Craft Alcohol and Boutique Distilleries

by pateluday

Craft alcohols are basically spirits that are handcrafted skillfully using creativity and innovation. Boutique distilleries are small managed personally and tended by experts...

Unlike the olden days whence brands spread globally to hook loyal tipplers, craft alcohol has broken that bondage. Albeit big brands are still holding to their market shares these brands are slowly being edged over by a new paradigm that has set in. In spite of the world going global, parochial loyalty remains deep.

And against this fact master blenders and distillers using their ingenuity have handcrafted unique spirits and caught the attention of locals. This is a fine example of parochialism but then the attitude is due to a preference for unique taste and aroma but not at the cost of quality and standards. Parochialism here does not spell irrational possessiveness or cretin norms this is a case of a genuine preference for sensuous experience, an eclectic route for a drink that cheers. Things do not come to a halt for boutique distillers, they spread their wings and immensely increase their customer base crossing over National boundaries in time to come.

Dry Gins on Rack

Craft Alcohol
Craft Gin Brands
Craft Gin Brands

Handcrafted Spirits

Breweries & Distilleries

Handcrafted spirits are a product of ingenuity and artistic inclination in a broader sense, a great understanding of ingredients, and blending. This results in handcrafted spirits or craft alcohol brands. This is a recent phenomenon whence breweries all over the World began to survive small.  The scale of economies became favorable for small enterprises in this time of global economy giving rise to a wide spectrum of product lines within a niche, thus, washing away the monopolistic nature of earlier economic models. Small-batch products offer better control over distillation.    

The concept did not remain confined to beer only, it soon impressed upon the distillers of hard spirits as well. In order to carve a niche and enter a monopolistic segment, they relied on craft and standards, the latter being no less apt than those followed by mega-corporations.   

Though there is a norm for defining a boutique or craft distillery we will not go into it here. For us, the boutique distillery is small producing an innovative range of spirits, as a next-door neighbor enterprise. The connoisseurs of booze could relate to the products and consider them as their own. They felt pride in the success as the owners would being regional...perhaps being jingoistic, but nevertheless, boutique distilleries and craft spirits are here to stay.      

Lahhentagge Gin


Craft or Handcrafted Gin

Lahhentagge Distillery Estonia

ginGin is an alcoholic drink one of the most versatile thanks to an immensely long list of ingredients that are part of the distillation process. Invented in Holland, and then spread all over the World this fantastic savory alcohol is capturing the market by leaps and bound. This is the same liquor that is associated with Indian tonic sometimes referred to as G&T. 

Gin and Tonic is a familiar cocktail even among those who have never imbibed this savory spirit. Gin-like craft beer is being handcrafted and some of the major producers have taken the market by storm in terms of the popularity of their handcrafted gin.     

These craft skills also apply to other liquors like whisky, rum, and vodka where variables can set in. The variation starts from basic raw material which may differ from one region to another thus shading is produced by nuances so ingrained. 

In the case of gin, a clear liquid distilled wonder, the variations are achieved not only by adding exotic botanical for infusion craftily. A range of gin is developed, inspired by the blender's artistic inclination as in the case of gastronomy. Though we cannot draw many parallels with gastronomic, craft alcohols depend upon the blender's skills, choice, and touch since it is all liquids. Thus, skillful blending and distillation result in craft product that carries a local touch empowered by infused botanicals from the backyard. 

One such example is the Osel Dry Gin, produced by a boutique distillery named Lahhentagge based in Estonia. The Osel Dry Gin is a versatile handcrafted distilled alcohol from Saaremaa in Estonia. It is preferred neat as well as in G&T besides being part of many cocktails.     

Year after Year, the increase in consumption of craft alcohol is creating a bright future for boutique distilleries throughout the World. The impressive rack on a bar with a wide range of global brands is due to this phenomenon.   

Starting Small

Gin Spirt Sans Alcohol

Alternatives with no alcohol content

Yes, you can still savor the gin aroma and taste even if you are abstaining. Nonalcoholic beverages literary called spirits are distilled like any other liquor with the alcohol produced skillfully extracted. These alcohol-free spirits are becoming vastly popular among abstainers, and those living in countries where consumption is prohibited. 

Flaneur and Flanuese, from Estonia, are gin alternatives, and many from a number of countries are being sold in Europe. They have set an example for this new paradigm. Such drinks or beverages play a leveling role in parties and events by providing an alternative to teetotalers without them feeling out of place, they certainly would have felt with a mocktail or soft drink in hand.    

Non-alcoholic beverages have replaced colas and fruit juice at the parties. They are very much part of the cocktail circuits all over the World.

Non Alco Spirit

Flaneuse & Flaneur
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pateluday on 12/01/2022

They have not mentioned them hence not in the planning.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/30/2022

Budweiser beers successfully market such appetizers, side dishes and snacks as beer-battered cheese potatoes, cheese sticks and pickles.

Would beer-, spirit- or wine-battered appetizers, side dishes or snacks be on the present or upcoming agenda for Lahhentagge Distillery?

pateluday on 01/09/2021

I have not been informed but they may enter white label production (distilling other brands) as per their blog.

I provide Seo and Digital Marketing Services to the company.

DerdriuMarriner on 01/08/2021

pateluday, Thank you for the practical information and the product line.
The series that you've shared about Lahhentagge Distillery fascinates me. The business has craft beers and spirits. Will it venture into craft wine?

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