was a surprise hit, and the hottest robot pop sensation broke onto the music scene with a bang!

"Her specifications are remarkable."


The Middle Years

Troubled times for the Technical Troubador

Now the hottest popstar in the galaxy, Ms. Gears was riding high.

It was no surprise when she was asked to present the winners with their awards at Annihilation Nation, surely an extra incentive for contestants to try their best (if the lasers and certain death weren't). Reaching a whole new audience, Courtney Gears' star continued to climb.

This new exposure would backfire however, when she was caught in a compromising position backstage with a contestant - none other than Ratchet. While the Lombax was unavailable for comment, the sensitive popstar had quite gone to pieces when confronted and briefly withdraw from the public eye.

"Death to Squishies" - The unreleased single.

Here, we have the honour to present Ms. Gears' unreleased single, "Death to Squishies", rumoured to have been dropped from her upcoming new album.

"You squishies can't dance!"

Courtney Gears

Post-Scandal: The Gladiator years - Courtney Gears' later albums

After the events of Up Your Arsenal, Ms. Gears' fame was hit by scandal. Fortunately a brief stint of R&R (Rehab and Repair) and a high profile relationship with gladitorial champion Reactor did much to push her back towards the top.

No Courtney Gears' fan could possibly miss her co-starring role in "Reactor: The true story." Real fans can see the original in PS2 DVD format on the left:

Trailer for Reactor The Movie

Red Hot Rumour

After her encounters with Reactor and Ratchet, Ms. Gears' taste in highly-weaponed and dangerous-to-know men continues. Recent rumours are that she's been seen out with none other than Dr Nefarious!

Courtney Gears: Hot or Not? - Have your say on the lady's specs!

With impressive specifications and 360degree mobility in all joints, Courtney Gears certainly can dance. So, what do you think of Ms. Gears? Hot or Not?

The Future?

What now for Courtney Gears?

After Reactor's unexpected retirement, and the loss of his stabilising influence, Ms. Gears' career suffered another blow with the leak of a scandalous video onto Holonet. Coming as it did, right at the launch of her new album, this awful event was happily obscured by the huge sales of the title single as fans rushed out to support their idol. Rumours that she was dropped by her record label proved false as "Don't hurt me like that" sailed straight to the top of the charts.

What does the future hold for Courtney Gears, the Solana galaxy's hottest popstar? Who knows, but whatever she does it looks good.

"My fans can't live without me!"

Courtney Gears

More about Courtney Gears...

The latest fan notes and rumours about the red hot robot diva!

Courtney Gears - Ratchet & Clank wiki, a Ratchet & Clank encyclopedia
Courtney Gears was a robotic pop star and a minor antagonist in Up Your Arsenal. She was considered particularly popular due to her form rather than her singing. She was also a big supporter of the "Destroying the Squishies"movement...

Courtney Gears - User Profile (LiveJournal)
That's right fans! Courtney Gears is now on Livejournal!

"I'm not Courtney Gears!"


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